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Singapore - Din Tai Fung - nom nom nom - One of our favourite restaurants in Singapore!

Din Tai Fung visit
If you know Asia, you are likely to know Din Tai Fung. It is a restaurant chain, specialised in dumplings / dim sum, from Taiwan and one of the cheapest restaurants in the Michelin Guide. The food is awesome and it is all over Singapore. We first went there in Hong Kong when we were visiting our friend Albert, with another friend Giuliano. We loved the pea shoots! 
Since we moved to Singapore, we took to going to Din Tai Fung every few weeks. We even went the day after we landed for lunch! It is getting to the point where we actually can tell differences in quality between the different outlets :-) Our favourite so far is Wisma Atria, we have also been to Raffles City and Somerset 313.
So we took a few pictures from the latest trip there. There are a few things we always get, and some we improvise a bit each time. We often get pea shoots with garlic but they cost $11 where we can get a lot more in the supermarket for about $1.50 at home. 

They do a great fried rice …

Singapore - Home Cooking - Some of the things we have been cooking

Those of you who know us in real life know that we both love to cook. Thought I would share some of the things we have been cooking but of course I forgot to take pictures of most things because I am silly :-)

We are really enjoying having access to loads of ingredients that at home were either hard to get or very expensive. Particular favourite = pea shoots :-)

I recently decided to try and recreate some Sri lankan food we both love so I ended up making coconut roti and home made dal. It was awesome and it is rather easy to do. The coconut roti are just flour, grated coconut, sliced onions, some salt, some water and some curry leaves. Then cook in a pan without any oil or anything. And dal is pretty easy to do also, loads of receipes online.

Singapore - More food :) Rochor Centre, Cherry Garden, Prata from Kitchener hawker, Minang,

Lunch at Rochor Centre 

Something green, some yummy noodle thing with cabbage, some shitake mushrooms and beansprouts. Filling and very very nice! With a Coke Zero it totalled $4.50 - worth every penny

Cherry Garden at the Mandarin Oriental - Awesome champagne dim sum brunch

All I can say is YUMM!!! Didn't manage to take any really decent pictures as I got distracted by the challenge of trying to empty my champagne glass. Didn't really manage! The waiter was too efficient :-) Food was, as ever, amazing. Love. Still crazy about the gyoza with chicken, tofu, mushroom and aubergine. And just generally all the food. And the yummy yummy chocolate custard bun!

Singapore - A week in work lunches - Rochor, Albert Food Centre,


We have a new guy in the office who is Muslim so we needed to eat halal. Usual place (Rochor food centre) doesn't have any halal stalls (it only had about 4 or 5 stalls including the drinks one!) so we went to Albert Food Centre. First time. The place is huge! I actually prefer less choice as I find it easier to make up my mind.

Ended up with a fresh green apple juice(my fav) and mushroom hor fun. For those of you not in Singapore, this is a gloopy sauce with noodles, green stuff, shiitake mushrooms etc. then re rest of the group had found a place who did table service for unsweetened line juice so that was added to my lunch which added up to about 7 dollars

Wandered back to office via Bugis Village which is madness! It does have a drinks stall where some fresh juices are 1 dollar or 2 max

Singapore - Random pictures from Singapore

Yep, you say it right, juicer combined with hair dryer
Nom nom nom, love Din Tai Fung
Guan Tanah Merah, da di da, Guan Tanah Merah
Low crime doesn't mean no crime.... ;-)