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Singapore - Royal China - Dim Sum at Raffles Hotel

Another day, another work dinner. First time for me eating at Raffles Hotel so I was pretty excited! I googled Royal China as I usually do before these things but there weren't actually that many reviews. I was a bit concerned about there not being many veggie options for me but the person organising was kind enough to request a menu for the others, but a veggie menu for me. Much appreciated!

Singapore - Jumbo - Seafood Centre on East Coast Road

We had visitors from our main office last week, and my friend was one of them. Her one request was chilli crab! So I made sure we made it out for chilli crab! Took some organising / politics but we managed. Not only did I source chilli crab, but other forms of crab and local food! :-) 
Off to the East Coast we went. To the seafood centre. One of the team members, a Singaporean, recommended we go to Jumbo. There were I think 8 to 10 of us, I think I overheard the bill amount..... it wasn't cheap! So don't go here expecting hawker prices, you will be sorely disappointed. But everyone did enjoy the food a lot. I couldn't eat much of it but the account director knows me by now and ordered chicken satay and 2 vegetable dishes. So I was more than fine. As long as people don't mind me taking shots of their food, it's all good. 

Singapore - Old Airport Road Food Centre (Updated January 2014)

I wanted my family to meet my friends so after our visit to the Botanic Garden and the National Orchid Enclosure, we met up with friends at Old Airport Road Food Centre. We settled on Old Airport Road Food Centre after noting that a lot of taxi drivers recommended it when asked where they eat and were often to be seen eating there themselves. 
It is huge! Loads of choice! And busy busy. We were very lucky to score a table outside, with a lovely beer uncle to keep bringing us cheap beer (5$ if memory serves). 
My first dish was Freshly Made Chee Cheong Fun(Stall 155). You can choose between mushroom, chicken, prawn and char siew. I got chicken and mushroom and P got prawn and char siew. It was amazing to watch the ladies work. They make the rice rolls freshly by hand in front of you with the steamer then adding the filling, rolling, chopping and drenching in sauce. Awesome! Cost me about $4 I think

This isn't food related but made me laugh. You can just about see a couple with a dog i…

Singapore - First Thai on Purvis Street

As you may know, I have been to Jai Thai on Purvis Street after work. Guys in the office wanted Thai for lunch so we wandered down Purvis Street. Jai Thai was full so we decided to try First Thai instead. 
We ordered (and had enough for 4 people and the bill was $16 each) 1) green chicken curry 2) mango salad 3) Mixed vegetables 4) spring rolls 5) chicken with cashew nuts

Sri Lanka - Polonnaruwa & Sigiriya - Ancient city ruins

Singapore - Food for Thought - Singapore Botanic Garden

You may have seen my post on the Orchid enclosure at the Botanic Garden and I will be posting a more general Singapore Botanic Garden post, but whilst we were there, we also needed to eat. We stopped at Food for Thought for a bite to eat. You can see the full menu down the bottom but it is a mixture of all day breakfast and fusion items (Asian / Western) plus some specials that are local food, for breakfast and at lunch. 
Here is G's beer, I tried a bit and it was quite yummy! Brew Dog IPA. Not cheap though at 15$ the pint. 

G went for the kaffir lime fish burger and loved it. My dad had it too. Apparently the fish was cooked very well. Dad didn't like the pickled cucumbers but G did. With alfalfa sprouts and kaffir lime mayo. 

I had the thai chicken burger. I liked it, except the fact that it was chicken thigh which then has tendons etc which freaks me out. And a bit too much mayo. I might have stuck with the green papaya and mango salad and the lemongrass chilli sauce, not …

Singapore - Ananda Bhavan - First visit of I think many!

We were going to Clark Quay to celebrate St Patrick's day and decided to meet for lunch in Little India as Beiruti Brit and I both live close / in Little India and adore Indian food. And the carbs seemed like a good idea before hitting the Guinness. We discussed for a while and considered the usual favourites (Khansama, Komala Vilas, the hawker) and then decided to try something I hadn't been to so had to look towards the Indian food recommendations in Singapore list and settled on Ananda Bhavan. BB has been but I haven't yet and she was ok to give it a go. 
BB decided on a rice plate which you can see here. The second from the left was apparently amazing with a lot of tamarind. And the second from the right is a sweet one, a black rice dessert. BB says it was lovely. Cost $7 I think.

I was fascinated by the purple thing!

And this was my onion masala dosa. It was really yummy! Very crisp, the onions were cooked a lot more than the Komala Vilas ones where they go in more o…

Singapore - Lunch at Central - quickly grabbed from Picky Potato and Porky Pork

We had an appointment on Merchant Road near Clarke Quay at 2pm but had been so busy at work we didn't manage to grab lunch. And of course we had 3.15/3.30pm  meetings so had very little time after our 2pm meeting to grab a bite to eat. We went into Central shopping centre and went to explore downstairs for the first time. 
We couldn't decide on one and I had a bit of an upset stomach, so went for something plain and simple. I couldn't walk past something called Picky Potato so that is what I went with!
I have a big soft spot for chicken tenders so ordered those and I didn't fancy any of the odd chips so stuck with standard fries!

