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Singapore - Lucha Loco - Mexican in Duxton Hill

After our recent exploration of Tiong Bahru, we wandered over to Duxton Hill via Outram. We felt like returning to Praelum, which we did and I will post about shortly. But on the way we got sidetracked and stopped and Lucha Loco. It had a nice seating area with high tables and stools outside and we fancied a beer sitting out to cool down a bit but enjoy the last of the sun. So we stopped for a drink at this Mexican joint.

I ordered a Corona and you can see the tables and stools and a bit of Duxton Hill:

And G went for a darker beer - Negra Modelo which is of course heavier than my super light Corona but was very tasty also. 

And we decided that we needed to have some salt to go with our beer (a balanced diet is super important of course!) so we ordered some tortillas and instead of having to choose between roasted tomato salsa and guacamole, we of course went for both. Much easier. And both were really nice. The tortillas were very salty but then again I am a salt addict and the toma…

Singapore - Espresso Lab - coffee in Kampong Glam (CLOSED)

Our office coffee machine has broken. This is an utter disaster. Of epic proportions. You have no idea. National emergency should be called! So whilst the office managers debate replacing it or fixing it and who will pay (our office of 20 have about 16 different reporting lines....) we need coffee. We can more or less survive the morning by having coffee at home as our trusty Nespresso machine still works. But come that moment after lunch when you really don't think you can be bothered, and the Spanish siesta tradition sounds like the best idea ever invented, you need your caffeine fix.

Some people have brought in Coke Zero... And I am a fan of the Coke Zero, but it isn't quite the same. Others have turned to powdered coffee which is the devil's own invention in my books. I started drinking coffee during my six months studying in Rome so only proper espresso will do for me. Yes, I am a coffee snob. I admit it. But once you have had a coffee from Sant'Eustachio in Rome…

May - Blue - #Worldcolours

Blue was my favourite colour growing up. It could be because I was a bit of a tomboy. I generally had a lot of male friends, they were often my best friends. I did have female friends but the ones I was closest to were those who were similar to me and hung out with the boys. Mum says I never could stand the "princess" type who wanted to be worshiped and control everything. So I kept my distance. This has stayed with me until now. I have a lot more female friends than back then, but I still always worry (probably incorrectly, my own fears, stereotypes etc) that I will upset them without knowing. Boys let you know when they are mad and often get over it quickly. Girls aren't always like that though I know not all girls are the same :) 
I do remember not wanting anything pink as a child. I imagine this made buying presents for me difficult :) the first time I remember liking pink was when I was 11 or 12 and had a baby pink nightgown. I don't know if we chose it or it was…

Preview of our Thailand trip, a few pictures from Hua Hin

Singapore - Forty Hands / 40 Hands - Tiong Bahru Coffee

We had a lovely Saturday afternoon the other weekend. We decided to explore a new area, well, the area is old, but new to us :) I was trying to buy a new road bike, but they were all out and getting new ones in soon, so I will be back soon hopefully. But since I was disappointed about that, and needed cheering up, we jumped in a cab to Tiong Bahru as friends had been raving about their time there. We were dropped off at Tiong Bahru Plaza as the uncle said that was the most central, but it wasn't actually what we wanted it turns out, we meant to go to Tiong Bahru estate. No worries, it isn't that far a walk. We were a bit depressed after the cab ride as the driver had only been driving taxis for 6 weeks as he had been unemployed for 8 months and had 3 kids and a sick wife.

We tried to go to Forty Hands as soon as we got there but it was utterly rammed, far too packed for us to even get through the door. So we wandered around first and came back later and were lucky to get a tab…

Singapore - Been a bit busy, but here is a pretty collage of shophouses!

Hi all

Been rather busy with work and other things (though collecting various things for future blog posts) and will be busy with work for the coming 2 weeks so depending on how busy my evenings are, I may not get around to posting anything or not much.
In the mean time, here is a picture collage which previews a future post. I have been snapping pictures of the various gorgeous shophouses in Singapore. You always hear from people that there is nothing old or quaint about Singapore. That is utter nonsense. If they have even been here then they obviously didn't venture out of the CBD, and even then there are still lovely old houses around. 
I have posted about Emerald Hill before but I went back. And I also did a quick excursion around Jalan Besar and Petain Road near Little India. I previously also wandered around Little India and may include some of those pictures too. I love the old houses. It is true that they end up being torn down to build condos and that is an utter shame. I…

Singapore - New stalls at Rochor - again! This time an Indian one. Woohoo!

As you know, most of our lunches are at our local hawker centre close to work called Rochor Centre. We were getting very worried because we thought it was shutting down this year because of the Downtown line, but it turns out it's in 2 years so we have loads of time! And we think they may recently have put the rent down, so whilst 2 places shut down, 4 have opened recently! The latest one has made us all very very happy, it's an indian stall. Woohoooo!!

So 5 of us went for lunch, 4 of which went for Indian this day!

Singapore - Group Dinner at Long Beach at East Coast Seafood Centre

Another seafood dinner can only mean that I had another work meal.... 
This time it is Long beach at the East Coast Seafood Centre. We had one of the set menus as one of the VPs present wanted crab and we got him 2 types! It isn't a cheap meal (I think the menu comes out at about 450$ per table of 10) but when you have visitors from Europe, they really like going to the East Coast and eating all the famous Singaporean seafood dishes. 
All the poor animals in tanks:

Some kind of deep fried fish covered partially in batter with sesame seeds. As you can imagine, I didn't have it (I don't generally eat much at these events). But the rest of the table seemed to like it enough, not mad about it but liked it enough. Don't think it was finished though.

