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Singapore - Beirut Grill in Kampong Glam after cocktails at Maison Ikkoku then Blu Jaz

What else should you do after a hard week than have a girlie night with cocktails, nails and food? And shots... of course shots.... :)

Most of the boys weren't around, so us ladies met up for manicures and pedicures, then we decided we needed some very fancy cocktails. So over we headed to Maison Ikkoku and for dinner to Beirut Grill.

Maison Ikkoku

So lets start with the cocktails. Yummy cocktails. J started with a negroni style drink and it came with a pretty cool ice ball. 

This was DT's first drink, she wanted something with berries and she got it, and loved it!

My first drink was the Jalepeno Sour my dear other half had the first time we headed to Maison Ikkoku for cocktails. It isn't something you can down, and it isn't something you would say doesn't taste like it has alcohol in it either! It is good, but it does burn, and you have to sip it slowly :)

J's drink number two. Espresso martini. Nom Nom Nom Nom :)

And here they are making DT's second drink, it took a looooong time, it was faaaancy :)

What is it you wonder that takes so many squeezy bottles and such concentration?

A chocolate martini! Yes, a chocolate martini :) With a smily face on it.

It was insane and amazing. Very very good. Sweet but not overly, nice and chocolate tasting and just generally yummy. Recommended! Expensive (over 35$) but it tasted lovely.

And mine when I requested "citrus" and "berries" and this is what came. It was good, but not amazing I would say, probably my own fault for wanting to mix berries and citrus, blackberries and lemon is a bit weird but nice.

Beirut Grill 

And then we fancied Middle Eastern food so we headed over to Beirut Grill as a few people had recommended it. You can see the full menu at the end of the post but here are the dishes we ordered.

First of all we got a shared mezze platter which was lovely and vegetarian! What was on it? From the top (lets say 12) there were falafel which were full of flavour, crisp outside and soft inside, then you had the cheese stick things, then hummus which is always a favourite of mine. The hummus was fresh and creamy unlike some other places. Then next you have moutabal and baba ganoush. Both have the smokey aubergine paste in there, but it seems in Lebanon the baba ganoush is without tahini but with herbs and tomatoes, and the moutabal is then with the tahini. Both were lovely. And it was served with pita bread which was nice and soft.

The other girls shared the spicy sausage (lamb merguez)

And as a main I ordered a chicken shawarma roll which is served with chips. Very pleasant, not mind blowing but lovely. Chips were good too. Lots of tahini based sauce in there with salad veggies. I do love a chicken shawarma in a nice bread :)

The girls shared a lamb moussaka filled with cheese :)

Look at the cheese! Aubergine, lamb, tomato.... and cheese!

And they got it with a nice flavoured rice, I think maybe cooked in stock with spices, with crispy shallots on top to give it even more flavour.

And then we got messages from our friends. My mate K had an awful week so we felt like sharing the pain. He did set a ground rule that if they joined us, there would be shots. I must admit I was warned. And he delivered! But a word of warning, whilst the food is good at Beirut Grill, don't bother drinking there. Not much flavour, not very strong and my friend said her drink was really bad (the bellini below). The shots were 12 for 55$, vodka and lime, but mostly lime I would say.

My friend P really didn't like this one.

Then we headed over to Blu Jaz to finish off the night.

It really had been a hard week for all of us so K insisted on ordering more shots! I had just been joking that our friend who was with us who recently went through a break up should maybe drink tequila as it makes you happy and when I got back from the toilet

And K wasn't done there. We then somehow ended up with double vodkas. I am super glad I had the clarity of mind when I was designated as his drinking buddy to order some lime juice to cut the vodka. We then called it a night thankfully! Sometimes you just need to chill out and be silly with good friends to remain sane. Thanks to my friends :)

The full Beirut Grill menu and the drinks list for Red Carpet Club upstairs. 


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