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Singapore - Chinese New Year - Some more pictures of Chinatown - Happy New Year! May the Horse be with you ;)

OK, I stole the "May the Horse be with you" joke from a friend but it make me smile :) Today is the first day of Chinese / Lunar New Year and the day Singapore shuts down. So guys, plan ahead when it comes to Chinese New Year and do all your shopping in advance, enough to last a few days. Sheng Siong is closed for the whole period, selected Fair Prices are open, but Cold Storage is open and we had to go there... *shudder* - the prices are horrible! We remembered too late that Mustafa would of course be open, we were on our way there already and so we just bought enough for one night and will head to Mustafa soon. It also seems that the fruit and veg guys shut down for a long time so by the end of the period the stuff may not be so fresh.

Anyhow, that was a random aside. Here are some pictures of Chinatown from yesterday. It was sooooo busy! And full of food stalls and lucky charm stalls and so on. Soooooo busy. But I am fascinated by all the symbols, the traditions, what is …

Singapore - Lime at Park Royal Pickering for Sunday Champagne Brunch

I have taken way too long to get around to this! But at least you saw Beiruti Brit's review of Lime at Pickering Champagne Brunch.  She was staying with us for the weekend and we were feeling a little worse for the wear after a heavy night out the night before! We had started at Merchants and finished at Praelum, quite late!

We arrived and just wandered in through what is rather a cool hotel, see some shots further down and just started taking pictures in a bit of a daze before everyone ruined the pretty food! The food was amazing by the way, super high quality.

The Lime space is lovely, nice and open and light and I love the colour scheme.

Food!!! Here is the roast meat section where you have roast chicken, roast lamb...

France - Home Cooking - Our Christmas dinner 2013

Another year, another Christmas dinner right? And ours is always great ;-) We all can cook, will cook, and like to cook. And Christmas dinner is the biggest meal of the year right? Especially with a Christmas-loving Mum.

I told you Mum loves Christmas? Look, we even have Christmas specific mats, both in the kitchen for dinner and in the "good room". Different ones! And Christmas plates! Here are our normal mats:

And we have to have pink champagne! My brother and I cheers-ing.

Singapore - Lunches in Kampong Glam after yoga

Various lunches from up and down Bussorah Street after yoga as we need to grab something quick before heading back to the office with our takeaway lunch. 
This is from Deli Moroccan on Bussorah Street. 
This is the hummus they provide for I think 5.50$. I like it, the texture is nice and smooth but I do find the garlic a bit overwhelming and I feel paranoid all afternoon afterwards that I stink! 

The falafel has a nice flavour but is a tad dry, but I like it so still order it occasionally, I just make sure to order it with a dip like the hummus so it is moister. 

I really really like their baba ganoush (smokey aubergine with tahini) so order it a lot. I think it is around 7$ but not 100% sure. I order it with the pita, though it is not freshly baked like across the road at Istanbul restaurant.

Singapore - Home Cooking - Pasta dishes

PASTA!!! Love pasta :) It might be G's favourite food, it sure is on his list of things he can't live without or go too long without. Here are a few different pasta dishes we have made recently, all super simple but yummy :)

Yummy courgettes and cherry tomatoes with fusilli pasta and olive oil as the sauce, with some salt and pepper - awesome.

G bought some peas (I say some, I mean 2 kilos) at Tekka mart so we wanted to make one of our old favourites, pea and mushroom pasta. However, Sheng Siong, didn't have any European mushrooms, no button mushrooms or anything like that, so we had to improvise and find the least strong tasting Asian mushrooms (shiitake would not have been a great idea, though I have seen western dishes with them here in Singapore, even on pizza but I am not convinced). 

Here is the result, again an olive oil based pasta, with fresh peas and mushrooms and lashings of black pepper.

Singapore - Foodpanda takes online payment - Yay! Another Khansama delivery and 10$ vouchers for Foodpanda

IIf you haven't been using Foodpanda then now is the time to start. We have by the way... you might have noticed based on this blog. And now we probably will be even more as they can process credit card payments online! That was one of the only things that made us get off our backsides when we were feeling lazy, the fact we had no cash so couldn't order our favourite North Indian food off Foodpanda. But no worries, Khansama can now show up at your door in under an hour and be already paid for :) To see if you are eligible for delivery from Khansama, head over to and enter your post code, then filter by Indian food and see if Khansama shows up :) Khansama is the green one down the bottom.

Depending on the time of day, it could be closed but you can still view the menu and even pre-order even if it is closed. Check out the reviews, that is how I have been picking new places to order from on Foodpanda.

