Monday, 14 April 2014

Hua Yu Wee - Old School Singapore Seafood joint on the East Coast

Another work dinner! I know I know, I seem to have a lot of them. But this time, we insisted it be a bit more low key as we were all bored of the 5 star hotels and Chinese meals. They force us to be on our best behaviour and I don't think our customers feel that comfortable there either. So when one of our counterparts suggested we go to their favourite "family style" seafood place on the East Coast, we looked it up and saw it was one of the last traditional easy going seafood places in Singapore, we thought "yay" and booked it. Or we thought we had, turned out we booked the next night but they still luckily sorted out a few tables for us which was very nice.

So what did we eat at Hua Yu Wee? Well, lots of seafood of course, but not only. First up was deep fried baby squid with a sweet sticky sauce. Some liked it, some didn't. G says you have to understand it isn't really squid, don't think of it as such, think of it as a nice bar snack.

This fried chicken was very nice - crispy skin and full of flavour and well cooked. Yum.

Saturday, 12 April 2014

Homecooking: A Random Saturday Night Experiment

I have been busy with work, so G has been doing a lot of the cooking. So come Saturday, it was my turn. G was having a nap so I went to the supermarket alone, if you know us, you know what the means. He tries not to leave me on my own in shops as I tend to come back with more than I can carry! Well, I did myself proud on the shopping and used Pinterest to try and get some inspiration for dinner. I decided I fancied some noodles and when an auntie in the supermarket had grated peanuts, I asked her were she found them and decided to make a veggie noodle dish flavoured with peanuts and tamarind. I also decided to make a marinated chicken with coconut and lime as the main flavours, and then used the marinade to make a sauce by cooking it down whilst I grilled the chicken on the griddle pan. I then decided to pair it all with some fried baby kailan I found with some oyster sauce and garlic.

Here is my usual collage:

Friday, 11 April 2014

Group Therapy Cafe, Duxton Road

Another day, another Entertainer App place though we didn't use the app this time as we had already had lunch, and they only have the mains on special. So we just had a coffee and a dessert after burritos at Muchachos (where we did get to use the one for one).

I liked the place, G was less keen as he found it a bit noisy (he has a much lower noise tolerance compared to me) and it was true that one of the baristas was very very clattery. I like the decorations:

Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Senso on Club Street for Italian Prosecco Brunch

We decided to use the Entertainer app for the 1 for 1 deal at Senso - the prosecco brunch at 98$ would pay for the whole application!

So how does the Senso brunch work? You pick whether you want free flow prosecco (98++) or prosecco / beer / wine (128++), we went for the standard prosecco brunch as you have the choice of pink or normal prosecco, both of which were lovely. You have a buffet for the starters, a buffet for the dessert, and in between you order (as much as you want) from the menu on the table. The portions are  designed so you can taste a few different pastas and mains and not feel too full. You can also order some of the specials but they come at an 8$ surcharge and included things like asparagus risotto.

Salads, Meats, Cheeses, Breads, Seafood

Here are the salads, I had some of the pasta salad (pesto) and the couscous salad. 

Thursday, 3 April 2014

Tandoor Restaurant in Holiday Inn Singapore

We had a work dinner the other day and we were bored of the usual places (we always end up at a sit down Chinese type of place like Imperial Treasure) so we decided to look into Indian places. We asked a colleague of ours and she recommended we check out Tandoor as a high end Indian option.

I went in with low expectations, Tandoor in is the Holiday Inn after all, but I was pleasantly surprised after all! It was a nice setting, and nice food. I am the supposed Indian expert in our office (and for customer meetings too!) so I was tasked with ordering along with my colleague P as it was her meeting that had led to us going out. 

We started with some poppadums, two types. I really loved the one with the black flecks, it was loaded with pepper. Yummmm.... made it nice and spicy too.

With the usual mint sauce and mango chutney.

Sunday, 30 March 2014

Muchachos for rather good Mexican (burritos and quesadillas) on Keong Saik Road

We needed to do some shopping in Chinatown (to be precise - Sia Huat for awesome kitchen stuff!) so I suggested G meet me after my yoga class and we head down to Keong Saik Road and finally try Muchachos! I have heard lots of good things about this American Style Mexican place and was craving some Mexican food, plus had earned the carbs after a class where the instructor actually admitted she was torturing us on purpose! G wasn't too enthused as he isn't such a fan of burritos due to them containing rice, but we now know that Muchachos allows you to customise it entirely so next time G will have a burrito but without rice so we can use our 1 for 1 deal on The Entertainer App.

I went for a pollo asado (Chicken) burrito - yummmmm :) What went in there? Well you can check the "making of the burrito" further down the post but I chose not to have cheese or sour cream and took the guacamole option, so my burrito contained: chicken which was spiced / marinated and grilled, rice, refried beans, black beans, guacamole, salsa, salsa verde and habanero sauce. YUMMM.

The inside shot is always required...

Friday, 28 March 2014

Colombo City Hotel rooftop bar, our new local in Colombo

We normally hang out at the hotel bar in the Hilton called Echelon after work, but it is a bit dark and very "sports bar". I googled and came across a place just around the corner from the Hilton on top of the Colombo City Hotel, they have a rooftop bar. The hotel is a little run down but don't mind that. Head into the lift and up to the 5th floor (the doors take an oddly long time to shut by themselves so press on the close button. There is an indoors and an outdoors and this is your view if you get one of the good outdoor seats.

Not bad at all! If you are wondering where it is, it is across from the Colombo World Trade Centre, next to the Dutch Hospital, the door is right next to the TGI Fridays.

We took one look at the view.... and the menu..... and decided we had found our new home :) Remember that it is usually around 100 rupees to the Sing dollar. A large Three Coins bottle is 300 rupees so 3 dollars. A pitcher like the one below was 735 rupees (just over 7$). Not a bad deal at all!

Thursday, 27 March 2014

Cicheti is fast becoming our regular spot :) Lunch and dinner!

I was planning on just continuing updating my original post about Cicheti - the awesome Italian on Kandahar Street but it is getting too big! We go there too often :) It has become our treat when we need one during the week at lunch. All our colleagues are converted and we all jump at the opportunity if anyone even mentions pizza!

This is one visit, some pizzas were repeated from the previous post (some people went for the rocket and parmesan one), but the boys (G - my other half, and our friend from work M) went for the daily special, as they are prone to do. And this one was right up their street as it had mozzarella, smoked mozzarella (provola), onion and sliced Italian sausage.

And I ordered a variation on the Filetto, and they kindly obliged. I had the Filetto (white pizza with just cherry tomatoes and mozzarella) the previous time I went and found it a bit cheesy (they did it right, as it is meant to be done, I just don't like too much cheese) so I asked for a tomato base and it was just perfect. Loved it.

Monday, 24 March 2014

Curry Leaf at Hilton Colombo for Sri Lankan Food and Seafood dinner buffet

If you are in Colombo, and you want to try some local food in a pristine setting (I am a bit of a fan of the more local / run down approach personally) then Curry Leaf in the Hilton Colombo is a good (and good value) option to try a bit of everything.

I thought she would have been making either a fritter or hoppers here, but it was actually prawns. Kind of fun and theatrical to see them being made in the middle of the complex which is built a bit like a village, with different huts and stations with different food items, in the Garden of the Hilton Colombo. We went for the buffet option which is around 2500 rupees / 25$ per head for as much food as you want. I think even most of the seafood is included, there might be a couple of the items with a surcharge but I am not sure.

This is where the hoppers are made.

This is the puttu I believe, with rice and coconut, usually a breakfast dish in Sri Lanka.

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