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Top 10 most viewed posts on Living in Sin in 2013

Last day of 2013, I thought I would share the most viewed posts on my blog during 2013. Lots of food quite logically ;-)

10) Koh Nangkam Southern Thai Restaurant - A couple of visits. Number 1 and Number 2 

9) Makansutra's Glutton Bay for a collection of Singaporean Hawker Food

8) What does 75$ buy you in Sheng Siong

7) Old Airport Road Food Centre

6) Eating at Changi Airport the local way. Terminal 2 got all the hits but I have since also posted about Terminal 3 and Terminal 1 will come next year as I recently located it.

5) Singapore Zam Zam for awesome murtabak and biryani

4) MTR - Mavalli Tiffin Room

3) Tips for new expats in Singapore or planning on coming

2)  Divine Wine Bar - the wine fairies are very popular!

1) Indian food recommendations in Singapore - you all know I love Indian food and it seems I am not the only one based on this being my top viewed post of the year

Wishing you all the best in 2014!

December - Grey - #Worldcolours

I meant to trim this down during the Christmas holidays but ran out of time due to wedding planning, cooking etc. Sorry! But you can see the castle where we will have our wedding party in the French section below :) For all previous posts for World Colours, check out my World Colours page


Most popular Instagram photos of the year....

Funny.... Food, Food, Food, Food, Cat! Long live the internet! :)

If you are on a mobile and can't play the video, try this link for it on Instagram

5. The making of courgette and cherry tomato pasta inspired by Osteria da Fortunata

4. A roast dinner with roast chicken, rosemary potatoes and snow peas (haven't published this one but here is a similar roast chicken!)

3. The result of the courgette and cherry tomato pasta, gosh you guys like pasta

2. Pea pasta from Jaan, pasta is really king on Instagram

1. Cat from the Largo Torre Argentina stray cat sanctuary

For more, visit my Instragram profile @dmc1982Nice

Singapore - Lunch and Breakfast at my customer's Indian Stall

The Indian Stall at my customer's office

I spend a lot of time in my customers' offices and in both of their main two offices I go to, they have hawker style canteens. So I often eat breakfast and or lunch there depending on the timings of my meetings. And most of the time I go to the Indian stalls where I now know everyone and am called dear :)
 I thought I would share some examples of the dishes as I eat there so often and do most often enjoy it, more than some of the food at their more "fancy" restaurant they have close by. They have lots of different options, plain rice, fancy rices like lemon rice, chapati, dosai, curries and veggies. Some have even inspired me to try and recreate them at home. They do veg and non veg and even strangely have chicken nuggets on offer, not that I have ever bothered. They do whole fish, mutton curry, chicken curry, squid and all sorts of others. 
This was spinach dal, plain dal, spicy potatoes and gorgeous aubergine curry, with ric…

L'Autre Salon de The - Toulouse - fun for lunch or tea

After I secured my wedding dress (yay! princess for the day!) we went for lunch at my Mum and brother's favourite lunch spot in Toulouse. The owner was not really on best form but was hilariously entertaining nonetheless. He had a bit of a public breakdown about being dumped by text message at 1am and went into a huge rant about desserts, other shops and how awful they were, and not ordering things only available on the weekend if you don't want to be insulted. Added some colour!

Here is my usual collage of what we had for our lunch, click on for the full review of "L'Autre Salon de The" in Toulouse.

Florence, Italy - Le Volpi e l'Uva - wine bar - went twice :)

Another place we really liked in Florence was Le Volpi e l'Uva, the Wolves and the Grapes. We liked it so much we went twice! It is a little wine bar across the Ponte Vecchio, that also sells the wine they serve. We were super tempted to BUY ALL THE WINE! :)

Here is the wine menu up on the wall. So many yummy Italian wine choices! And a bit of French. 

What did we have? Amongst others we tried the Vermentino, the Semillon Sauvignon, the Verdicchio and the Fiano. 
I really enjoyed this Petreto wine on the left, really yummy. 

France - Home Cooking - Homecooking in France #1

This post is a mixture of pictures from the summer when I stayed at home after I came out from hospital (the dengue days) and from this Christmas. Just a fun change from my usual Singapore home cooking, different ingredients and tastes at my family home. 
This here is the prep for a BBQ. We boil potatoes, slice them, toss them in olive oil, garlic, lemon juice, salt and pepper. 

We then grill them on the BBQ until they get lovely and crisp. Yummy. 

