Sunday, 1 February 2015

Nice - Les Amoureux for pizza - the menu keeps growing & the pizzas are still great!

Anyone who knows me knows that Les Amoureux is my go-to place for pizza in Nice, especially for the Neapolitan style of pizza. I love this place and have taken so many friends and family members here! I always ended up bumping into my Italian colleagues there, including my VP! The Italians know good food when they eat it, and they keep on coming back to Les Amoureux.

So, all things considered, one of my first meals back in Nice had to be at Les Amoureux of course! Ivan did ask me if I had missed their pizza and I had to admit that yes I had of course.

I was happy to see that they haven't rested on their laurels and they keep creating new pizza combinations, new desserts and have even added some organic options as part of their beliefs in the "slow food" movement. I am sure my other half will love their new buffalo milk panna cotta, we will have to go back soon.

Ivan kindly welcomed me back with a glass of prosecco, much appreciated. I brought my book with me (Midnight's Children by Rushdie at the moment) and did read a little whilst waiting for my pizza, but once the pizza arrived I couldn't stop devouring it. I also ordered a quarter of white wine.

I decided to try one of their new menu items and Ivan pointed me towards the new veggie pizza they had as he remembered I always wished they had a grilled vegetable pizza as I loved some slightly charred peppers and aubergines and courgettes :) Their new pizza doesn't have grilled veggies, they are cooked in the pan, but they are lovely nonetheless, and they also have the typical Neapolitan vegetable called "friarielli" which is bitter turnip greens or something like that!

I am always still amused when the heart shaped pizza comes out though I really should be more used to it by now!

The pizza itself was of the standard I expect from Les Amoureux aka lovely. The base is chewy without being heavy, and with the right amount of char on the bottom. Yum. And everything is of very high quality - the addition of the friarelli was fun with the other vegetables and they can get a bit sweet sometimes when cooked, so the friarelli balanced them out nicely.

And to finish, Ivan insisted I try one of the new Les Amoureux desserts and this lemon mousse was the perfect light ending to the meal.

I will of course be back soon, with the hubby and I want to try so many of the different new pizzas on the menu! One with all organic ingredients, another with a pumpkin based sauce instead of tomato, yet another with porcini mushrooms creamed into a sauce and so many more!

Les Amoureux
46 Boulevard Stalingrad
06300 Nice
Tues - Sat:19:00–22:00

Friday, 30 January 2015

Nice - Home Cooking - Our First meal at home - Roast Chicken and loads of trimmings

So we went shopping at DIA the other day, not the fanciest place ever but it sure is cheap. I will write up a post about what everything cost so you get an idea of the cost of living in Nice. I was very happy to see the cheap prices after Intermarche gave me a bit of a shock to the system! Much nicer to get 2 kilos of leeks for 2 euros....

Anyhow... This is the result of my evening of cooking, well I did everything but the chicken, that is the hubby's job. So we had a roast chicken (humungous thing - over 2 kilos and a proper organic farmers chicken that had run around for ages and had huge legs), cooked down leeks, roasted leeks and mushrooms, roasted spiced potatoes and broad beans with peas, shallots and cherry tomatoes.

Friday, 23 January 2015

Singapore - Home Cooking - Sri Lankan - Mushroom coconut fry

I didn't have time recently to put together a Meatless Monday post as I have been away and then busy with the move. I hope to pick that thread back up when I get back to Nice and have access to loads of fresh veggies!

So for now, I am falling back on a previous meal we put together, with our usual Sri Lankan food obsession!

Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Singapore - Tandoori Corner - Lovely Authentic North Indian Food & The Entertainer App Discount Code

This is my last weekend in Singapore. I don't quite realise it yet to be honest. But for our last Saturday we decided to try a couple of new places. Dinner was at Candlenut (post to come - it was awesome) but for lunch we finally tried a place really quite close to our house that I had seen highly reviewed on Tripadvisor but just never made it to!

