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Singapore - Thirty - Au Chocolat restaurant corner Joo Chiat & East Coast

After our chilled out afternoon drinking beer and cider in the Cider Pit, and Vietnamese food in Huong Viet, we wandered further down Joo Chiat Road, to the corner with East Coast Road and we went to Nine Thirty, a restaurant linked to Awfully Chocolate (where my lovely friends R&E got my birthday cake from!) for dessert. Who can say no to chocolate? I didn't...
This was my cupcake! Yummy yummy yummy. Nice and rich and chocolatey. 

Singapore - Tori-Q - usual spot for lunch in a hurry

You have seen plenty of posts about my usual lunch spot - the hawker at Rochor where I usually have pad thai. So I thought I would elaborate a bit on my lunch spot for when I am in a hurry. My colleague was in a rush so we went to Bugis Junction for lunch to our usual quick lunch of Tori-Q. Tori-Q is a Japanese yakatori-style fast food place downstairs in the basement of Bugis, near the MRT exit. Well, the idea was to have a very quick lunch but we did get slightly distracted by sparkly shoes at the entrance of BHG and came away with 5 pairs between us ;-)
There are various options and they are cooked on sticks on a grill as per this picture:

They do sets or you can just order whatever you want and build your own meal.

Here are your various choices, the meat ones get dipped in a nice teriyaki tyle sauce. My colleague likes the pork and pork with asparagus. I haven't had the guts to try the chicken skin ones!

Nice - Nice airport - one of the most beautiful places to land at and take off from

Singapore - Islamic Restaurant - Biryani on North Bridge Road

Our local work food court (Rochor Centre) is going to shut due to the Downtown line MRT being built. So we will need to replace our favourite Thai place we usually have lunch at. A colleague told me about a place further up North Bridge Road - Koh something. So a colleague and I decided to go look for it. We found it, but it was closed! So we went next door to Islamic Restaurant. On the way out we found that the Thai place was now open so we will try that another time. 
I had heard about Islamic Restaurant when I asked about the best places for Indian food in Singapore. People recommended Islamic for biryani. We had a look at the menu but everyone seemed to be eating biryani so we chose to go with that too! I went for chicken biryani, my friend for mutton biryani. 
Islamic Restaurant seems to have been there forever, it is being managed by the third generation of a family. There are pictures of famous people all over the walls. And pictures of the family which you can see here:

And h…

Singapore - Home Cooking - Experiments in the kitchen on a Friday night - Roti & Thosai & Sambar!

G doesn't want me anywhere near the kitchen anymore. I may have made a little bit of a mess..... And it is his turn to clean, so no more cooking this weekend I guess ;-) G has had a super busy work week and has been getting home at 10pm so I was left to play around in the kitchen with a glass or so of wine. It got interesting! 
We had been discussing dahl and sambar on twitter because we are all obsessed with prata and dosa and various other indian snacks and it got me wanting to try and make such a dahl, which I discovered is sambar. So I wandered to the supermarket when I got home, made some crispy tofu (you have seen it in other posts if you have followed this blog) and then proceeded to try and make various things, with varying success! 
I started with trying to make coconut roti as we have been craving Sri Lankan food. Coconut roti is pretty easy to make. Only issue I faced was the heat and humidity here meant that the usual amount of water was too much, I had to add more fl…

Singapore - The Cider Pit - Joo Chiat Road - East Coast - Beer & Cider galore

We were having lunch at NEX (at Grandma's, not bad at all!) and we had the intention to go do some food shopping. We then saw friends were at the Cider Pit on the East Coast and joining them seemed like a much better idea!
Glad we did, we met up with M and L, then another person from Twitter we hadn't met yet, and then our Kiwi friends joined us too, and N after she finished work! Lovely way to spend a Sunday afternoon. 
The Cider Pit has a long list of bottled beers and ciders, plus 4 ciders and 4 beers on tap. They aren't very expensive (for Singapore!) with most of them coming in around 8$-12$. So we all tried all sorts of different ciders and beers. Below are a few examples of some of the drinks we had. 

