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Bangkok, Thailand - Random Soi 11 VW Camper Van Street Bar - Bangkok

This very well could be the highlight of our Thailand trip recently for me.... at least top 3 for sure! On the Friday night we headed out into town and down to Soi 11 of Sukhumvit road. We alighted from our taxi and sat down at a garden table with outdoor iron chairs next to a VW Camper Van parked by the side of the road.... as you do! ONE NIGHT IN BANGKOK!
Here is our bar for the evening:

Bali - Obsessed with the Bali prayer statues / mini temples and offerings

I, like many, became utterly obsessed with prayer offerings and temples in Bali. They are everywhere! And so pretty and colourful. They contribute to the spiritual aspect of Bali. Below is just a collection of the offerings of flowers, biscuits, cigarettes, sweets, burning incense and various other things that could be of use to the gods like coffee. I also have a collection of the mini-temples / statues that are dotted around the streets and even on roofs, with stone carvings, wearing skirts under parasols with varying decorations. And woven leaves to be hung.

Sorry for the sheer volume of pictures but I got utterly single minded about takes shots of these fascinating religious icons!

Bali - Sarong Restaurant - Amazing pan-Asian food

One of the recommendations received from a few people of the best restaurant in Seminyak was Sarong, a pan-Asian cuisine place in a lovely setting.

We started with cocktails whilst we waited for the last two people in our party. Cocktails were 100K (12$ but up to about 14$ when you include the taxes and service). I had a passionfruit blood orange daiquiri which was rather scrummy! :)

Hazelnut daiquiri, tastes strangely of cherries! L didn't like it but the rest thought it wasn't bad.

Bali - Potato Head Beach Club for good food and cocktails, Seminyak, Bali

We had all the best intentions to go visit Ubud or the lake temple further up north, but we were exhausted and gave up on those ideas quickly, and headed over, just the two of us, to Potato Head Beach Club. Our friend R had been told not to go by his friend, saying it was full of children jumping on top of you in the pool, with bad food. But our friends (N, J, P&K) all said we had to go. That we really had to go! So we headed on down and joined the queue.

We thought the food was rather good! So we don't agree with R's friend. Here is a collage, and I will describe in more detail afterwards.
And G's cocktails in collage form:
And a collage of my cocktails!

October - Pink - #Worldcolours

And some more pink pictures for World Colours! Last one, I promise :)

Singapore - Beirut Grill in Kampong Glam after cocktails at Maison Ikkoku then Blu Jaz

What else should you do after a hard week than have a girlie night with cocktails, nails and food? And shots... of course shots.... :)

Most of the boys weren't around, so us ladies met up for manicures and pedicures, then we decided we needed some very fancy cocktails. So over we headed to Maison Ikkoku and for dinner to Beirut Grill.

October - Pink - Skies - #Worldcolours

I love pink! So I tried and I tried to reduce my pictures down enough for just one post.... and failed. So I gave up and did a few different themed pink posts for this month's world colours :) This one is the sky one.

Saint Lucia

Bangkok, Thailand - Polo fried chicken - Isaan / eSan food in Soi Polo

When we went to Bangkok for work, we met up with some friends who work at the same company as us, took along some other friends from work and met up with my friend Beiruti Brit for drinks at Witches bar (near our office) and our local friends took us down to Soi Polo (the side street with the Polo Club off Wireless Road) and we had dinner at Polo Fried Chicken and left very very happy :) We liked it so much we went back later in the week! This post is a mixture of both visits. 

So what did we order at this restaurant which is mostly about Northeastern Thai food / from Isaan? Well, the namesake fried chicken (Gai Todht) of course, Larb Gai (my new favourite obsession), papaya salad (Som Tam), stir fried veggies, sticky rice, grilled pork, cattfish salad / fish floss, sausages, spicy soup, and all sorts of other yumminess. What was the damage? All included, with lots of beer, was about 450 baht the first time (20$ or so) and only 200 baht the second time, with less beer :) You can see t…

Bangkok, Thailand - Baan Khanitha - fancy Royal Thai by the riverside

When we went to Thailand recently for work, we had a team building activity and as part of it we went for dinner, 12 of us. We took the (free) river boat from the Skytrain to the Asiatique branch of Baan Khanitha, there are 4 in total in Bangkok. The Asiatique branch on Baan Khanitha is on the river so a very pleasant location.

