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My friends rule :)

I will miss my friends so much when we move and am nervous about making new ones. I know that is crazy but I have been here close to 8 years, from the age of 22 and built up a large group of lovely people. Will be hard to go.

We have been seeing people loads which is of course negatively impacting our readiness for the move but well, it is more important to say goodbye.

Started with the beach drinks on Saturday, picnic up at the castle hill in Nice on Sunday, lunch with people from work today, tomorrow is check out day at work so not making plans as have to traipse around the company getting various departments to sign things off so I am allowed to leave! Wednesday the movers come and have a dinner date planned. Then Thursday we need to plan drinks upon request from friends who didn't want to say goodbye this weekend when we leave on Friday! :)

Singapore - Still alive, just busy!

Hey all

Still alive and more or less kicking, just been busy as we move in 5 days! Flights to Singapore booked on the 3rd of August. Movers come on the 1st. The flat is a disaster area as we have to sort everything into take with us now, pack or leave. Nightmare!

Not helped by the Singapore requirements to list all DVDs and CDs etc, on top of the normal global inventory which we have yet to start on! We have given up on importing wine, just too much hassle with the paperwork and the cost involved.

The whole process is of course not helped by us going out to see friends and go to parties leaving us very little time to pack and the time we do have we are hungover due to leaving celebrations!

Last night met friends on the beach in Nice with champagne and rose and snacks at 7 for an aperitif which lasted to 2am when we stumbled home via the pizza slice place we love in the old town. If you ever go, look for Stuzzico near the Cours Saleya. Run by a Sicilian family that always have blazi…

Last Sinful day and it was sinful indeed!

At the airport, in the lounge, passing some time before my flight home. G is staying in Singapore a bit longer, fingers crossed he will make it back home before I move. Sharing the lounge with the Australian swimming team who are off to a training camp before the Olympics. No complaints here even though the Aussies in the lounge seem louder than the Brits (shared Qantas and BA lounge).

So back to our sinful day :) we wanted to properly celebrate G's birthday and the successful migration of his customer to our system. So us being us, we managed to suck all fun out of the process by both refusing to choose! We normally only ever fight about what to eat or how to cook it so this is par for course. But once we agreed on a place and booked a table we quickly cheered up.

Where did we go and what did we have? G fancied champagne so we went for a champagne dim sum brunch at the Cherry Garden in the mandarin oriental hotel. As Europeans we tend not to want to go eat in hotels but this pl…

Singapore - Finally in Singapore, well, for a week :)

Hi All

So, been very very busy recently. Signed the contract finally which is a relief and we also signed for a house in Singapore, in a place called Townerville. We shall be celebrating with a BBQ (once we buy it from the crazy place that is Mustafa Centre).

I have been in Singapore for a week and return home tonight. It was G's birthday yesterday and we had a lot of fun. We went to Blu Jazz first for drinks (but my homemade hummus is better ;-) Told a colleague that and will now have to supply the whole office with hummus, we apparently have a fridge where I can store it!) and then to a place recommended by the lovely people on Twitter, called Bar Stories. Great fun! You don't get a drinks menu, you rock up to the bar and get asked "Sour, Sweet or Spicy" and "What don't you want in there" with the option of saying what you do and don't like. G's cocktail was made first and was (we found out after) a take on a bramble, with lots of (nicely car…