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June - Orange - #worldcolours

As usual, running late! So not much text in this one, and probably far too many pictures as I haven't gotten around to pruning them, and even when I do, as you know, you still end up with loads of pictures, far too many ;-)
Rome, Italy

Sydney, Australia

French Riviera, France

Bangkok, Thailand - Breakfast at the Swissotel Nai Lert Park

When I was in Bangkok for work, we stayed at the Swissotel. The breakfast there is pretty decent! Loads of choice and pretty good food. 
You have various yoghurt options

Juices like orange, apple, pineapple and guava.

There is a whole hot food section with western items like sausages and bacon etc, some asian items like stir fried noodles, dal and paratha etc.

Honey, nuts, jams...

Hua Hin, Thailand - Breakfast in our room at Anantara Hua Hin

Breakfast was amazing at the Anantara Hua Hin. We got back into the room to find a menu with all the different options we had for breakfast. You could choose to have it delivered to your room at a time you define or to go to one of the restaurants on site and have it there, or to go to one of the buffets or a la carte breakfast options on site. Getting it delivered to our room was something that we never usually get to do, so that is what we went for. 
There is a huge choice to pick from! You can choose sets or individual items / add-ons and drinks. Watch out, if you order an add-on of hash browns, you get two.... and I ordered 2... so ended up with 4! So keep in mind most things end up with 2 of them!
G went for the Thai breakfast set, and the New York New York with eggs and salmon and I just picked all sorts of sides. I got the chicken sausages (odd), hash browns, oven tomatoes, spinach, mushrooms, chicken stir fry noodles (yum!) and the chicken stir fried eggs. Plus we got juices …

Singapore - The Alley Bar - Emerald Hill on Friday Night

Another Friday, another after work drink. This time we made our way to Emerald Hill and decided to try another place, we settled on the Alley Bar. It is, as you can imagine, an alley! It seems to have been made by taking two adjacent shophouses with an alley in between, or just one shophouse and the alley, and putting a roof over the two. The roof in some parts is glass so you get light even down the back and see outside to some green. 
Happy hour is from 5 to 9 and you can get standard house pours for 6$, pints of Heineken and Erdinger for $10 and pints of Guiness or Kilkenny for $12. They also do 3 bottles of various beers for $22 (Sol etc). 

I stuck with the Erdinger pints:

And we celebrated it being Friday by having various unhealthy snacks :)
Such as potato wedges, perfectly fine:

Singapore - Red Dot Brewhouse - drinking in Dempsey Hill

After brunch at Mezza9 we met up with friends who were over at Dempsey Hill, chilling out on a Sunday afternoon at the Red Dot Brewhouse. Well, we tried. And got lost. And looked at maps, and ended up in a car park, but we got there eventually :)

Red dot brewhouse is a microbrewery housed in an old barrack. They make all sorts of beers on site and you can look into the brewery if you do what I do and climb over by the pond along the windowsill :) And the pond has a few fish you can spot if you look carefully.

We all selected different drinks. M had the green beer! Lager infused with spirulina so you can think you are being healthy :) $7 during happy hour.

Gin and Tonic.

Strawberry frozen margarita! $15

Singapore - Jai Thai on Purvis Street revisited and over ordered.... :)

Another Friday, another Thai meal. Yum. And back we went to Purvis Street after drinks at Mr Punch and dropped in on Jai Thai. Be careful, they close early. We got there at close to 9pm and we were the last that were allowed in, people were turned away after us. 
We ordered a round of beers and then proceeded to order way too much food. We ordered some old favourites and some new ones. This first one was my absolute favourite! Awesome new find, will have it again. It's basil chicken with chilli and rice. Awesome!!! Loved it loved it loved it! Awesomely fiery and flavoursome. Mouth burningly hot with strong Thai flavours. I have seen it cooked separately, so the chicken with basil and chilli on top of plain rice, but here it was all stir fried together so the rice takes on the flavours. 

We ordered vegetable spring rolls (this is the small portion for $5) which are fine, prawn cakes ($2 each, min 2) and fish cakes (also $2 each, min two). The fish cakes are a bit disappointing and…

Singapore - Shop houses on Jalan Besar, Petain Road and Emerald Hill

From previous posts you may have gleaned that I love the shophouses in Singapore. I have explored Emerald Hill taking pictures of the super expensive shophouses there, I did a post on the Peranakan tiles I love and the embellishments of shophouses and I did a preview of this post also about a revisit to Emerald Hill plus exploring Jalan Besar and Petain Road in Little India. 
So, a month or so late, here is my post about the shophouses around Little India and Emerald Hill. 
Emerald Hill 

Bangkok, Thailand - Baan Glom Gig - Thai food

I was in Bangkok for work last month and before I went, multiple people had recommended Baan Glom Gig for dinner. And then it was coincidently booked for a work meal with our customers. 

So we let the local office people order and we ended up with a load of food, more than we could finish and we had a lovely night. My only complaint, which seems to be in most of the higher end Thai places in Bangkok, is that it wasn't very spicy. I still associate Thai food with heat.

This is the first of the starters, deep fried battered morning glory with a sauce that I didn't try as it seems very seafoody and / or meaty. I wasn't blown away by this to be fair, it was fine but I wouldn't rush back to it.

Fish cakes, I didn't try them of course :) But they were eaten up pretty quickly.

This was odd but I enjoyed it. Some kind of rice or crispy tofu cakes with satay sauce. Really tasty.

Seafood papaya salad

These were a win. Recommended by @asksirstamford before I went. Deboned ch…

Singapore - Mezza9 brunch - awesome champagne brunch at the Hyatt

Warning: this is going to be another long one! Location for champagne brunch this time was Mezza9 at the Hyatt hotel. There is a huuuuuuge choice there. Utterly insane! I think it was $138++ for the champagne brunch. They have a load of different options you can pick and choose from on their buffet.  There is a salad section including salmon and cold cuts, a seafood section, cheese section, a western part with roast meats, sides and foie gras plus Eggs Benedict, a Chinese section with dim sum, roasted meats, wok meals and fresh noodles made in house, and a large Japanese section with tempura, grilled yakatori, Japanese salads, sushi, sashimi, miso soup, jellyfish etc. And of course a super large dessert section and lots to drink :) And gin meringues!!! Yes you heard me, gin meringues!

We decided to go to Mezza9 because our friend Beiruti Brit (read her post here) finally had a Sunday off and fancied to go for a champagne brunch and G had just finished his mad period at work so we sta…

Singapore - Home Cooking - Lovely homecooked Middle Eastern mezze meal by BeirutiBrit

As you might be aware, I broke my foot. Yup. Stupid old me. I was getting into a cab and tripped on the curb the other morning when going to see my customer. I tripped, twisted my ankle and ended up with a broken bone. I would understand if it was my ankle, but it turns out it was the fifth metacarpal on my left foot. The doctor said I have strong leg muscles and when my ankle turned over, the muscles in my leg pulled back and broke my foot where it is attached. I am now on more or less bed rest for two weeks. I go for another xray in 2 weeks and hope that it has started healing enough to be able to get a boot that I can then walk in until it heals. I am losing my mind stuck at home, on the sofa as I can't get up the stairs.

The only thing keeping me sane so far is my friends and boyfriend. BeirutiBrit has been utterly amazing. She has brought me lunch two days when G was at work, and then came over on Monday to cook us a home made meal! So so so sweet. So I dedicate this post to …