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Yangon, Myanmar - Street food and other food

Here are some more things we had to eat around Yangon. We found them mostly randomly plus with some help from Google.

Cherry Mann 

After fancy happy hour drinks at the Strand (check out my other post) we headed to Latha Road for Indian BBQ food. They deliver a potato soup / dhal to the table which is nice, the potatoes are close to falling apart.

They also provide tomatoes which taste yummy, a nice surprise after Singapore where they aren't as "tomato-ey", with onions and some lime which I squeezed over everything and it all goes well with the chicken we ordered.

There were loads of other people hanging out in the street at Cherry Mann.

Singapore - Rouse Cafe - As Hipster a Cafe as they come but awesome espresso

The other half is away (stag do, a friend's birthday and some work in our home town of Nice) and I had forgotten I needed to renew my medication so headed to the doctor on Sunday morning (had to set an alarm to get up!) I was there longer than expected and the plan had been to go home and change before maybe meeting friends for lunch, but walking past the MRT I randomly decided to just jump on and see what happens. Furiously messaged my friends but no reply so I got off in Little India (maybe not the best idea as I wasn't really dressed for Little India on a Sunday - oh well, looks can't hurt :)!) I thought I would head to Temporium for a coffee before deciding where to eat my lunch and to hopefully hear back from the Whatsapp group. However, Temporium was shut. I pulled out my trusty iPhone (which still works even with a screen that couldn't really get much more cracked - need to get it fixed at some point but just can't be bothered!) and googled coffee and Dunlo…

Singapore - Sakunthalas delivered by FoodPanda - Traditional and nice North Indian food

I'll begin with some advice: avoid the starters and pour the oil off the curries. Follow that and you should enjoy it I would say! The breads weren't as good as Khansama either, we enjoyed our homemade chapati the next day more, but that could be due to delivery. But don't get me wrong, I don't want to come across as too negative, the curries were good! Here they are for the proof:

Singapore - PeraMakan at Keppel Club for yummy Peranakan Food

As you may know if you follow my blog, I tend to have quite a few work dinners. I get bored of the same old places and types of food (if we ask certain colleagues, they always go for Chinese or Seafood). I dislike the stuffy atmospheres of the places and therefore we have started looking for new places to try and keep the organising to ourselves. I thought we had never done Peranakan food (Straits Chinese, the official name for the combination of Chinese and Malay cultures) for one of these dinner, and friends had recently been to PeraMakan and enjoyed it so we decided to try that out. We booked and headed over on a Monday night. Well, I say headed over, most of us ended up at the East Coast Road location which is shut on a Monday! The booking was made for the Keppel Club location! So we jumped in another taxi, frantically calling our customers and finally made it all together to the very fancy location of Keppel Club, a place I had never been before. 
Here are my usual collages of t…

Yangon, Myanmar - 999 Shan Noodle on 34th street

When I said I was going to Yangon, I was told not to miss 999 Shan Noodle shop on 34th street. And I am glad I followed the advice! It was really good. Perfect as breakfast, we would totally go back.

Yangon, Myanmar - some pictures from our weekend away

We recently had a lovely weekend in Yangon. I have done some separate posts for Shwedagon Pagoda (which is really worth a visit) and on the Maha Bandoola Gardens where we met loads of people, but I wanted to show you some other pictures from the trip. I was utterly fascinated by the colonial buildings in Yangon (formerly Rangoon)  which are mostly run down and a shadow of their former selves, but with a hint of what they could be with some investment. But then again it made me wonder, should they be done up? Do we really want them to be Disney-fied? They could do with some love, but it I hope they don't lose their soul. As they stand today, they are slightly eery, haunting, but with pockets of colour and life.

This is one of the better maintained houses, love the colourful washing. 

These were amazing coloured, again among the better maintained.

How to make friends in Yangon? Go sit in the park! Maha Bandoola Garden was our choice

After having an overheating episode around lunchtime on the second day, we decided to take it easy on the third day and after a late breakfast / early lunch (yummy Shan noodles) we headed over to the Maha Bandoola Garden across from the City Hall and the High Court.

Here is the Yangon City Hall, nice building.

And the High Court, lovely colours, two of the best maintained of the colonial buildings we have seen in Yangon. 

Yangon, Myanmar - don't miss the Shwedagon Pagoda - it is gorgeous

One of the highlights, if not the highlight, of our recent trip to Yangon was the Shwedagon Pagoda. It is gorgeous, serene, surreal, utterly worth the visit. The closest we can think of is the Taj Mahal, one of those kind of places you must see once in your lifetime.

We walked there from our hotel, the Savoy, it was about a 10 minute walk to the North entrance. It doesn't seem to be the most used entrance by the tourists, we were the only ones we could see, but lots of local people were entering that way, up a lot of stairs where there were people hanging out, shops, people making things and so forth. Most tourists would come via taxi and it should only be around 2000 kyat / 2 USD from the centre.

Here is the outside:

There were exits either side of the stairs with additional pagodas etc

A man carving things..

Singapore - Home Cooking - My Curry Rules - The Inaugural Edition

We have spent the last four weekends in four different countries, this one being the first we spent in Singapore! It has been all a bit manic. A while back we realised this would be the only potential date for our plans to do a "My Curry Rules", think My Kitchen Rules but all curry to get the idea of what we were imagining :)

So in the end there was 12 of us, with 6 of us cooking. The rules were kind of made up as we went along but in the end we settled with putting the 6 names on paper, and neutral people picked them out of a hat to decide the order of tasting. The tasting was done in the order of the pictures below and we had an awesome evening. We will be doing this again!

Singapore - Overdoughs - Artichoke's Bakery

You all know we adore Artichoke, just check out the Middle Eastern section of my food, drink, cooking section to see how much we love it! Well, if you are into sweets, they also have a sister bakery called Overdoughs which is right next door to Artichoke. Let me give you a tour.

They sell jams.... I love the idea of a passionfruit jam.

All sorts of baklavas. But as with everything Artichoke related, there is a twist. Dark chocolate and almond for this one.