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July - Black - #Worldcolours

Another end of the month, another World Colours post is due. This month was black which I struggled with to be honest as it isn't a colour I choose to photograph much. But here is what I could find:

Singapore - Home Cooking - Potluck dinner with friends

This was one of my last fun things I did before catching dengue and ending up in hospital! Luckily, it was a great evening with some lovely friends. My colleague M and his wife DT invited the gang over for dinner and we all brought something with us. In total this time 7 of us made it.

Most people seemed to be doing meat and G and I were uninspired by any kind of meat dish we would make so we decided to go down a different route and we made dips. On the left you have a version of pico de gallo, with addition of cucumbers because we had some already chopped :) So it is red onion, chilli, tomatoes, cucumber, lime and coriander amongst other things. On the right is tatziki - Greek yoghurt and cucumber. Went down well :) The pico de gallo was great with the other dishes, nice and refreshing.

And I made hummus as I generally do. Also went down very well and M says he polished it off the next day. I like to add toasted cumin to mine, some coriander seed also, and some cooked and some raw g…

Carcassone - beautiful medieval city

On the way home from dropping my sister off at the airport, we decided to stop at Carcassone as strangely, even though my family has lived close by for 8 years, I had never been to this fairytale like medieval walled city.  

Singapore - Brussels Sprouts at Big Splash after a bike ride on the East Coast Parkway

We went for our first bike ride in ages on the weekend. And after 40km up and down the East Coast, we were rather hungry. So before heading off home, we stopped at Brussels Sprouts at Big Splash as some of the gang was in dire need of a beer :) It was very very hot and water could only help us so much!  
Brussels Sprouts, also on Robertson Quay, is known for mussels and chips. And none of us actually had the mussels! G loves Steak tartare so he ordered it. It was ok he said but not great, he didn't understand why they would mayonnaise to the mix, on top of the egg as it was unnecessary and a bit off-putting. The chips / fries were good but G's were delivered cold unfortunately so whilst still ok, not as good. They called it a Filet Americain and it cost $24. 

This was K's gratinated crepe, yes, there is a pancake in there somewhere under that cheese :) With spinach and bacon, plus cheeses like ricotta and mascarpone. Called Crepe gratinee for $14.

M & I both fancied a…

Colombo - Galle Face Green - Sunset

When staying in the Galle Face Hotel we popped to the Galle Face Green next door to catch a lovely  sunset over the Indian Ocean like most of Colombo.

You can buy all sorts of toys to distract the kids.

Singapore - Bhutan Shop - Tiong Bahru - rather odd and customised dog sculptures....

We wandered further along Yong Siak Street and came across a sign to a shop called the Bhutan Shop pointing up some shophouse stairs. So we were curious and wandered up. And we came out of it rather confused. Very very confused.... it is a very odd place! Very very odd place. Worth a look for its oddness I guess. 

This is the ultimate in the oddness there. How very weird. Little mini dogs in a jar. Not only that, but you can get them made to order based on a picture of your own dog! I guess there are people who go for such things..... might be huge in the US... who knows. I find it a bit wacky. 

Singapore - Paradise Inn - Chinese food @ Changi Terminal 1

My best friend from Holland was over in Singapore for the day (we met at high school that first day of IB (international baccalaureate) when I was wearing a cap (he still remembers me with that Dallas Cowboys cap (chosen because of colour)) because I had made the mistake of assuming I didn't need to go to a hairdresser). Lesson learned..... when you have had blonde highlights on light brown hair... and have Irish genes (so some red in your hair) and the highlights have grown out.... and you have a bob so half your hair is brown and half is blonde.... it is not a great idea to just decide to make it all one colour by bleaching it. Seemed like a good idea, but it wasn't. Especially not the day before your first day at school in a new country on a different continent. Because what happens is the top half of your hair goes orange. Not just some kind of strawberry blonde. But bright bright orange! To the point of being called flaming / fluorescent orange! When you looked at it, it …

Hua Hin Beach - Thailand, lovely boats and colours

Singapore - Singleton dinner at Artichoke

I am finally a bit more mobile, and have an air cast (aka the ugly boot) rather than the cast where I wasn't allowed to put weight on it and needed 2 crutches. I now only really need 1 crutch and can put weight on my foot so am very happy. 
G was away so I went to a photography talk in the Singapore Art Museum. More about that another time. But it was soooo close to Artichoke that even though I was alone, I decided I just had to have my Middle Eastern food fix. So down the road I hobbled, and got a table for 4 all by myself. I normally hate eating alone in restaurants so this was a big deal for me, I really wanted some Artichoke! :)

Here is the menu, I stuck to the mezze (3 for 20$ or 7$ each). I am tempted to try the "Dirty Bird" next time. Chicken shwarma in lettuce wraps sounds interesting. 

I did feel the menu was telling me off as it says all dishes are meant for sharing but I was all alone... ;-)
I went for hummus as I really like theirs, with whole chickpeas and …

Singapore - Strangelets - Shop in Tiong Bahru - Great for gifts

You may have seen some of my other Tiong Bahru posts like the one about coffee at Forty Hands or Books Actually (awesome shop!) but we did a lot more when we wandered around (plus we have to go back, so many more places to explore!) One of the shops we wandered into was Strangelets, just a bit further up Yong Siak Street. It has a great random seeming mixture of items for sale and in my mind is a great place for looking for interesting gift ideas for friends and family.

They have a load of cards and other stationary items, I looooove them! I am not weird, I am unique. I am not sleeping, I am meditating. I am not late, you are early. I am not reckless, I am a risk taker. I am not a bum, I am an artist.