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Sorry for the radio silence but London was calling :)

Hello again

Sorry for the lack of messages (naughty new blogger!) but I was away for the weekend. Spent 4 days in London because my Mum fancied celebrating her birthday there so we met in London (Mum was with Dad and my baby brother). We went to see the Lion King (the musical) as we had been discussing doing so for about a decade! And it was worth it, absolutely amazing. Had Thai food before (yummmmmmy) and Dutch beer after.

Next day was shopping until I literally dropped, well, that was brought on by my *wonderful* idea of climbing the stairs up to Covent Garden from the Tube. If you had ever thought of doing it, DON'T!!!!!!!!!! Very very very bad idea, especially after 8h of shopping on Oxford Street and walking around London. My feet were killing me (side note, friend I was staying with recommended a Scholl product called Busy Feet which are like extra soles for your shoes, but cut off at the toes so you can wear them with sandals and nice and cushioned under the ball of your …

A bit more about me...


Just a quick note to give some more background on who I am and why I am writing this blog.

I have been an expat since the age of 9 when we left the UK to move to France. From then onwards I kept moving, we moved from France to Canada when I was 14, then to Holland when I was 16, 2 years later and I moved to the south of the Netherlands for university. As part of my degree (International Business), I had to go abroad to a minimum of half a year. I chose Rome :) Purely because I love the language and wanted to learn Italian. I loved it. Loved loved loved it. I discovered so much about myself when I was there and what I wanted. It was the first time I was away from home for more than 2 weeks at a time (I went home a lot at Uni, the Dutch government gives students quite a bit of money and provides a travel pass so I could go home and see my little brother who was only 4 when I left home, he insisted I come home as much as possible; for the first 2.5 years I came home pretty much ever…

Singapore - Useful blogs and links from Singapore

As mentioned in the first post, I have felt very reassured about the move by various blogs and some forums (expat singapore scares the life out of me but more about that later). It is great to see people from all sorts of backgrounds and different living situations enjoying life in the Red Dot. I thought I would share some of them for whoever makes the same move. I have gotten in touch with some of the bloggers on Twitter and they have been so welcoming and friendly, even taking my boyfriend out to get drunk which was exactly what he needed ;)

I am sure I have missed some, sorry if I have. Please feel free to add any links you think I should check out or would be useful to other newbies.

Singapore - Getting started

Let's be clear. I am not living in sin. Or actually maybe I am, in sin but not yet in SIN. I am Now dirty thirty and living in Nice, with my boyfriend when he is just in sin and not also in SIN.

I work in an IT company in the travel industry as a product manager (which is essentially a translator between the customers and the IT guys :) ). The boyfriend and I are in discussions regarding a move to Singapore with our company. He spends 80-90% of his time there already and even though I miss him loads, I know it is for the greater good.

Contracts are being discussed, new oddities discovered every day (e.g. Un married women and foreigners don't seem to be entitled to maternity leave!) but hope they will be resolved soon. Any tips on salary levels and contract conditions would be very welcome!