The food is refined Thai, more the "royal" thai type of food. So not hugely spicy but with a lot of flavour.

Bangkok, Thailand - Cabbages & Condoms Home Delivery

We went to stay with friends in BKK and for lunch we ordered from Cabbage and Condoms, via the Food By Phone website - the full menu for Cabbages & Condoms is here . If you want a restaurant review of Cabbages & Condoms, check out my friend Beiruti Brit's review here. It explains the ethos of Cabbages & Condoms which is about promoting safe sex.

Here is the full amount that we had delivered!

So what did we get? Chicken sate, deep fried chicken and mushroom packages, beef salad and pork dumplings (Kanom Jeep Thai - Thai style dim sum). 

Singapore - Jim Thompson for a Thai brunch in Dempsey Hill

2 of our friends have birthdays close to each other so we headed over to Jim Thompson for a Thai themed brunch in Dempsey Hill. 
Dempsey is a nice green area of Singapore, on a hill obviously, with loads of places to eat and drink, and some shops. 
The brunch at Jim Thompson can be with or without freeflow prosecco (the standard brunch was I think $58++ with juices like mango or $88++ with freeflow prosecco and I assume other drinks, but I didn't venture off the prosecco!) It starts at 12 and I think we left around 3.30.

I was back from Thailand a week when we went, and I must admit I went in with low expectations having eaten so well in Thailand. But I am happy to say my expectations were largely exceeded! I was worried it would be bland and not spicy but I was pleasantly surprised. 

Singapore - The Little Prince Cafe - Lovely relaxing cafe on Somme Rd, Little India (CLOSED / MOVED)

We spent our Saturday lazing on the sofa, we really really needed to. Life has been crazy, busy, pressure at work, and the aftermath of my dengue is bringing me down. So after a fun night with friends on Friday, and last weekend in Bali, we needed to just chill out, just the two of us. We had our hibernation day and so decided to go for a wander and check out one of the new cafes opening up in the Little India / Jalan Besar area. City Nomads did a feature on some of them this week and we chose The Little Prince Cafe to try first, as I grew up in France where all kids learn to read with Le Petit Prince and Les Fables de la Fontaine.

Somme Road is close to our place, so we walked there and this place reminded us why we love our neighbourhood. So many new funky places are opening up but without losing the slightly chaotic (by Singapore standards) and grungy (again by Singapore standards) feel of Little India. Wandering around the area named after World War 1 and 2 amused the historian i…

October - Pink - Buildings - #Worldcolours

Second set of pink. The general theme is buildings but there are some other things I didn't know how to classify like mosaic, lights etc.

Bali - Motel Mexicola, Gorgeous Mexican Food in Seminyak, Bali, Indonesia

On our first night in Bali, we booked Motel Mexicola for dinner (yes it is a restaurant, not a place to stay ;) ) and I am super glad we did! Friends had highly recommended it and it lived up to expectations.

Singapore - Home Cooking - Stir fried kway teow noodles with loads of greens and mushrooms

I was home alone recently and decided to make a "what is in the fridge" meal :) This is what it ended up being. Stir fried kway teow noodles with various mushrooms, greens, onions, peppers, garlic, ginger, soy sauce and oyster sauce to name but a few things :) And topped off with some lime.

Here are some of the ingredients as I was getting them ready. U have pea shoots, kai lan, green chillies (the bigs ones), small hotter chillies, red onions, green peppers, shiitake mushrooms, oyster mushrooms and some garlic shoots, with ginger and garlic (lots of ginger) and some limes ready to be chopped up. 

October - Pink - Flowers and Plants - #Worldcolours

OK, I was supposed to just do one Pink post but I have faaaaaaar too much pink! Here is my first pink post for world colours, with loads of pretty flowers and plants!