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Colombo - Pagoda Tea Rooms for lunch

If you are looking for a quick lunch in Colombo for not much money, head over to Pagoda Tea room. 6 of us had lunch with soft drinks for a total of less than 20$ which is pretty good! Rupees to Sing dollars is luckily rather easy, 100 rupees to the dollar more or less.

What did we have? Some decided to go for the lampreis which apparently comes from the Dutch "lomp reis" which is ugly/coarse rice. It is rice and spices and veggies / meat cooked in a leaf. A bit like a Sri Lankan biryani.

It comes served in the leaf.

And you open it up for scrumptiousness. This one was chicken, with some aubergine. I didn't have it but ended up polishing off my neighbour's!

I went for the rice and curry, vegetarian version (you can also go for meat versions or fish). Dhal, carrot pickle, bean curries and something I don't know! Plus chilli and fried little fish and papadom.

Here is the menu, my other half said to avoid the Chicken mongolian which is apparently a bad fried rice. T…

Colombo - Gallery Cafe revisited, at Paradise Road and just as yummy as ever!

A previous visit to Colombo had also brought us to Gallery Cafe. We loved it, G went back on subsequent trips and this was my first trip back there with him so we just had to go back! We took our friend J alone with us and headed on down in a tuktuk after partaking of a few glasses of wine in the Hilton Hotel club lounge as J had access and kindly invited me along.

The Gallery Cafe on Paradise Road was as yummy as ever. Yum yum yum lovely. Here is my usual collage of the yumminess. 

Colombo - Breakfast buffet at Hilton Colombo - Spices Restaurant

One of the only places I won't skip breakfast is in Sri Lanka. I looooooooove Sri Lankan breakfasts! I often end up skipping lunch because I am just so full. Can't complain, so yummy.

I especially love all the sambals. They elevate the most simple dishes to an entirely new level. This plate here is probably a collection of everything I love about Sri Lanka in the morning. Hoppers (my other half has them with egg in the middle) which are lovely and crisp around the top but thicker and softer in the middle and great for scooping up other items, dal (Sri Lankan style is with coconut), potato curry (again coconut based) and then we hit the sambals. Seena sambal is the darkest one, caramelised onions. There is a coconut and chilli / onion one - pol sambal. And then my favourite which perks up just about anything, luminiris or katta sambal. It is hot because of chilli, salty because of Maldive fish, and acidic / citrusy due to lime. Awesome awesome stuff. Cuts through the sweetness …

Singapore - Cicheti on Kandahar Street for awesome Italian food - I have found my Singapore Pizza place!

I was sooooo excited before going! I have been dying for proper Italian pizza, especially a Neapolitan one.... and Singfoodie recommended this place as one of her new favourites. I checked out the menu and spotted that they also have a salt chocolate lava cake and I was sold. I tried to book and they were full, they offered a spot the next day, and I jumped on it even if it was outside so we wouldn't see the full decor but worth it as it is for the food right!

You may know I have been on a quest for a decent pizza since I got here. I received all sorts of Singapore pizza recommendations. But so far, of those I have tried, none quite hit the spot. Until now! Let me just tell you that I alternated between grinning and giggling. That should tell you all you need to know! It is sooooooooo good. Read on for more detail.... (Updated in January and February with new visits and then with more posts later in the year! More Cicheti visitsCicheti again)

Singapore - Koh Nangkam Southern Thai revisited in their new location of Jalan Kledek

You may remember I have already posted about the lovely find that is Koh Nangkam, a Southern Thai restaurant near our office. Since then they have moved location, but luckily for us, only 50m away from their original location! Just continue walking up North Bridge Road and take a left turn after Islamic Restaurant onto Jalan Kledek and it is down the bottom of the road on the right (it's a short road, don't worry). It is quite a bit bigger than the old place and lighter also. And the food is still just as cheap and great :)

This post will be a mixture of a revisit when they were still in their old location and our first visit to the new restaurant. Check out my previous post on  Koh Nangkam for the full menu with prices. Updated Feb14 with their new menu and more food.

