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Nice - Les Amoureux for amazing Neapolitan pizza

If you are looking for the best pizza in Nice, I can help you out. Head on over to the Port of Nice to Les Amoureux on Boulevard Stalingrad. Just trust me on this one :) I am very picky about my pizza, as you well know if you have been following my blog! And that comes part from living in Italy, and part from this place, Les Amoureux.

When we lived in Nice we tended to go at least once a week either to eat in or take away their awesome pizzas. The style in Neapolitan so don't go there expecting a thin crust, this one is thicker and chewy with the dough having risen for quite a long time before being cooked!

Singapore - L'Aiglon bar on Neil road for lovely cocktails with a French twist

The other day I was invited to taste L'Aiglon, a new(ish) French themed bar in the Duxton area that opened earlier this year, on Neil Road. The pictures below are a mix of my own (bad, sorry, I didn't have my camera with me, I was a bit silly that day!) and some of the bar's pictures (because they are much prettier). I want to preface this saying that whilst I was indeed invited there this time, I will for sure be going back! We both really enjoyed the cocktails and some of the food was really amazing! We might even host the party after our civil wedding there!

If you were wondering about the name, it is the owner's family nickname after he decided to wear a Napoleon costume for months :)

They had recently changed their beers when we went, this is the current offering, G will be back to try some:

We started by trying some cocktails from the Classic and Signature cocktails list, though Classic does not mean boring they aren't, as most of them are a take on a well k…

48h in Dubai - Guest post for The Entertainer Giveaway - join in!

Hi everyone, here is the first of the series of posts submitted for The Entertainer Travel Book Giveaway, with what you should do with 48h in Dubai! Thanks to A for sharing, who lived for a few years in Dubai and is now based in Singapore! As a reminder, head over here for more info on the giveaway I am running with The Entertainer.

48 Hours in Dubai - Day 1:

Suggest getting an EXCELLENT breakfast inside you to start the day off and head to Jones the Grocer (Sheikh Zayed Road) where their breakfasts are superb.

Once finished you are a stones throw away from the Mall of The Emirates where apart from the selection of shops from all corners of the Globe you can marvel at the indoor ski-slope, complete with chair lifts, tobogganing hills a twin track bobsled ride and a snowball throwing gallery. If that's not enough respite from the desert heat there are penguins (real ones).

Once you've been chilled suitably it's then time to head on out into the sunshine and to get the thrill…

Singapore - Max Brenner @ VivoCity - Chocolate Galore

After having my hipster yummy espresso at Rouse Cafe, I headed down to meet friends at ViviCity and they really wanted to go to Max Brenner for a chocolate fix. And who was I to disagree? :)

The menu is up on the wall above the counter, and you order at the till and pay there, then they deliver to your table. I was with friends who have two lovely little boys and they wanted chocolate. And chocolate they got! This is two chocolate cookies with chocolate ice cream in between with chocolate sauce. They demolished it! The menu calls it the 100% Pure Chocolate Chocolate Experience Ice Cream "Max Wich" and it costs 14.90$

I ordered some chocolate ice cream for 5$ but couldn't finish half of it so the boys came to my rescue :)

Singapore - OverEasy for Happy Hour at One Fullerton

Strangely, however many times I have been to OverEasy, I have somehow never blogged about it. We often end up there on a Friday after work (but also sometimes mid week - ssssshhhhh) due to the rather good happy hour deal from 5 to 8 from Monday to Friday and until 10pm on Saturday. For every house pour (wine or beer), you get one free. So for your usual 15$ for a glass of wine, 16$ for Heineken pints or 17$ for Erdinger, you actually get two! Woohoooo. This is how we end up with tables like this one:

Or this: 

The view is also rather decent, right over to Marina Bay Sands (MBS), OverEasy has an indoors and an outdoors part, we tend to prefer to sit outside either on the sofas if we can, or at the high tables.

Galle - Deco on 44, Our cooking class making Sri Lankan Rice and Curry

I have recently posted a Singaporean cooking class at Food Playground, and a Thai Food cooking class at Thai Charm in Krabi so thought I would round it out with a cooking class in Sri Lanka that we did at Deco on 44, our hotel in Galle. For 40$ each, we had an awesome morning / lunch with the lovely chef Sugath Mendis who ran our hotel restaurant which is rather yummy! The day started off with a visit of the markets, but that will be in another post. I want to focus on the food here :)

Here is our great host, very talented and super nice.

Here is the result!

 How did we end up with these gorgeous plates of food? Read on to learn more....

Krabi, Thailand - Thai Charm Cooking School

I spent most of April and May out of the country but "exploring" and doing new things so have a million posts backlog to write up, but am also so busy with work, wedding planning and having a life on top of that (fiancĂ©, friends, yoga etc) so haven't caught up! I fear I will end up doing them all out of order but well, whatever! Let me start with an experience from my hen do, which was organised by my most lovely friends, in Krabi, and on the first evening we did a cooking class. It was awesome! We were picked up (and I had no idea where we were going) by Heng, our instructor for the evening and driven inland a bit to a house with a huge covered terrace where the course was held. Heng was utterly bonkers, very very funny, but utterly mad. His joke about three types of chickens in Thailand will remain with me a long time.... Not one for this blog though as not very PC ;-) They have a website here:

Here is my usual collage of course…

GIVEAWAY - The Entertainer up for grabs - Give me your tips for a chance to win awesome prizes :)

As you may have seen on my blog, this year I decided to buy The Entertainer application for loads of two-for-one deals all over Singapore (food, activities etc) and also for hotel two for one nights all over Asia.

Some of my previous posts have touched on my use of The Entertainer application for the restaurant section:

The Entertainer Application comes to Singapore - loads of 1 for 1 offers
Senso on Club Street for Italian Prosecco Brunch
Muchachos for rather good Mexican (burritos and quesadillas) on Keong Saik Road
Third and Sixth Bistrobar - Great creative funky burgers on Seah Street
Bergs..... again......
Coq and Balls - chilled bar in Tiong Bahru

But did you know just how many hotel deals they have around the Africa, the Middle East, Indian Ocean and Asia, and even a few in Europe? The good  news is I have 5 Entertainer Travel books to give away. To stand a chance to win one one of these awesome prizes is simple:

I need you to tell me a story. Give me some advice and I will publish yo…

Singapore - Food Playground for a Local Singaporean Food Cooking Class

At a loss for a new activity? Whether you live in Singapore, or you are just visiting, maybe Food Playground could provide you with your next morning out? I was kindly invited by the Food Playground team for a cooking class, but my opinions are of course entirely my own. When I went, there were a mix of people from different countries, including a Singaporean (!), and living in different places as we had expats living in Singapore as well as visitors and of course our Singaporean.

The menu is fully local, Singaporean heritage food, and is different each day of the week, plus they refresh it every so often. They are planning on changing the Saturday menu soon (July), here is the current menu here as well as the new menu from July: If you tell them in advance, they are happy to cater to vegetarians on certain days.

The day started at 9.30 on Craig Road where Food Playground is located in a shophouse. It was a Saturda…