Monday, 22 September 2014

Procida - my post box obsession - Il Postino

I am virtually loath to even discuss this place on the blog. It is that lovely and virtually untouched that I worry about it being swamped with tourists! But it is so pretty and peaceful and lovely and amazing that I just can't resist putting it on the blog. Part of a famous Italian movie called Il Postino (the postman) was filmed in Procida (just off the coast of Naples) and the post boxes and house signs had me absolutely fascinated so I kept taking pictures of them and wanted to share them with you.

I love how they hang their rubbish out rather than it being on the floor or in a bin.

Sunday, 21 September 2014

Naples at eye level (a.k.a. lots of graffiti and street art)

We loved Naples, we really did. I don't think it is everyone's cup of tea, but we felt right at home. Maybe because it is the polar opposite of Singapore so it was refreshing, a total (chaotic) breath of fresh air. I will post a few different times about Naples, and I have gone through a whole load of pizza posts already (see our Naples top 5 pizzas post here)

Naples is full of contradictions. Eye level is a mess in the older section of the town, but higher up is still pristine in most of the city! And we went for a walk, turned a corner and were suddenly in the posh part of Naples, which reminds me a lot of Nice with the Promenade and the gorgeous buildings. Very confusing place :)  You have well healed professionals drinking next to very alternative people :) Interesting interesting place. It totally grew on me and I will be back, and not just because of the gorgeous pizza!

I will start with the grungy dirty street-art / graffitied side of Naples. All the walls, churches included are covered. Some is just graffiti which I don't really care for. But there is also street art littered around town, some of it quite amusing. Some of them seem to be by the same artists and I am amused by the fact they are paper pasted on the walls.

I just had to snap the nun walking past this wall, but she moved rather fast!

Saturday, 20 September 2014

Butterfly Garden at Singapore's Changi Airport, Terminal 3

We were at Singapore Changi airport the other day, at the Food Village upstairs in Terminal 3 when we decided not head out the way we came (the way closest to check in) but headed out the back way to avoid the crowds and we came across a sign for the Butterfly Garden. I had never quite figured out where the Butterfly Garden was so I dragged my husband in with me!

I am so glad I did as it is gorgeous and fascinating and random. You realise you don't even think you are in an airport anymore, how crazy is that? There are two levels, you can also get in via the ground floor. And below are some of my shots on my small camera, would love to go back with my proper SLR!

Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Give The Entertainer App a try = 19$ for one month

Hey all. As you may have noticed, I have been using The Entertainer application for about a year now and used it to great personal (financial and foodie gems) benefit! :) For example, here are some of the posts related to places where I had a one-for-one offer via The Entertainer application:

Third and Sixth for burgers
Bergs.... also for burgers
Coq and Balls
Senso for prosecco brunch
Lime is also on the list though I haven't used my vouchers there yet, but I hope to go soon as I have been there twice for brunch already!

And here is a post I wrote about The Entertainer before I had ever even been in touch with their Singapore team (that only happened more recently related to the Giveaway)

Friends have been using for a range of things including for example Ben and Jerrys ice cream, and we have plans to head to Candlenut, plus to revisit Saha Indian Restaurant and Bar. We want to go back to Saha before the end of the month as it is one of the monthly special deals (they change each month and are valid just for that calendar month) and so we can buy 2 Indian tapas and get 2 free. Bargain! I have my eye on the mushroom chilli fry and chicken samosas for example...

Saha is what has brought this post on, as I would love to encourage everyone to check out The Entertainer mobile application as you can buy it for just one month, get all the offers (3 vouchers in all the different places) and all of that for just 19 dollars. Yup, 19$. If you like the product you can then upgrade it to the full version and have access for the rest of 2014 for 76$.

So I strongly recommend you head over to the following link:  And enter my code (@mylifeinsin) to get the Entertainer Singapore One Month Mobile product. The discount code is valid until October 31st 2014, and the one month starts from the date of purchase.

