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Singapore - Househunting in Singapore

Hi everyone

Thought it was about time I tried to post something useful rather than blathering on :) However, this may be very difficult due to having been out at a work do last night, on the beach, where champagne flowed. Got home late, up early, today sucks! So be kind please.... I even warned my office on arrival that I felt dreadful and apologised in advance for any offence I may cause during the day :) Doesn't help that I have a meeting with HR about the move in a couple of hours.... And tonight is "Fete de la Musique" in France, the one day a year where you can play music in the streets and there are parties / concerts for free all over town, professional and amateur (a colleague is playing in a band in Nice tonight!). And tomorrow I go away for the weekend for a wedding. Busy busy and no chance to catch up on sleep. But enough about that... useful... yes, went off track again, not surprising, it's something I do all the time. I blame my Irish heritage!

So yes,…

Singapore - Cost of Living - What to buy in Europe vs what to leave at home & buy in Singapore?

Asked that question (well, the bring with me part) on Twitter and will start posting the answers I get here. Would also appreciate any tips on what not to bother bringing with us from France but buy when we land?

We are still wondering whether we should bring our furniture, part of it, get a furnished place or buy locally. Tips very welcome :)

Same for wine, we know we would need to pay a duty fee per bottle but think it might be worthwhile especially for the expensive bottles and champagne?

"ca donne du volume"

Slowly waking up after a crazy night out. Yes, I know it is 3pm.....

Yesterday was a friend's hen do. She is getting married up in the hills north of Nice in a gorgeous area called Gorges du Verdon next weekend. Looking forward to it even though my boyfriend will be in Singapore and can't make so, but looking forward to sharing with my friend who moved to Dubai last year. Should be fun, especially if yesterday way anything to go by.

We dressed her up in a green fairy outfit (men called her tinkerbell), gave her a baby bottle full of baileys, a pack of flavoured and glow in the dark condoms to sell and various images she needed to recreate, plus she needed to figure out the secret to a happy marriage from couples.

Singapore - Update and advice needed on rentals (location (Outram Park) and condo vs shophouses)

On a more positive note, my boyfriend has started looking at places to live. He went to visit two converted shophouses today (our latest idea for what we want!) one super close to work at Liang Seah Place and another near Outram Park on Everton Road. Sadly the one in Bugis is apparently not great but he liked the one in Outram Park. So I have some questions for you all:
- do any of you live in shophouses conversions? What are your thoughts versus condos?
- I found a pool near lavender which is close to work. Any experiences with public pools?
- does anyone know the Outram Park area to live in? Is it nice? Anything to do around there? Commute seems fine, bus or MRT would only take about 15 to 20 min door to door
- any other areas you think we should look at?
- any experience negotiating rents down? The published rent is above what we would want to pay. Have you managed to get any money knocked off? Any strategies you could share?

Thanks everyone!!!

By the way, come find me on Twitter …

Still waiting....


Just a quick update to say we are still negotiating terms of our contracts. Hope to finalise next week and be there in July! Sticking points are things like no maternity leave as we are not married....

Housing allowance may not be sufficient, we are a bit worried about the prices we see advertised! How much would we need for a standard 2 bed condo somewhere near (or on an MRT line/bus line) to Bugis?

Any info you can share would be really great