I mostly stuck to ciders besides the Honeydew beer below. I tried a few different ciders, I prefer the really dry ones as they otherwise get sickly sweet. I liked the extra dry one and I went back to the Coldstream one I had before.

Singapore - Lei Garden - Chijmes - Chinese New Year Banquet, Vegetarian and Non-Vegetarian

Our company selected the Lei Garden in Chijmes as the location for our Chinese New Year Lo Hei dinner. They were kind enough to request a vegetarian version for me, which once I saw the menu for the others, I was very glad of! So below you will find the menu, the aquariums in the restaurant, the restaurant and table, and my vegetarian menu and the team's menu. 
We started the evening with the Lo Hei / Yusheng vegetable tossing which I described in another post. 

The Menu
So here was the non-veggie menu for the rest of the company, I know, I am a pain :-) But I was much happier with my veggie menu. Everyone said all the food on the main Lo Hei / Chinese New Year banquet menu was really good and you will see pictures further down. 

Singapore - Grandma's restaurant - "Local" food

We were trying to go to Din Tai Fung last Sunday but we started ordering and found out there were no chicken dumplings and no vegetable dumplings so we walked right back out. Luckily we were in a shopping mall, NEX at Serangoon so there were other options. We went through the Japanese Food Street but couldn't settle on one place to suit us both. We wandered past Siam Thai but couldn't decide on that one either. I then remembered I had walked past a place called Grandma's which describes itself as "it's so local" and it had pea shoots which I was craving! So we decided to give it a go. 
Here is the menu from the board outside (the full menu can be found at the foot of this post):

And my plate of food:

Singapore - Lo Hei - Vegetable Tossing for Chinese New Year at Lei Garden Chijmes

UPDATE: OOOPPSSSSS .... it has been pointed out that the long things that look and feel like noodles actually aren't noodles,  but rather white radish which has been shaved into long strands. So ignore all references below to noodles, no noodles, just veggies!
We went for a traditional Chinese New Year dinner with work (Lo Hei meal) at the Lei Garden in Chijmes. I will write a post up about the dinner but first I wanted to share this with you. The tossing (unfortunately not at each other, however much I wished it were so and threatened colleagues to throw stuff at them :-) ) - Lo Hei! aka Yusheng. Each ingredient to the dish has a significance which is described in the handy guide on the table:

You can also read the meanings on Wikipedia - Yusheng on Wikipedia
And here is what it looked like mid toss (continue to read the full post with all the info):

Singapore - Khansama Tandoori Restaurant on Serangoon for my birthday :)

So, my birthday was on the start of Chinese New Year, the night where all the Chinese people I know where having their family "reunion" dinners. Most restaurants had a Chinese New Year menu, so we figured the best place to go would be to Little India. And we weren't really in the mood to do much thinking so we went to somewhere we knew and liked. So a quick call to Khansama later and they had a table held for us and we wandered down to Little India. 
We started with samosas:

Chicken tikka:

Singapore - Home Cooking - Yep.... we are still cooking at home.... #6 - Indian, Stir Fries etc

More home cooking! Here are the overall meals:

Here is an Indian evening, Southern Indian Chicken, Baby aubergines in curry and a mushroom and pea curry in a cashew nut sauce

Thai stir fry evening. Chicken with lemongrass and lime and peppers from our garden, with stir fried kai lan.

And my lunch the other day. G was away so I did what I fancied, as quick as possible. Crispy tofu, kai lan with garlic and oyster sauce and steamed sweet peas.

Singapore - Graffiti? Or commissioned art?

