Sunday, 23 November 2014

Sri Lankan food - some more homecooked meals

I have posted about Sri Lankan food in the past, both for eating out in Sri Lanka and cooking it at home. Here is some more of our experimenting in the kitchen. I randomly picked up a "Jaffna cooking" book at Colombo airport at one point, and we love it. It was obviously written by a mother whose cooking delighted her friends and family, and in the foreword she even thanks her son-in-law for typing up her recipes. She does assume that you do know how to cook, so it isn't really for novices in Sri Lankan cooking, or any cooking. But we like it, some great simple, home cooked meals.

Here is the result:

Friday, 21 November 2014

Siem Reap, Cambodia - The Elephant bar @ Raffles Grand Hotel d'Angkor

When we stayed at the Siem Reap Raffles Grand Hotel d'Angkor, we had to stop by The Elephant Bar for afternoon drinks. The bar is so gorgeous, so traditional, so part of the colonial era. Full of dark wood and cream, with lovely leather sofas and comfy chairs. Though we chose to sit at the bar.

Wednesday, 19 November 2014

DEAREST 《亲爱的》- Film Review - Heart-rending and beautifully acted

I just got home from the preview of Dearest, a new Chinese film out on Thursday and I felt compelled to write about it immediately. Based on a true story, it was just beautiful. Sadly, gut wrenchingly, beautifully sad. We both exited the room heading to talk about whilst wiping our eyes but in my case trying not to sob. And figure out what happened next. There is no perfect Hollywood clean ending.

Things are messy, how could they not be when the story hinges on a divorced couple Tian Wen-jun (HUANG BO) and Lu Xiao-juan (HAO LEI) whose son Tian Peng (PengPeng) is abducted and they search for him for three years. Three whole years of not knowing what has happened to their beloved son, whether he is alive or dead, clinging to the hope of seeing him once again. There are conmen out there trying to take the little money they have left, but they will swap money for hope as that is all they have left.

Tian Wen Jun
Lu Xiao Juan
They join a support group for parents whose children have been kidnapped without a trace. The amount of despair and pain and guilt in the room during the meetings is palpable and excruciatingly hard to watch at points. All the scenes with the parents together are like that... grasping at straws, hoping, crying, trying to keep each other going and getting up every day for years after years. Their chant of "cheer up, cheer up, cheer up" and their song about having invisible wings border on the pathetic but you can tell it is all that keeps them from falling off the edge.

Tuesday, 18 November 2014

The Entertainer 2015 - loads more one for one opportunities for food, sport, travel and leisure

OK, it is getting to that time of year. It will soon be 2015 and we need to start planning for it! Part of the planning for me is looking at getting awesome deals. As I did this year, I will get The Entertainer application in 2015 as it saved me a lot of money in 2014 and helped me discover some fun new places. I hope The Entertainer will continue piquing my interest next year!

They have even dropped the prices this year so the mobile application will put you back only 60$ until end December when it will go up to 75$ (easy to make back super quick) and the paper book 75$ until end December when it will go up to 80$. For more info, check out the following link:

In the mean time I will remind you of some of the places we have visited that are available on the application.

One of the best places I discovered this year via The Entertainer application was Third and Sixth. They do amazing burgers! Check out my Third and Sixth Bistrobar post here.

We also had a great prosecco brunch at Senso - just doing that more or less paid for the application for the year!

Monday, 17 November 2014

#TheBookofDanielBoey :) Bacchanalia bar cocktails and Remy Cointreau sponsored event

Out of the blue last week I received an invitation to go to the Daniel Boey autobiography book launch, with cocktails from Bacchanalia inspired by fashion. I at that point didn't know who Daniel Boey is, as many some of you might not, but I was intrigued by the idea of event specific cocktails! I mentioned it to a friend who said that Daniel Boey is super famous so I accepted the offer and went along. I did some research and found out that I had indeed seen Daniel Boey before, on Asia's Next Top Model as he is one of the judges and he is known as the Godfather of fashion in Singapore. More info on Daniel Boey here: and his insider view on fashion in his book here: . We saw him that evening and had a short chat when he was signing his book, but as I am not a fashion blogger so I won't expand on #TheBookOfDanielBoey any further but will concentrate on something more up my alley i.e. cocktails and champagne!

The event's drinks were sponsored by Remy Cointreau (for more info about the Remy Cointreau brands head on over to their website) and mixed by Bacchanalia - a restaurant / bar I am now very interested in visiting. You can check out their food and drink menus on their website and I have my eye on the "HAVE YOU MET MATT?" Eisen Junmai Karakuchi Sake, Belvedere Vodka, Passion Fruit and Sancerre Cordial, Rhubarb Bitters. Sounds scrumptious.

The event was in the most amazing location, Goodwood Hill. I didn't know such a gorgeous green spot with amazing houses existed in the centre of Singapore! Goodwood Hill is close to Newton, just off Scotts Road. lied to me and said there was a shortcut from Newton MRT but it isn't true! So I was running late, husband waiting for me there, so I rushed up Scotts road and made it in about 12min rather than the 20min the internet said. I got there, but was rather warm! He didn't mind waiting as he had wandered around Goodwill Hill and checked out all the houses, with their tennis courts and swimming pools, the location reminded us of rich neighbourhoods in Europe. 

We were greater with goodie bags containing amongst other things MAC vouchers for a makeover and eyebrow shaping, which I am excited to use and the hubby is donating them to a friend of ours so we can make a girlie afternoon of it :)

Then, of course, after securing a table, we headed over to the bar. Here is a preview (not my picture, one of the official event pictures) of the different cocktails:

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