I avoided ice cream fries, especially strawberry. Though to be fair, I know they taste ok, based on a happy accident in McDonalds one, where I had taken an ice cream cone which started melting before I was finished and used a chip to clean up the drips which was actually oddly nice! So I do get ice cream fries.... but didn't go for them, …

Singapore - Random purchases from near my office - in a sequin mood :)

I am rather addicted to sequins and sparkles at the moment. Here are some of the things that have caught my magpie eye recently. I bought 3 pairs of shoes at BHG, in my defence they were only $19 each! :) And so cute!

Wearing the golden ones. 

The purply grey ones. 

And the other day I went shopping in Kampong Glam on Haji Lane and Arab Street and the Arab Street one is where I got all the sparkly bags! Again, not horribly expensive, between 22$ and 39$. 

The purple one. 

The pink and red sparkly one. 

Singapore - O Batignolles - lots of French wine (cheap for Singapore!)

Another weekend, another recommendation from our friend over at Beiruti Brit. We were done having a lovely brunch at Artichoke (originally a BB recommendation!) and fancied relaxing for a while. I needed coffee and so BB recommended O Batignolles on Club street. So off we wandered (stupidly we decided to walk it and had to make stops along the way in various air conditioned shopping centres as it is rather hot at the moment!). And we were pleasantly surprised. We should know by now to just trust BB. A good selection of French wines at very decent prices (mostly below 10$ which is good for Singapore! See the menu further down this pot) and I had a good coffee too. G was very happy to have a nice rose wine :-) waiter was a bit confused by his request for ice, but complied and G was very satisfied with his nice pale Proven├žal rose wine. With ice. 

Singapore - The house! Where we live in Singapore - Townerville

WARNING: This post will be super boring for the majority of people. But friends from back in France asked me to post some pictures of the house and where I live, our furniture etc.  And overnight my Mum got in touch as she wants to show my aunt. So here it goes!
We live in an area called Townerville. There are 84 houses built in the 1920s and restored a while back. They are all little houses in a row near Boon Keng. They used to be inhabited by the British officers back when Singapore was part of the British Empire. They are now colonial conservation houses. 
They are very well located, with public transport close by, both MRT (the purple line - the "Food and Beverage" line) and buses. You can walk to Little India (which is why we chose them!) and you are right in between 2 different hawkers, Bendemeer on one side and Whampoa Drive Food Centre on the other side with some awesome hawker food. Also very close to town with a lot of taxis close by, as the BG Cafe on McNair road…

March - Green - #Worldcolours #worldcolors

March, and I seem to have managed to get my World Colours post in on time! Woohoo me! :) Enough about me, and I leave you to pictures collected from around the world. And they are green. Hence green #worldcolours. Duh. Ok, shutting up now. India, Vietnam, Saint Lucia, Singapore, Nice, Annot, San Remo, Thailand, Rome, Sri Lanka, Lavaur etc

Singapore - Rochor Food Centre - Thai Cuisine and Chicken Rice

OK, so I have been blathering on about how Rochor Centre will be shutting. Turns out it shuts in two years! And whilst 2 places just shut, a new chicken rice place just opened. So it seems only right to tell you a bit more about the place. 
So here is the new stall with roasted and poached chicken rice. 

Singapore - Artichoke again! Yum yum yum

Again I hear you cry? Yes, again. I am a creature of habit. See how many times I have been to Din Tai Fung or Cherry Garden or Komalas. So back to Artichoke it was! Both of us had worked very hard recently so we deserved a brunch. We wanted to go to Cherry Garden but they don't do champagne brunches anymore which put us off going this time. We will probably go back but we decided not to. Last time I had tried to book Artichoke for a Sunday they said they weren't open on Sunday so I assumed that was every week, but luckily that was only for Chinese New Year.
So back off to Artichoke Cafe and Bar it was. And luckily we chose to go this Sunday as they were about to go on holiday for a while. To get new ideas. That is all fine, but they better not take the dirty fries off the menu! Yum!
We didn't go for champagne but instead sparkling wine. They were out of the prosecco but they had a nice Kiwi one and 20% of the bottle. So we finally had bubbles!! Makes all your worries go a…

Sri Lanka - Kandy

When we were in Sri Lanka, we spent a few nights in Kandy up in the centre of Sri Lanka. Very chilled and laid back place. Centred around the Kandy Lake. Monkeys roaming around and all sorts of birds. Visited the Relic Temple which was also lovely. Really worth a visit is the Colonial / English Graveyard up behind the temple.