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Some pictures of the house

Just a few, will tidy up, get more furniture and take more :)

View of the hall from the bedroom hall towards the bathroom/stairs

Cabinet I got G for his birthday

Singapore - Update since the move to Singapore

Sorry, this is a mass email sent to friends and family. Will do better once settled in!

Hi everyone

Sorry for the mass email but things have been so busy with the move and I just wanted to update everyone. I will do my best to keep in touch individually too.

So what has happened in the nearly 3 weeks since we left Nice? We arrived on Saturday 4th of August, and moved into a serviced apartment near Orchard road. Yes, that orchard road. The shopping centre of the city whose major pastimes are eating and shopping :) G wasn't too worried initially as is typical of French banks, mine screwed up. They gave me a faulty card which I reported but had another work card as backup so just used that when abroad but had to give it back when leaving Nice. Then I realised that my card was expiring and I didn't have a new one. What did they say? They had replaced my card, not told me, then destroyed it when I didn't pick it up and based the renewal date on the destroyed card! Cue panic. …

Last goodbyes

At the airport waiting for our flight to London and then on to Singapore, longest flights I have ever done in economy, thinking of getting very drunk to just pass out ;) in the lounge in Nice now with an empty glass of champagne (G's turn to get them filled).

We are physically and mentally exhausted, drained, kaput, broken. Can't wait to just finally be there and sleep!

Today was final packing and cleaning before dragging 2 bags each to the airport by bus, all of which around 20 kg, plus 2 cabin bags each too, heavy ones, since one of them contains a coffee machine! We have seen coffee is expensive in Singapore so packed our Nespresso and stocked up on capsules :) so far so good, Nice airport security just looked confused then laughed when they realized what my bag contains!

Wednesday night we went to the best pizza place in Nice, Les Amoureux, just reopened the day before in a new location in the port of Nice, 46 boulevard Stalingrad. Best pizza ever and I lived in Rome! :…