Who doesn't love 3 different chilli options waiting for you on the table?

We decided to try their curries. We wanted the yellow curry but the spicy curry sauce (same as the one used on the spicy vegetables …

Singapore - Blu Jaz in Kampong Glam, our office local

We work in Parkview Square, as you might know, which is right next to the Arab Quarter aka Kampong Glam. And our office local is Blu Jaz on Bali Lane, extending through to Haji Lane. It is a chilled out place, with reasonably priced drinks, plenty of food to snack on and shisha for G and others who enjoy to chill out with a strawberry flavoured tobacco. The only other time I posted about it was about heading there after an evening of cocktails and Maison Ikkoku, dinner at Beirut Grill and then Blu Jaz to chill.

We go there so often that I have not really thought to take pictures of it! But I do have some, and have  tried to remember to snap a few shots when I go you can find the menu on their website here or at the end of the post. They have a full menu of things including local food but we usually stick to the snacks.

This is the chicken shwarma in pita bread with garlic sauce. $12.90 with salad and hummus.

One of our must haves -…

Singapore - Royal China at Raffles Hotel for Chinese New Year lunch

G's mum was visiting during Chinese New Year and friends wanted to go for a proper Chinese New Year meal so we went fancy and went over to Royal China in Raffles Hotel. I am glad we did! It was yummy :)

When we got there, they had candied fruits and vegetables on the table. I was told they were rather sweet so avoided them. They liked the mandarins (little orange things) but were less keen on the carrot for example! There was also ginger and pineapple and some other ones.

Chateau de Mauriac - Our Wedding Venue

As you may know, we are getting married this summer :) We went home for Christmas and went to see the venue and it is pretty awesome! It is called the Chateau de Mauriac and is near Toulouse. I will let you take a look at all the pictures below, it is a pretty amazing place and we are getting rather excited!

The owner's rather is an artist so there is art dotted around the gardens and the castle, including his paintings which are for sale. 

Singapore - Black and White Caffe bar for lovely panini

As you may have noticed, I love my Italian food and I love bread :) So as long as they aren't full of cheese, I am partial to a panino.

So when I was told about a new panini place, open 4 months only, I had to head on over. It is rather close to my office, just behind the Park Royal Beach Road where G lived for 6 months, the old Furniture Mall. We wandered over, it was easier to find than I feared, and it was rather busy for somewhere that was only open a short while, which we took as a very good sign.

France - Home Cooking - Homecooking in France continued #2

I was welcomed home with a roast dinner. Mum had sourced a crown of turkey from the UK and we roasted it, with some roast potatoes, roast parsnips and cooked some peas and green beans for a lovely dinner. 

We wanted to finish up the turkey we had before so we planned dinner around that. Mum made spiced basmati rice and I wanted some veggies so decided to do an Indian recipe I had found once after having spiced indian green beans at an Indian stall. Super simple, blanch the beans for 4 minutes, put a whole load of mustard seeds (1 tablespoon for 500g of beans) into oil, when they pop I add cumin seeds as I love them, not that they are actually in the recipe, then add in 4 cloves of garlic chopped up small, when it browns then throw in the beans with some salt and some crushed red chilli. Then after 8 minutes or so on a medium heat, when the beans have absorbed the spices, add some black pepper and serve. It was yum.

And here we have the whole meal, quite balanced really between veggie…

Singapore - Home Cooking - An Indian Feast (North Indian inspired)

G's Mum is visiting and is vegetarian so we decided to cook Indian food, mostly veggie food, except for Day 2 when we fancied a bit of meat with the leftover veggie curries. I posted some of my pictures on Twitter and received the nicest response from someone I chat with there, saying that the food looked very authentic, asking if it was home cooked and telling me he hadn't seen food like it much since leaving Delhi, made my day!

Most of this is indeed North Indian inspired, 3 vegetable curries, some spiced fried potatoes, a roast chicken with a marinade and rice with cumin and peas.