So no excuses, check it out! Head down to the end of this pos…

Singapore - Napolizz Pizza Delivery via FoodPanda - not bad actually - post contains 10$ Foodpanda voucher

It is very hard to judge delivered pizza as I have it infrequently as the pizza quality just doesn't stand up when it isn't eaten fresh out of the oven. But it was New Year's day and we were starving and needed food but were lazy. So we decided to order pizza from a relatively new place called Napolizz (but don't get confused, they don't do Neapolitan style pizza, it is a thin crust). We chose it as the famous iEatiShootiPost man said he liked it. So onto FoodPanda we went (I am close to a discount based on number of Food Panda orders, most of which are Khansama ;-)) and we ordered 3 pizzas as we have a friend staying. They came within an hour which was good. Check out their Foodpanda page here - Napolizz pizza delivery.

I quite like their box :)

This is my pizza - an Ortolana for 19$. Loads of veggies, all tasting rather fresh. Aubergine, artichoke, onions, peppers, spinach. Nice! I wasn't blown away by the base but it was good enough for a take away and as I …

Project World Colours - Kicking off 2014 with "Rainbow"

I used my previous World Colours post to look back over 2013 with the colours of the rainbow. Now I shall properly do my first post of 2014 with all the colours of the rainbow in the same picture (well, most of them!).

Update: I won the post of the month for this one - woohoo! Thanks Project World Colours :)

Dried fruit jelly things at Nice Market (Marche des Fleurs)

A rainbow of coloured flowers in garlic...

Just outside the market in Nice, on the Prom.

Part of a temple in Thailand

Project World Colours - Rainbow - An Alternative take to look back at 2013

Project World Colours is back, with a slightly new format and a new website. Go check it out here The new plans for Project World Colours are explained also. Everyone can participate. Ideally you should have a blog for it, but you can also get creative and use Pinterest for example as someone did last year.

I thought I would look back over the 2013 World Colours project and use that to kick off the rainbow theme, picking my favourite from each of the colours of the rainbow from 2013. I may be pushing it slightly but I am interpreting blue to be turquoise and indigo to be blue :) I will still however follow the rules and do a rainbow post soon :)

My favourite of my introduction post was this rainbow room with stained glass windows in India.

Keep reading to see my favourite post (or one of them, had a hard time picking!) for each month.

France - Home Cooking - Christmas home cooked lunch: Butternut Squash Soup

I haven't had any home made food posts for a bit, so I thought I would kick off with the lunch I made for my family on Christmas day. We don't do the full Christmas lunch, we keep the traditional meal for dinner, as we tend to sleep in, open presents, have a simple lunch and get cooking after lunch so we can have champagne around 6 or 7 and eat afterwards! I thought I would prepare it the night before and make soup, which I had also made the year before and Mum requested it again :)

So what is that soup? Butternut squash of course. Lovely winter soup. Creamily smooth without dairy, and when you make it with vegetable stock it becomes vegan and suitable for my whole family.

So how does it come together?

Singapore - Chinatown - Year of the Horse on the way

2014 is already upon on, but in countries with large ethnic Chinese populations the main event is Chinese New Year which is coming up soon. The year of the Horse starts on Friday January 31st this year and Chinatown in Singapore is already gearing up for the celebration, with horses popping up all over the place. Here are the pictures from last year's Chinese New Year in Singapore's Chinatown.

Here is the first one I spotted, all the way down the end, you can just about see an orange pair of legs!

Bad picture, but you can see that all the way down South Bridge Road there are loads of flying horses.

They fly past shop houses. 

And past mosques.

And temples!

What are your plans for Chinese New Year? 

Favourite dishes of 2013 - yummiest things I had to eat

I did my review of favourite restaurants for 2013 but realised that these are mostly restaurants where the quality is high, the food is consistent and you can safely enjoy them, but they weren't necessarily always the places with the best individual items on their menus. So I tried to sum up my favourite items from 2013. Don't worry, I started with pizza but that isn't all there is!


- Pizza so good it may be decided to be the best pizza ever - Bufala at Remo. Just a plain buffalo mozzarella pizza with a thin crust (Roman style) but so full of flavour, amazing.

- Pizza so good I had it twice - Rosa Rossa. This pizza was more towards the Neapolitan style but not quick as thick and chewy but the buffalo mozzarella cheese was creamy and slightly salty, combined with sweet summer tomatoes and topped with lovely cherry tomatoes and a basil sauce. Loved loved loved it. Twice. :)

- Pizza so good I went for seconds of the same one - Cherry tomato at Pizzarium as well as their …

My top picks for 2013 - Food food food!

Happy New Year everyone! Hope 2014 will be amazing for you and your loved ones. What better way to look back at 2013 than via my favourite restaurants? :) Take a look below for the restaurants we love and visit frequently, or only have been to once but can't wait to try it again!

Update: Now also did my favourite dishes of 2013 - some overlaps but not all! Check it out :)

In Singapore

- Hawker - going to have to cheat... Indian: Hawker on Verdun / Kitchener, Overall: Old Airport Road has to be given the win with an Honorable Mention for Whampoa our local hawker. And for cheap food at Changi Airport is always appreciated, Terminal 2 or Terminal 3.

- Breakfast - Murugans Idli Shop.... yummy! have the namesake idli or a dosai