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Singapore - So what did you do last weekend? Singapore Formula 1 Grand Prix?

Well.... no..... not quite. We might go next year but G didn't seem to believe I wanted to go for any other reason than Adam Levine from Maroon 5 being quite something to look at :)

No, we had a very different weekend. Also exciting and noisy and tiring, but not really involving fast cars, though there was purring involved.

No, we rescued a kitten and looked after him until we could give him to a good home (aka @moggie 78 & @asksirstamford , friends we met on Twitter). He is the cutest thing ever and we miss him like mad but we are so very happy he is in a good home with people who love him like we do. I just couldn't keep him because of my extreme allergies to cats. I am still getting over having him with us last weekend!

So what happened?

Update from Europe

We are in Nice! The sky is beautiful and blue, it is amazing how blue it is. I do miss it to be honest. Landed in London on Tuesday, made the mistake of choosing the Fast Track rather than going to the EU / UK one. Bad Bad mistake. Was also reminded how odd people on this planet can be, you really do notice it when you travel. I was stuck in a queue with Americans who didn't seem to realise that people speak English in "England"! And they were happily commenting on people in the queue, their hair, and how people don't look like that back home.... plus your usual random pushy people, and a guy who for some reason decided not to walk like the rest of us but to jog along behind some airport staff in the people-ferrying buggies. Very very strange.

Nice - Some pictures from Nice

As I am heading back off to Europe for a couple of weeks and am rather excited, I thought I would share some pictures of what became my home, Nice. It is a very touristy town which at times can drive you up the wall, but if you are a "local" you can find calm spots the masses don't know about and Nice is just beautiful.

Hope you like them! :) I am trying to put some order in my photo collection to get some printed so might add more Nice photos and will probably do some favourite holidays snaps too when I find time. At some point I should also start post processing the pictures but just can't be bothered and post them as they were taken!

Singapore - What is happiness and what makes you happy?

I was wandering through Hong Kong airport on the way back from a business trip that whilst tiring and trying in some ways, was also good and validating in others. An offer for 2 books for 140HKD on selected items fight my eye. Started picking out books and one called the Happiness Project caught my eye. It wasn't on special, I didn't look at the price, I just bought it because I was intrigued.

I land in 30 min having spent 3h so far reading through the book. Not finished but a good way through. I thought when I bought it that was some chick lit which would be nice light reading for the way home (yes, you got me, as much as I live reading, I have a huge soft spot for silly easy chick lit, don't judge, it makes me happy, in the same way that watching crap TV helps me relax and turn off my brain) As I picked it up to read it inflight, my heart sunk as I realised it was a true story and I saw self help on there somewhere and I hate self help books! But I decided to give it a…