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Hua Hin Night Market

When we were in Hua Hin for the weekend, we headed out on the hotel shuttle bus into the centre of town on the Saturday night to take a peak at the Hua Hin Night Market. I am glad we did, it is an explosion of colours and smells and sounds. 

Singapore - Coq & Balls - chilled bar in Tiong Bahru

We spotted that Coq and Balls was one of the free options on The Entertainer application  (1 for 1 main courses) so I looked it up and saw they have a Movember deal on at the moment. My other half is joining in with Movember this year and collecting a lot of money for a very good cause (please donate!)  and Coq and Balls is giving away a free beer a day to men who are joining in the fun. So since G is involved and my colleague M is also, after work on Friday we headed down to Tiong Bahru to get out Coq and Balls and score some well earned free beer for the boys. I can't wait for this month to be over ;-) But it is for charity so I am dealing with it and donating too.

Here is the free beer, well, some of it as he had drunk some by the time I remember to take a shot.

I went for the house pour wine, I think it is $14 a glass. Pretty decent Sauvignon Blanc to be fair.

Some shots of the bar, pretty chilled out place.

Bangkok, Thailand - Novotel Ploenchit Bangkok - Buffet Lunch

During our last work trip to Bangkok, we stayed at the Novotel Ploenchit and after our team building, we had lunch there. There is a huge choice of food at the buffet, a lot of which is pretty good!

Here are some of the things we ate, and you can see shots of the full buffet further down. You get the full buffet for 500 baht, so a bit over 25$ which is a great deal.

Singapore - Ricciotti - was craving pizza, this wasn't bad!

After lunch at Artichoke followed by a Wine Tasting at Raffles House in Fort Canning and a drink at O Batignolles, we needed food. We were looking for Folks Collective as I was told by my dear friend that I had to ;-) But whilst looking for it in China Square Central, we spotted Ricciotti which had been recommended when I was looking for Pizza in Singapore and when I said that, we both suddenly craved carbs and were dying for pizza! So we wandered over there, forgot about Thai food (that will have to be another day!)

We got there, G did his quick validation of the menu for crimes against Italian food, Ricciotti passed so we sat ourselves down. I was starving, utterly starving. So we ordered a starter of focaccia with sun-dried tomatoes but I was a bit disappointed with the bread, it was a bit dense and dry, and I didn't think there was enough sun-dried tomatoes in it. But I was hungry so it disappeared. It's only $2.50 so it isn't a problem.

G went for the Prosciutto Cott…

Singapore - Wine Family - great offers for wine delivery this week

Hi all. As you might remember, I went to the Wine Family wine tasting this weekend. I just got an email you might be interested in, as it extends discounts to everyone on some of the wines and sums up some of the other wines tasted! We really loved some of these wines and hope you will too. Check out for more details and purchasing the wine.

Dear Winelovers,

Once again, to those who made the WineFamily Gathering - thank you. I hope those delicious wines are still very fresh in your memory!

As promised here's a full round up and reminder of what you tried, along with some special promotions we have arranged to be extended to get you the best value.

Singapore - More meal options at Changi Airport - Terminal 3

So I have posted about eating at the staff canteen in terminal 2 of Changi airport before and this time I went to Terminal 3 down to the basement to try the food court there. There is a huge array of choice so give it a go! I went to the Indian stall (surprise surprise right?) and ordered chapati set meal for 3.50$ which had a veggie curry, dal and 2 chapati and was very nice.

Colleagues got some pakora which is good value at 2$ for a huge amount. They had been eating a while before I remembered to take a pic. Various other people were there but from my customer so I felt bad taking pictures of their food but we had people with tom yam noodle soup, others with Korean tofu noodle soup and so forth.

For lunch we went to Ananda Bhavan which is in terminal 2 on the 3rd floor above departures. One collegue got the Southern India thali for around 7$ and was very satisfied.