These were more successful with the group, deep fried prawns with garlic. These were finished.

A whole deep fried fish! Scared me but everyone else liked it!

The eye hole really freaked me out, like a ghost looking at me!

The f…

Singapore - Artichoke Cafe and Bar - yes, again! But dinner this time! Tuesday Tasting Menu

I know, I know, I have been to Artichoke twice already, and blogged about it both times. But they were both brunches! And once we were alone the two of us, and once with one other couple, so everyone has heard us rave about Artichoke but most haven't been! So we decided to go on a Tuesday as a friend said that they do a tasting menu which changes each week based on whatever they fancy cooking that day. Sounded awesome so of course we were in, as were quite a few of our friends. In the end, 8 of us were at dinner on Tuesday. 
The whole gang, besides me, went for the tasting menu. I went a la carte as there wasn't enough I would eat on the tasting menu to justify me taking it. The tasting menu had 9 different things on it for $45 and I ordered 3 or 4 side dishes from the a la carte to complete a table full of food. 

Singapore - Another visit to local indian hawker on KItchener Road

You know, sometimes you don't want to go to work dos, so when you aren't invited, you might actually be happy :) Instead of polite conversation, 3 of us went to our local Indian hawker place across from City Square Mall on Kitchener road, near Serangoon.

Cheap good Indian food and cheap Tiger Beer. What else could you need on a Monday night?

So what did we have?

Well, we had the usuals and since we had someone new with us, they picked out a few new options.

So, I was craving my usual, the thing I love the most ie. dosai. Masala dosai, with the usual dal, coconut chutney and the reddish pinkish orangey one I love. And a few vadai for all of us, lovely dipped in the various sauces. $1.50 for the dosai.

Updated Jan14 with more food!

And our usual chicken tikka with green stuff and veggies. $1 a piece

And with a random curry sauce. All goes wonderfully together, the depth of the curry sauce with the crisp minty chutney and crunchy veggies, with the smoky spicy chicken.

Singapore - Whampoa Drive Makan Place revisited

Another Saturday, another trip to Whampoa with our friends and their kids. And yet again, a lovely evening with great food. 

Kicked off with sugar cane juice (not me, obviously!). G and E got them, but they ended up being stolen by the boys :)

Next stop = satay. 20 chicken satay for $10. I wanted tofu too but they were out. 

Here is the auntie who cooks the satay to order. We were warned it would be 20 minutes but fresh food is worth the wait.

Singapore - Gokul Vegetarian Restaurant - Upper Dickson Road

It has taken me for ever to get around to writing this post, I went there on 1May, the day off a couple of weeks ago. It is a mixture of having been rather busy recently but also just the sheer size of the menu at Gokul I think!

But then again, I have a load more posts pending from even further back! I need a good sit down session to catch up on my blog posts. Cos I will let you in on a little secret, I don't write a post a day :) No chance of me ever having that kind of time free! Work can be so busy, plus I need to actually have time to go do things that are worth (well, I think are worth, you can feel free to disagree, I know I am frivolous) writing about!

So what I do is collect all the pictures (my iphone uploads them automatically), and create a draft post with them and then hope I even remember what we did and ate by the time I get around to writing it all up, usually a load in one go, one evening or on the weekend. Then I post one every day or two until the next time I man…

Colombo - Galle Face Hotel - Hotel Room (Suite)

So we stayed in the Galle Face Green, I am sure you gathered that. And you may have seen the view from our room. It was amazing. So so lovely. The room was huge! And if you did look at the view, you will know that was amazing also. Facing the Indian Ocean, with a side view onto the Galle Face Green. Awesome. Gorgeous. 

Our room is the top right corner. In the classic wing of the Galle Face Hotel.

Singapore - Home Cooking - Monday night - BBQ at home for 2

One of the main reasons G was happy to move over to Singapore was that we would get a place with a BBQ and he could play with fire all year round. We haven't actually used our BBQ as much as we probably should have but when we do (mostly when friends come around) we have a blast. 
G's work has been crazy over the last few weeks (and another 2 weeks to go before it becomes any saner) and we haven't seen each other much at all. He did a week of night shifts. He is currently on shifts starting at 7am - 6 days a week (yep, he's working Saturdays). So when we had the chance, we spent a couple of quiet evenings together as usually a lot of our free time is spent socialising (don't get me wrong, love it! But some time together is also nice). The Saturday night was spent watching TV and playing each other (turn by turn) songs we feel have stories to them, not pure emotional songs but songs that bring you into a world with the lyrics and tone. Think Amy Winehouse's You…

Singapore - More graffiti or commissioned art in Singapore - Little India

During our first of May wander around Little India, I came across more graffiti / commissioned art. You can see the first lot I came across in this post on the graffiti near Race Course Road.

This set can be found down a side street next to Desker Road. The part of Desker Road where you can find lots of doorways lit in red light, with friendly ladies inside, who become far less friendly (well, their bosses do) when you snap pictures. Also, oddly, the men walking past didn't seem to happy with me taking pictures! But I needed to, so there :)