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Singapore - Emerald Hill - Gorgeous Houses in Singapore

Trip to Rome - my favourite city on earth - Pantheon, Pizza Navona, Roman Forum and the list goes on....

Singapore - Scary Scary Scary Thunderstorms in Singapore

Just had my first experience of a really heavy scary Singapore storm. I can hand on heart say I have never ever experienced anything quite like it. Around 4pm everything went very very dark, a strange yellowy dark. Then the rain started. Rain like I have never seen before. Sheets of it just pouring down. Trust me, we have had a lot of rain since we got here. Rain heavier than I had ever seen before, be it back in Europe or on holiday allover Asia or in the Caribbean. Rain here just buckets down. You get soaked in seconds. And you get little warning when it goes from drizzle to heavy downpour. But today was different. Scary and different. It would be the day I picked to work from home of course. For info, our house is old, from the early 1900s, and built with lots of fully open windows etc. So sound always carries through in a storm, And echoes. But again, nothing like I have experienced today. So, the rain come tumbling down, so far so ok (I wouldn't say good, but fine, happens a…

Trip to Corsica

Singapore - Nominated for a Liebster Blog by Singapore Actually (bookjunkie)

Thank you so much to Bookjunkie @ Singapore Actually for the nomination for the Liebster Blog Nomination. Very sweet just a shame I can't return the favour as that would be against the rules. And I now live in Singapore so must follow the rules ;-)

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Singapore - Eating out continued - Minang, Chicken Rice from Albert Food Centre, Bugis Scissor Curry Rice

Next lunch collection 
Monday's lunch was at Bugis shopping centre at the food court on the 4th floor. I went to the curry rice stall (scissor cut curry rice?) and put together a veggie lunch. Up the top is braised silken tofu, then clockwise you have stir fried bean sprouts with some carrot and spring onions, then you have some kind of green veggie, don't ask me what, I think it is something like kailan, then you have aubergine with green beans. Pretty good but i think I preferred the Rochor Centre one overall. $4.80 if I remember correctly. 

On Tuesday we were back at our "local" the Rochor Food Centre. At our normal stall, the "Thai Cuisine" stall. And I got my usual, the Vegetable Phad Thai. Yummy :-) A mix of crunchy veggies, some tofu, and nice noodles, with some lime to squeeze over it, with chili and crushed peanuts. Nice as usual. $3..50

Trips to Thailand 2008 & 2010

Singapore - Home Cooking - Next load of food we cooked - pasta, stir fries, curry, roast,

As you know, we like to cook. You can find the list down the right side of my blog of all the food posts. Here are the next lot of pictures of meals we cooked at home, for dinner or lunch, most of the wok based ones being the evenings during the week, those a bit more complicated are saved for the weekends....

Chicken with Thai seasonings, pea shoots, baby nai bai
Here is the whole thing

Singapore - Brunch at Artichoke - Middle Eastern food on Middle Road in Singapore

We decided, well, we were told by friends, that we had to branch out for brunch and not just eat at the Cherry Garden however yummy it is (see the post here)! So we had a look at this site here and we decided on Artichoke. Full name Artichoke Cafe and bar. 
You can find the website here, and to find the place, you need to go to Middle Road (the address is 161 Middle Road) and it is down the side of this orange church . Basically we wandered down Waterloo road, looked (and held) cute birds and then this church is on the opposite corner where Waterloo meets Middle Road.

Trip to Incredible India - Rajastan, Dehli, Agra... Gorgeous!

Singapore - Nominated for an Expat Blog Award

I have been kindly nominated for an Expat Blog Award.

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Singapore - Cherry Garden champagne dim sum brunch

Needed some fun after a full-on week at work so we went for a lovely champagne dim sum brunch at the Cherry Garden at the Mandarin Oriental. Awesome! Worked like a treat.

Nice - Best restaurants and other places to eat & drink in Nice

A colleague is going to spend 2 months in Nice and so we were polled to provide restaurants to eat at for not too much money, plus a few more expensive ones (will put a $ next to them) for good measure. It made me think I might as well make a blog post out of it. 

So, where to eat in Nice, France, for not too much money?

We lived in the Port area so I will start with that and the area up to Place Garibaldi where the Port meets the old town, then look at the next area we used to go to, Old Nice (Le Vieux Nice, La Vieille Ville) and then other areas. I include the Trip Advisor links so you can see where they are located exactly, and check other reviews of the places :-)

Updated April 2015 - Added some new places that have opened recently or I have tried since I came back