Singapore - The Entertainer Application comes to Singapore - loads of 1 for 1 offers

I am super excited for next year, I am going to be exploring Singapore a lot! I signed up for The Entertainer. I saw it on a blog and downloaded the application onto my phone and saw it had loads of different free offers valid for the rest of this year, such as Coq and Balls where we went recently. There are promotions for yoga, for main meals (1 for 1), for tapas and so forth. The general idea is you buy one, get one free, so one of us having it in our couple is enough. We decided that we liked the idea and bought the full application when we saw we could make our money back at Bergs Burger, or by just having one prosecco brunch at Sensos as the mobile version of The Entertainer costs $57. There are a lot of offers for places we have been and like, and loads more for ones we don't know yet but look forward to trying. They range from yoga classes and climbing classes, to a Tiger brewery tour and nights in fancy hotels abroad.

Should be fun!

For more info, check out the website:


November - Turquoise - #worldcolours

Turquoise is the colour for the month of November. I love love love turquoise so I am happy it's November :) 
Boats in Thailand, here Koh Lipe

Hua Hin boats, Thailand

Masks in Venice, Italy

Another Thai Boat, the water is amazing in Koh Lipe. 

Beach in the South of France, another place where the water is an amazing colour. This is in Nice. 

Singapore - Wine Family - Wine tasting in Fort Canning Park for a website opening

A friend just started work at a PR company and one of their customers just started a new website for buying wine called Wine Family -
They had their launch event and our friend recommended we go so we bought tickets (good value at $18 plus booking fees for a total of just under $20) for the event planned from 1200 to 1800 at Raffles House in Fort Canning Park. I had never been so wandering through the park was quite lovely. We made sure we showed up before 1500 (well just before) because they started give ways at 3pm :) But we didn't win *sigh*. 
Here is the page that explains what Wine Family is about:
Basically they want to allow wine producers to easily and quickly set up an online market place (like Amazon and Etsy) and sell directly to end consumers, and enable some social selling for customers with places to interact with the producers and other consumers on the website. We chatted with the founder and it…

Singapore - Marutama Ra-men - chicken broth noodles at Liang Court

We had a girls night out planned, but some of us went out the night before.... and were feeling a bit sensitive. We met at Liang Court, which I didn't know, but is basically Little Japan. There are loads of different Japanese food options there and we headed into Marutama Ra-men as noodles would probably help us and they used chicken broth so I was happy!

Getting there was a bit complicated as whilst I was on the MRT to Clarke Quay, hoping to walk over, the heavens opened! So I made it as close as I could, but had to head back (was wearing suede shoes, bad move!) as I was going to get soaked. I could make it to Central under cover and one of my friends kindly deviated the taxi to come pick me up.

Singapore - Thai Smile Cafe - Boat Quay

Another weekend, another Thai meal. Friends speak highly of Thai Smiles so after Wine Fiesta we headed on down there. It was pretty good, I would probably choose Jai Thai though which is cheaper and more to my taste (strong flavours).

Singapore - Piedra Negra for Friday chilling in Kampong Glam and Mexican Food

Friday night is for chilling out right? I met up with my lovely friend P and we decided to head down to Piedra Negra for a glass of wine and some food.

If you can't find it, wander down Haji Lane towards Beach Road and there are two different parts to it. Look for the paintings on the walls of the guys with Bluetooth ear pieces ;-)

We decided to sit outside, and were given a table for two by the wall on the other side of the street which allowed us to see all the activity down Haji Lane, and active it is on a Friday!

Singapore - Straits Kitchen @ Grand Hyatt - hawker food collected in a hotel :)

Let me apologise in advance for the photos.... but we should be happy there are any photos at all! I had planned on making this a pretty post, using my favourite awesome SLR, because the difference is huge when I take pictures with my iPhone vs my Nikon. But I arrived, started taking a few shots of the table before our friends made it to Straits Kitchen and was informed by the wait staff that pictures weren't allowed, especially of the furniture, unless people are in them. I really don't understand that to be fair. This is Singapore, where taking a picture of food is equivalent to saying grace in other places. So seriously? Why wouldn't you let people take pictures? And at the end of the day, we are paying for the food so why should you stop us and most often the pictures provide you with free advertising through blogs, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. You annoy people by saying they can't take photos and make them less likely to recommend you. Any way, enough ranting …

Singapore - Artistry - does liking it make me an official hipster?