I was wandering out for a bite to eat for lunch so I thought I would go down to Little India for a dosa. I took a variation of my usual route down to Little India and ended up on a side street between Race Course Road and Serangoon Road. I had quite the surprise! I came across what looks like graffiti. Surely it can't be! So I posted it on Twitter and asked around, so people say it might be commissioned artwork or they applied for a permit or something similar. Either way, I think it looks pretty cool! :)
A bird dressed as a soldier - interesting. To see what he says, click on "continue to read full post" below:

And this is on the wall across from the bird:

Nice - Palais Lascaris

What do you do when you land early on a cold winter Sunday in Nice and don't have plans until the afternoon? Well, you go for a wander, but more on that in another post. During this wander, I walked past Palais Lascaris. Something I have done many times during the 7 years I lived there, but I never went in for some reason! And luckily, it happened to be the last Sunday of the month, when some of the museums in Nice are open to the public for free. So I went in, with my trusty camera. 
You can read more about Palais Lascaris over at the Wikipedia page:
Globally, it is a house where a really really rich family used to live, and now houses a collection of musical instruments. The house itself is very impressive, just gorgeous and expensive looking! And the musical instruments are also pretty cool. Beautiful painted ceilings and walls, luscious fabric curtains, gilded furniture etc....

Singapore - Lunches, snacks, quick meals in Singapore #5

Another edition of my lunches, snacks and quick meals in Singapore. Good food can be very very cheap in Singapore as long as you stick to Asian food. 
For rice and 4 vegetables in Rochor Centre at the economical rice stall you pay around $3.50. I stick to my usuals - something green (Kai lan here), beansprouts and in this case 2 types of tofu - the beancurd skin up top left and the silken tofu down right. And some sambal/chilli sauce of course.

The next few are from the Indian stall at my customer's offices. You usually pay anywhere between $2 and $4 for these plates so pretty cheap for what you get.

In this one I have a poppadom, green beans, aubergine (nice and soft), dal and some spinach with lentils.

Singapore - Sheng Siong (& a couple of other places) in the build up to Chinese New Year

Lots of red, pineapples, mandarins, and all sorts of other auspicious things :)

Singapore - Chinese New Year Lion Dance # 2 (inside Melt in Mandarin Oriental)

More lion dances! You will see if you are in Singapore, during Chinese New Year, they are everywhere. You see them in shopping malls, in restaurants, in the apartment buildings, in the street, in work places, just everywhere! You can hear them coming with the drums and it can end up in a hunt for them. This one was during our champagne buffet brunch at Melt. This was set up for the lion to come in an eat. You have the auspicious mandarins, and some salad because of course he is hungry and a pineapple again for auspiciousness (a friend's favourite word at the moment, she is currently all about the auspicious!). 

Again, the mandarins.

And here comes the lion!

Melaka / Malacca - Malaysia - Roti, Red Buildings, Religion and Rickshaws

Singapore - Indian for Chinese New Year? Don't mind if I do - Komala Vilas

Just realised that for the first few days of Chinese New Year, I didn't actually eat any CHINESE food. Hummmmm..... I went for Indian, for a buffet (which had some Chinese to be fair) and then for Indian again basically. This is the Indian again. We were all not looking forward to getting back to work the next morning, you get used to days off :-) So we met up for a drink at the Prince Edward and then wandered over to Komala Vilas for curry. Nom nom curry. 
Here is the menu on the wall, as you can see, pretty cheap (and wishing us a happy Chinese New Year (Gong Xi Fa Cai)) : 

Here is the rice plate. Not to be confused with the rice meal. What is the difference you ask? Well, the rice plate is $7 and the rice meal is $7.50. So there is a difference already, 0.50$. From the food perspective, you get the same, but the rice meal you get unlimited rice and curries refill! And poppadoms if you want, and the chutneys and sambals. You have to be hungry though, you have been warned!!!!

Nice - Restaurant Le Gesu

As we were in Nice, with our customers from Singapore, we thought we would take them out for dinner to a typical local place. We were trying to go to Acchiardo, but, as quite often, it was shut :-) These guys shut on weekends, on bank holidays they do the long weekend thing, they take the summer off and now they were having a February break. Fair enough!

So we ended up going to another good local restaurant, le Gesu which is on a tiny square in Old Nice with a gorgeous church. I love the local nicois starters so we, well, I, ordered a collection of starters.

Here is ratatouille, the yummy veggie mixed stew. You can find our recipe for it here: Ratatouille recipe.  It is tomatoes and herbs with onions and garlic and peppers and courgettes and aubergines.

Here are some yummy aubergine fritters.