Friday, 15 August 2014

Deco on 44, Galle, Sri Lanka - Dinner (twice) in the VOC Restaurant

As you know, we stayed at a gorgeous hotel called Deco on 44 when we went to Galle in Sri Lanka. We stayed in the fort which is a great experience as it is UNESCO listed, really worth a visit.

We ate there 2 nights of our 3 in Galle, and I went for the rice and curry both times! You had the options of different types and I stayed with the vegetarian one. We decided to eat there the night we arrived as we got there quite late but were very happy to find out it wasn't just any old default option as the food is rather good!

I liked the little cactus here on the table.

You can order wine by the class, it wasn't too bad. I think I choose the Chilean one.

Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Artichoke Cafe - Deviant Middle Eastern for our last "single" brunch

We had our civil wedding last Monday, what we are calling the "paper signing ceremony" and so we had to go for brunch the day before with our good friends and my sister. Including our awesome friend N who came over from Bangkok and was more than happy to go to one of her favourite places in Singapore aka Artichoke Cafe. We were thinking of champagne brunch but remembered Artichoke has sparkling wine so good enough for us... and we close to drank them dry of their cava! 5 bottles between the 7 of us. :DDD

They don't do the mezze platters anymore, which was a shame, as well as the dirty fries which I miss (but did ask for them to be brought back on the menu which is under consideration ;) ). So they just have their brunch menu but luckily we all found things we wanted on there.

G can never go to Artichoke without ordering the grilled haloumi, he loves his cheese. Especially what he calls the salty goodness of haloumi. And I steal the yummy cherry tomatoes.

And my must have the local grown grilled mushrooms that are just amazing.

Sunday, 10 August 2014

Deco on 44, Galle, Sri Lanka - the Sri Lankan Breakfast

I think by now you all know just how much I adore Sri Lankan breakfast, I really think it might well be my favourite breakfast ever. And when we stayed at Deco on 44 in the Fort area of Galle, we were in heaven every morning! Whilst there weren't a huge number of options on the menu, especially when you only want Sri Lankan not Western, but what was there was very good!

We basically moved into this table by the window.

Lovely view and nice and light :)

Friday, 8 August 2014

Alaturka, Bussorah Street - Good Turkish food in Kampong Glam

We fancied a change from Asian food for lunch so with a couple of colleagues we headed down to Alaturka on Bussorah Street in Kampong Glam.  We spent about $17 dollars each and ordered three starters to share, all vegetarian for a change which was interesting with the two boys. We went for a meze platter, falafel and a plate of assorted fried vegetables. The meze came with a lavash and we ordered an extra bread too. 

Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Galle, Sri Lanka - a long weekend in pictures

A couple of months ago we spent a lovely weekend in Galle in Sri Lanka, with our good friend Beiruti Brit. We had a fun cooking class, we wandered around, stayed in a great hotel, and of course I took photos. I haven't managed to get around to posting them as I been swamped with work, wedding planning and trying to stay healthy by going to yoga and occasionally seeing friends! But here we go, again, far too many pictures as I just can't make up my mind. But better too many than not enough!

These shots are from our visit to Galle market as part of our cooking class from Deco on 44.

Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Mustard - Bengali / Punjabi food on Race Course Road, Little India

I had once asked for recommendations for Indian food in Singapore and have asked for advice on twitter plus City Nomads is something I read regularly, and I was therefore frequently advised to try out Mustard on Race Course Road which is a Bengali and Punjabi restaurant. We are curious as to how it ended up being Bengali and Punjabi but can only imagine a Bengali and a Punjabi got married and founded a restaurant as it has a distinctly home cooked feel.

We finally decided one night that we didn't feel like cooking (happening a lot recently but my life is currently utter chaos, every second is basically dedicated to work / wedding planning / yoga / semblance of a social life, leaving very little time for anything else such as maintaining this blog, travel, fun, cleaning (G finally got around to getting us a cleaner woooohhooooo) or cooking. So we jumped on the MRT and headed down to Little India station and came out at the Buffalo Road exit and headed a few metres up Race Course Road to Mustard.

So, what did we think? This is a hard one. There was nothing bad, but there was nothing amazing. Nothing blew our minds but we didn't dislike anything either. It was "fine". For 85$ each for starters,  mains and 2 jugs of Kingfisher, we found it a bit expensive. I have never paid more than about 40$ each at Khansama which is what we were comparing it to as our usual "go to" mid range Indian. I just can't feel that it was worth 170$ for the two of us. But again, nothing wrong with it, and maybe we chose the wrong items, but nothing blew our minds. They had spice warnings on the menu for some items which they reminded us of when they took our order but we didn't find anything that hot, so maybe it is more geared towards your average Westerner.

We were given poppadums on arrival, with a sauce that wasn't quite something I could identify but I think it had citrus and maybe coriander in there. Ok but nothing crazy good.

Monday, 28 July 2014

Krabi, Thailand - Longtail boat trip to the lagoon

As part of my Asian hen do, I was whisked away to Krabi for an awesome girls weekend. One of my surprises was an amazing day on a long tail boat (we had it to ourselves) and we sailed calmly around the waters south of Krabi and it was fantastic. If you are ever in the area, I highly recommend you follow our lead and jump on a boat.

I feel I must give you a *warning* , this is one of my many many picture posts. But I can't help it, it is so beautiful! And we had a great great day.

 We started at 9am where we were picked up from our hotel and driven a bit to the west of where we were staying to the long tail boat port. Or at least it seemed that a long tail boat port as that is all there was there! The weather was gorgeous and we were very excited.

 Climbing on was quite an adventure but once on, we settled in, donned our lovely coverups that N brought with her from Thailand and chilled out with some cold water.

 We had some trouble getting out to sea, the engine kept conking out which was a concern!

We eventually got out onto the water and were rewarded with beautiful views.

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