We do something similar with summer Mediterranean vegetables, but without boiling them first! Olive oil, garlic, salt and pepper and sometimes some lemon juice, marinate them for a while, with fresh herbs like rosemary, thyme or basil if you fancy. Then plonk them on to the BBQ until they get nice and grilled.

We recreated our famous "best chicken ever" that we made for a previous BBQ with friends. Blitz up some lemongrass, ginger, garlic, kaffir lime and lime leaves, fish sauce, soy sauce etc, and some chilli and marinate the ch…

Colombo - Sunsetting at the Galle Face Hotel, Old Charm in Colombo

As you may know, we love the Galle Face Hotel. Sunsetting was created at the Galle Face, it is awesome to just chill out on the side of the water, watching the sun set with a drink. Heavenly!
Can't go past the Three Coins beer, we really like it!

Do you know it? Try it if you head to Sri Lanka.

You always see loads of crows at the Galle Face, there is a dedicated staff member to chase them away with a slingshot.

You get a lovely view over the Indian Ocean.

Singapore - Istanbul's Grill & Cafe / Restaurant in Kampong Glam - Bussorah Street

As you might know if you follow this blog, I have started doing yoga near my office. I quite often go at lunchtime and so need to grab something quickly and head back to work. And I sometimes go after work and head over for dinner. As my yoga studio is on Arab Street, I tend to eat in Kampong Glam a lot of the time. Here are some pictures from various visits to Istanbul Restaurant on Bussorah Street. The menu is mostly Turkish food with some random Western food at the back of the menu! I haven't tried any of the pizza but I suspect it might actually be ok as their bread is freshly baked every day and very good! But I just can't bring myself to try the pizza yet, maybe some other time when I feel more adventurous.

Singapore - Christmas Potluck Lunch in the office

We now have a Christmas office tradition as we have done this twice now! We have a lunch where everyone brings something and we do a Secret Santa gift swap. Below is what we did this year, we had a great time! Thanks to P for organising everything.

Some people cook (or their better halves do ;-) ) and others bring things in. These were cheese puffs made by a French colleague.

Chicken karage (not home made)

Curry puffs

Spring rolls

Singapore - The Prime Society - Work Christmas do

So we had our work do recently, the end of year / Christmas celebration and it took place at The Prime Society in Dempsey Hill, a place I hadn't heard of so I looked it up and it seems to be specialised in steak which didn't bode well for me. However I asked our HR and they said they could sort out a vegetarian option for me which was reassuring. 
We got there and were greater by prosecco which was a nice touch. That and a lucky dip number, a Swarovski pen / stylus and a piece of paper with either Rudolph or Santa on it which determined your table. For the record, I had a red nose. 
The first item to arrive that I could eat was an onion tart with tomato (I removed the cream). There was also steamed fish and scallops canap├ęs being brought around. 

They had garlic butter and sea salt on the table.

To go with your wheat bread.

This was the starter for most people, with on the left crystal prawns with fresh ricotta tortellini and miso butter. In the middle is a tuna tartare with …

Singapore - Changi Airport Christmas Decorations 2013

I flew home via the best airport in the world which of course is Changi Airport in Singapore. Christmas in the tropics is still very odd to me! On the way in I took a couple of shots of the lights outside from the taxi but they are a bit fuzzy, sorry for that. You can just about make out the Christmas trees and the red reindeers.

Inside for some reason there was a lit up horse made out of food and a huge green one made out of some kind of plant. Very odd! No idea what it was about.

Singapore - Loof bar again, with the view this time and more food!

Another visit to Loof, we have been there a few times now and it is a nice place to chill out.

View over towards Jubilee Hall and Raffles.

Part of the roof top area.

Singapore - Folks Collective, Thai food in Chinatown

My friend N from has been insisting I go try Folks Collective. I tried the other night but got distracted by Ricciotti. So next time we were down by China Square, we thought we had to find it this time. We did eventually find it, just up the road from Ricciotti and sat ourselves outside.

Singapore - Merchants Wine Cellar but for food this time

Merchants Wine Cellar and Bar - with food this time not just wine! A group of us celebrated a friend's birthday by drinks and dinner at our new favourite Merchants. We had been before but just for afternoon drinks and decided to try their food menu.  
We ordered chicken wings:

Fish tacos, including an inside shot!

This salad was very nice, simple but fresh and full of vegetables, very healthy! Chickpeas, tomatoes, avocado, red onions and lettuce. 

Singapore - Orchard Road Christmas Lights 2013

Check out last year's lights here.

I like the blur!