We saw that this year Tandoori Corner was on The Entertainer application (all my Entertainer posts and the post about The Entertainer 2015) so we really just had to go! So we took a break from packing and headed over the CTE to Balestier Road. You really should get The Entertainer application - use this discount code before end Feb for 10% off - totally worth the investment, trust me: 2015ALVIN

We are now very glad we did decide to head over to Tandoori Corner as the food transported us back to India, where we spent a month going around Rajasthan. The food at Tandoori Corner isn't fancy, it is lovely and homely and tastes great, really really authentic.

Monday, 19 January 2015

Singapore - Home Cooking - Meatless Monday - Protein packed stir fried veggie noodles

I was home alone last week as the hubby was in China for work. So I had to actually cook for myself when I realised I should stop ordering food in ;) Also I realised I was feeling a little weak and dizzy, and it was most likely due to my habit of not really cooking meat for myself, and a tendency to mostly eat vegetarian even when I am out. So I decided to make myself a big vegetarian (even vegan) dinner and load it full of protein and at the same time have my next Meatless Monday post.

It did make me think just how careful you need to be if you are vegetarian, even more if you are vegan and you really need to plan ahead if you want to be sure to get all the nutrients you need to be healthy, either by cooking yourself (and making things like nut cheese) and frequenting a lot of "health" restaurants or by filling up on supplements to get all your required vitamins and minerals. I prefer the healthy cooking option though.

So what did I make? The protein packing came from having tofu, bean sprouts and mushrooms, as much as I could do really without hitting meat or eggs :) And combined with various other veggies and noodles.

Read on for more info.....

Saturday, 17 January 2015

Nice - 3 things I love about my hometown

I was contacted recently about a new blogger competition with Accor hotels where you can win a prize of a weekend away and other gifts. I am of course in :) If you would also like to join in (I know a lot of my readers are also bloggers) then check out the following link:

I immediately thought of my hometown of Nice. Well, my adopted hometown, the place I have lived the longest in my life so probably the closest to a real home I have. What do I love about Nice? Well, many things (and I just published a post about what I am looking forward to in Nice), but for the sake of this post I will pick three categories 1) food / wine 2) colours/buildings 3) location / sea.

This is after all my blog, so why don't we start with food :)

Food and Wine

If you follow my blog, you know I am obsessed with pizza, totally obsessed, to the point of being crowned the Pizza Queen in Singapore and having planned my honeymoon around eating pizza in Naples! We have a good option in Nice at the Neapolitan pizza place called Les Amoureux, as well as places like Au Vieux Four. So I am looking forward to pizza.

I love Acchiardo, one of our regular haunts in Nice with great nicois local food which is generally quite simple food but with good produce, heavily influenced by the proximity of Italy (Nice wasn't even part of France until 1860) and the sea. 

Socca is very typical to the coast from Nice to Genova (called farinata over the border in Italy). Head to Chez Pipo for socca! Oh and a glass (or more) of rose of course - one great thing about Nice and more generally France is access to good and cheap wine. And the pale rose is very typical of the Cote d'Azur / Provence.

I said Nice is heavily influenced by Italy and that is reflected in the number of good Italian restaurants like Le Local on the Port of Nice. Gorgeous freshly made pasta and aperitif plates full of grilled and preserved veggies, cheeses and meats.

Thursday, 15 January 2015

Siem Reap, Cambodia - Sister Srey Cafe

We were wandering home after dragging ourselves out of bed to go have a bite at The Hive (post to come) and more coffee at Little Red Fox Espresso Cafe when we bumped into our friends the Expat Kiwis who were chilling out at Sister Srey Cafe. We joined them there and were glad we did as we ended up at Sister Srey 3 times during our visit including our last meal in Siem Reap!

I am feeling a bit bad I didn't bother using my proper camera during the first visit! You will recognise the ugly pics ;)

I like the ethos of Sister Srey and the origin of the name (short version - they are sister from Melbourne and "Srey" is the Khmer way of saying sister) - check out  Beiruti Brit's post for more detailed info on the origin. They give a chance to Khmer students and their children, giving them flexible options to make money, learn English as well as study.

The Sister Srey coffee (locally sourced) is well balanced, strong enough for my taste, and as BB says, quite fruity, which I love in coffee.

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