G was away for work so one Saturday morning I went to yoga and then needed something to eat after exhausting myself! I turned to Tripadvisor and found out that Artistry was close by so I headed across North Bridge road down the side of the stretch with all the murtabak places like Zam Zam towards Victoria Street, Artistry is on the corner of Jalan Pinang and Victoria Street.

It was quite busy, there were no more seats available outside so I headed in and fared no better there either! I saw a guy on his own on a sofa and asked if he minded if I shared it with him. Luckily he agreed and advised he was leaving soon any way. I left all my bags (I am such a bag lady when I am going to yoga) and headed over to the counter to order, joined the queue and checked out the coffee menu on the wall and the food menu (on paper - at the end of this post also).

I didn't go too adventurous and stuck with an espresso. It was really rather good! Not bitter, nice rounded flavour and sweet enough with…

Bali - Awesome Cocktails next to the beach @ Ku De Ta - Seminyak Bali

Our friend R with were in Bali with and our friends back home were all recommending we head to Ku De Ta for drinks by the beach in Seminyak.

Round 1 Round 2
Round 3

Singapore - Wandering home past the Old Malay Cemetery / Muslin Cemetery in Kampong Glam through Little India

I decided to walk home from yoga and this brought me past something that fascinates me, the Malay Cemetery on Victoria Street. I now really want to go wander between the graves but have that paranoia coming from a Catholic background that I would be walking right above dead people! And that strangely freaks me out a bit.

But the cemetery itself is gorgeous, it is so old, and the tombstones so gorgeously shaped and so different to what we are used to in Christian-majority countries. They remind me of chess pieces dotted around a field, almost looking random, some leaning over close to falling over. I googled it and it seems that this might be the oldest Malay / Islamic cemetery in Singapore, dating back to the 1800s.

I really now want to head back and take my proper camera and capture some of the beauty, I think it could look amazing in black and white. So stay posted, I may get around to that at some point! In the mean time I leave you with some of my iPhone captures. Update: added s…

Singapore - Home Cooking - Thai Basil Chicken, Kai Lan and chilli sauce thing :)

We decided to have a quiet Friday at home, as the full weekends out were taking their toll, and we fancied a bike ride the next morning. Plus we had the Swissotel Chefs With Altitude opening party the next day so thought we should rest up to be fresh for that.

It was my turn to cook and when in Sheng Siong we discovered Thai Basil (it was labeled in Malay so we had no idea what it was but that smell was unmistakable) and so I decided to do a Thai meal. The week was long, so I decided on something quick, and I had pasta the night before so I wanted it to be pretty healthy.

We decided on Thai Chicken Basil stir fry with baby kai lan with oyster sauce and garlic. NOM NOM NOM.

Bali - Sate Bali Cooking Class, Seminyak, Bali

On our last day in Bali we followed a friend's advice and signed up for a cooking class at Sate Bali with one of our friends. And we were really happy we did! It was awesome :) The class was great and the food was lovely, but so much food! Far too much for us to eat, even though there were 7 of us there. The class is run by Nyoman Sudiyasa, the executive chef who also used to work in fancy hotels before heading over to Sate Bali.

Here is my usual collage:

And a plate full of my food :) I didn't even manage to finish this!

Singapore - Swissotel Stamford - Chefs With Altitude 2013 Opening Party

So what did we do this weekend? Well we were invited to the opening party for Chefs With Altitude organised by the Swissotel in Singapore. It was due to take place on the helipad on the roof, but weather decided to be Singapore weather and we ended up in the New Asia Bar instead which is fun also! Atas-squared is our summary ;) For more info, check out the following site for Chefs with Altitude 2013

Here are my usual collages of the canap├ęs we got to devour all night :)