Wednesday, 16 January 2013

In our kitchen.... 4 of infinity...

We do love to cook as you probably already know if this isn't your first read of my blog. When we cook something new or pretty, I try to remember to take a picture of it. I used to take them using my Iphone which now is entirely unusable (side point - need to replace it. Any ideas which phones I should be looking into?) as whilst it has had a cracked screen for months, I spilled water on it (again) and this time it has broken the camera and the flash is always on! So not very useful. I tried using the Blackberry but the camera sucks, so I am now just pulling out my proper camera each time. Not the most handy, especially when you are starving and your food is getting cold, but it really takes such better pictures than a phone! 

So here is some homemade hummus that I made for a gathering. Nice and easy and tasty. Chickpeas, tahina (which G hates so he never eats my hummus), garlic that I cook on low heat in some olive oil, salt, pepper, toasted cumin seeds, olive oil and paprika. 

A potato salad, where you cook the spuds, put them into a bowl with some herbs (basil preferably), garlic, spring onions, olive oil and salt and pepper. They cool down in the bowl and slightly cook the onions.

Silly Blackberry pictures for the next ones, sorry about that! When friends came to stay, we did a BBQ. 

G did his special whole fish, marinated with chilli and lemongrass and lime etc, cooked wrapped in a banana leaf on the BBQ. 

Hard to see but these are G's marinated pork chops.

We had some boiled potatoes, grilled corn on the cob, and some lovely chicken kebabs marinated with lemongrass and chilli and lime and cooked with red onions, plus some vegetable and tofu kebabs with whole baby aubergines and shiitake mushrooms.

Stir fried chicken with snow peas and peppers and some cashews. Plus pea shoots and some green veggie (kailan I believe).

Back to better pictures, phew. Same friends' visit, curry night. We got carried away of course. 4 curries on a Sunday night. *sigh*, when will we learn?

Here is the dal using the recipe we learned when we did a cooking course in Udaipur.

A Madhur Jaffrey special that we love. Super simple and yummy. Red peppers / long red chillies with almonds and onions and garlic and yumminess. 

An aubergine curry inspired by a Madhur Jaffrey recipe, with nigella seeds to give it a bit of a pickling spice flavour, in G's favourite Le Creuset pan.

I think this was a made up one since we had some pumpkin that needed eating. Cooked it in a pan with mustard seeds and cumin seeds. Not bad at all and a nice way to use up the pumpkin. Just cook it on super low, and cover it, turning it regularly.

Went home for Christmas. Mum does all the cooking at home throughout the year so when we are home (my sister and I) we are on cooking duty. Which is fine by me. Hate cleaning, perfectly happy to cook. So the work division is that whoever cooks doesn't tidy up :)

This one is a potato curry with coconut milk and lemongrass. Plus stir fried green beans with whole spices (mustard seeds and cumin) and garlic. 

More food from home. A cashew nut chicken stir fry with onions and snow peas and peppers and carrots in oyster sauce.

Here it is cooking

This is the stir fried rice I cooked at 5am on the 2nd of Jan when I couldn't sleep having fallen asleep on the couch at 5pm and gone up to bed at 7pm, so woke up at 2am and finally gave up and got up around 4.30am and made stir fried rice with eggs and peas. 

On Christmas day, we had a Christmas dinner but needed to have something for lunch we could all eat, with the various dietary requirements we have in the family. So I cooked soup. Butternut squash, potato, onion and leek soup with coriander seeds and cumin seeds. And some chilli.

Back home. Thai food! Chicken with thai basil, beans and chillis. And baby nai bai. 

I wasn't feeling so well so G was very kind and made me some chicken noodle soup with veggies and mushrooms. 

So next night was my turn to cook, I fancied veggies again. And we had pea shoots. I loooooove pea shoots. 

And chicken with cashew nuts. Yum. Colourful. I may have used half of various things to get more colours in there ;-)

Pea shoots enhanced with some garlic and a splash of soy sauce. 

Steamed corn on the cob. 

The full meal:

Again, an awful blackberry picture. Must do better. It is kway teow noodles (thick rice noodles) with stir fried greens and bean sprouts and some crispy tofu from the nice uncle at Tekka. 


  1. hungry now for a curry LOL

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    1. LOL :) I don't know why. International man of mystery? :)


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