Singapore - Tanuki Raw Bar - Martinis & Oysters = A Very Happy Hour on Orchard

After a long busy week, I wanted to head home and have an early quiet sober night on the Friday evening. I have recently started doing yoga with a friend from work at a place on Arab Street and I planned to head to yoga on Saturday morning and wanted to be fresh for it. So when my friends were enticing me with wine tastings at Merchants on Duxton Road, I fought hard to stay strong as I knew they were meeting around 7.30/8pm and I would be home super late again, like the week before. But when another friend from work suggested a quick Friday martini and said I would be done by 8, I couldn't resist and we jumped on a bus to Orchard to go to Tanukis and meet up with his wife. We didn't keep to the 8pm schedule but I was home by 10.30pm so not so bad after all!

So why Tanuki bar? Well my friend has made it into his Friday thing and they have $10 martinis for Happy hour. What isn't to like? And they love the $2 oysters also during happy hour.

Returned a few months later and updated with new food and drinks and pictures :)

First round of cocktails:

Here is my cosmopolitan

DT's lychee martini

And M's long name order one with twists and extra dry and stuff, I think it was vodka extra dry with a twist but would need to consult :)

Then the others stuck with their martinis and I tried an apple martini. I asked for it to be dry as the Cosmo was a bit sweet and it was lovely. Just the right amount of sourness. 

We ordered some snacks - Salmon Sashimi for 5$

Oysters at $2 each, the guys ordered 2 * 6 and loved them :) Nice and fresh apparently, not that I would eat them.

We got free crispy salmon skin as I checked in on Foursquare and you get a gift for that. Just show it to the staff.

And this constituted my dinner pretty much that night! Edamame, nice as usual, with a bit of salt. $4

Some extra orders from our next visit:

Hot chicks, chicken yakatori - 12$. I found the chicken not cooked enough but that might just be me and being squeamish. 

The sauces weren't bad. 

Truffle fries - $8. Pretty good, not quite as crisp as I would have liked, which made them a bit oily, but still nice.

Some more drinks. A dirty martini here.

A full table :) We found out they changed their rules, the salmon sashimi isn't on special during happy hour, only the oysters, and the salmon is on special after 8, then after 8 they also have one of their special cocktails on special at half price!

Here is the bill for three of us. All in all not bad for 4 martinis each and some food! I will be back :)

Updated March 14 with a few more cocktail shots. 

First time trying the Black Forest Martini which was half price after happy hour and strangely nice!

Dry Gin martini with olives (dirty).

Dry Gin Martini with a twist.

All the Tanuki Bar menus! Including the Happiest Hours @ Taniki Bar. Drop me a comment below or an email at to let me know what you think is the best happy hour deal in Singapore and I can check them out and report back!

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