You can make that 19SGD back very quickly and easily, for example by going to Senso brunch you would save 88$! And because many of the places have 3 vouchers, you can go multiple times and even invite your friends and family. I have already used all my Bergs vouchers on Haji Lane, and am close to finishing Third and Sixth, ok yes, I use it for burgers a lot!

It's not just food (though that is what I use it for mainly of course), it is also spas, activities, attractions etc. You could go on a Tiger Brewery tour. You could do the aerial yoga thing. Or have a massage with your other half or a friend. And if you get the full product you also get a bonus of one night paid one night free at various gorgeous hotels.

So - in summary - to get all sorts of one for one deals, for 19$ for one month, please follow this link and enter my discount code (@mylifeinsin) to have an awesome party month, though you may need those yoga classes, spinning glasses, pilates classes by the end of the month ;-) Or you might need one of the hotel getaway deals to chillax after madly exploring Singapore!

Get in touch if you need more info, or check out the Entertainer on Twitter @EntertainerAsia 

Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Saha Indian Restaurant & Bar- Modern Indian food in Duxton - The Entertainer

OK, so last night we went to Saha in Duxton for a tasting. Thanks for the invitation The Entertainer! I think you all know about The Entertainer if you have been reading my blog but here is a link for more info in case you are interested. Basically The Entertainer is an application you purchase with a lot of one for one deals on restaurants, hotels,  spa treatments and so forth. I was very excited to be invited as Saha was on my radar from the moment it opened, you all know how I love Indian food, so Indian food and cocktails was obviously a huge win for me!

Saha is a new Indian restaurant opened by Chef Abhijit Saha from India who also opened successful restaurants in India and chose to set up a modern Indian restaurant here in Singapore where he thought the techniques and flavours would be well received. We had a chat with him and thought he was very nice, even having won a variety of awards!

The idea behind Saha is bringing Modern Indian Cuisine to Singapore, combining regional Indian cuisine and its flavours with international aesthetics and contemporary presentations. We really enjoyed it, it was subtle compared to what we are used to with Indian food, and very pretty to look at.  Like I just said, very subtle, especially on the spice, no chilli in there, but not in a way that it would lack flavour, it had plenty of interesting combinations and made us think on occasion. Saha Indian Restaurant is also one of the deals of the month on The Entertainer with 2 tapas free when you order two. I know I will be there and will probably want to try out one of their tasting menus!! Read on for more info!

A cocktail collage:

A tapas tapestry

Monday, 15 September 2014

The best pizzas in Naples and why we liked them!

OK, as you may have seen over the last few posts, we ate a lot of pizza whilst on honeymoon! And we went to the Mecca of pizza a.k.a. Naples, where pizza is meant to have been created originally. And oh my does Naples know how to make awesome pizza! Pizza pizza pizza everywhere! My idea of heaven even though Naples is maybe not everyone's idea of heaven as it is rather chaotic!

I would call this "The Top 5 pizzas in Naples" but that might be cheating as we only went to 5 pizzerias in Naples, and one of them we went twice. We had a hard time picking an overall winner as they were all good and for different reasons. But we persevered, for our readers, and we succeeded. But I will also highlight what we liked at each pizzeria. Here we go!

Here are G's pizzas
And mine, I have one less as I had the same pizza twice so only pictured it once.

Sunday, 14 September 2014

Pizzeria di Matteo - Our Favourite Pizza in Naples

OK, now we are there, the pizza place we jointly chose as the top pizza place in Naples (for us). So much so we went back there for our last pizza in Naples! You must be wondering why considering all the awesome pizzas I have posted so far! It was a really hard decision, we loved di Matteo but we also loved Starita and Sorbillo.... But in the end, the toppings won out. Yup, we chose this place because of the quality of the toppings. We weren't swayed by the purist approach of discussing the dough or the tomato sauce, even those are still very important! But the toppings here just stole the show. I am also highly amused by their promotion of Clinton visiting them both on their menu and their site! Based on their site and the walls, they have also won many awards and World Championships. So we aren't alone in our view that this is the best pizza in Naples!

Their menu which proclaims Clinton's visit :)
My usual collage, here the food from our two visits to Pizzeria di Matteo in Naples. 

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