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Galle, Sri Lanka - a long weekend in pictures

A couple of months ago we spent a lovely weekend in Galle in Sri Lanka, with our good friend Beiruti Brit. We had a fun cooking class, we wandered around, stayed in a great hotel, and of course I took photos. I haven't managed to get around to posting them as I been swamped with work, wedding planning and trying to stay healthy by going to yoga and occasionally seeing friends! But here we go, again, far too many pictures as I just can't make up my mind. But better too many than not enough!

These shots are from our visit to Galle market as part of our cooking class from Deco on 44.

Singapore - Mustard - Bengali / Punjabi food on Race Course Road, Little India

I had once asked for recommendations for Indian food in Singapore and have asked for advice on twitter plus City Nomads is something I read regularly, and I was therefore frequently advised to try out Mustard on Race Course Road which is a Bengali and Punjabi restaurant. We are curious as to how it ended up being Bengali and Punjabi but can only imagine a Bengali and a Punjabi got married and founded a restaurant as it has a distinctly home cooked feel.

We finally decided one night that we didn't feel like cooking (happening a lot recently but my life is currently utter chaos, every second is basically dedicated to work / wedding planning / yoga / semblance of a social life, leaving very little time for anything else such as maintaining this blog, travel, fun, cleaning (G finally got around to getting us a cleaner woooohhooooo) or cooking. So we jumped on the MRT and headed down to Little India station and came out at the Buffalo Road exit and headed a few metres up Race Course Ro…

Krabi, Thailand - Longtail boat trip to the lagoon

As part of my Asian hen do, I was whisked away to Krabi for an awesome girls weekend. One of my surprises was an amazing day on a long tail boat (we had it to ourselves) and we sailed calmly around the waters south of Krabi and it was fantastic. If you are ever in the area, I highly recommend you follow our lead and jump on a boat.

I feel I must give you a *warning* , this is one of my many many picture posts. But I can't help it, it is so beautiful! And we had a great great day.

 We started at 9am where we were picked up from our hotel and driven a bit to the west of where we were staying to the long tail boat port. Or at least it seemed that a long tail boat port as that is all there was there! The weather was gorgeous and we were very excited.

 Climbing on was quite an adventure but once on, we settled in, donned our lovely coverups that N brought with her from Thailand and chilled out with some cold water.

 We had some trouble getting out to sea, the engine kept conking out w…

Bangkok, Thailand - 48h in Bangkok - Take 3! The Entertainer Giveaway

And we are back in Bangkok with our Entertainer Giveaway (there is a sale going on right now so head over to for more info.

Today's guest contributor is the lovely Anna who blogs over at Bangkok Girl Blog - - Check it out below! You now have an amazing choice of things to do for a weekend in BKK!

48 Hours In Bangkok

Bangkok is an amazing city, with everything from historical temples, to parks you would not expect to find in the middle of an urban jungle, to the most fantastic markets to some of the best food you will have the chance to experience for pennies.
Day One Book in to the Oriental Residence. The Oriental Residence is the perfect location in Bangkok central to both Phloen Chit BTS and Lumpini MRT. Choose from one-three bedroomed suites. Leave your luggage if your room is not ready. Or be sure to check out their website before booking – they often offer a weekend staycation packages which offers early check i…

Singapore - Cafe - Haji Lane - Good Western food with a twist

So we have been walking past for months now as it is close to our office, on the way to yoga and pizza. And it is always busy, often with a queue. And we saw all sorts of people with huge slabs of multi coloured cake so we keep telling ourselves we need to actually check the place out at some point! So the other day, after I went to yoga at lunch and G went for a bike ride, we met up and headed over for a late lunch (around 3pm) and luckily though it was busy, someone just left.

We sat ourselves down near the counter and started to understand where the am in came from when we saw the Dutch grandma bikes with the stroopwafels in the display and Amsterdam on the wall.

Bali - 48h in Bali - The Entertainer Giveaway

Now a contribution from the lovely Surrey Princess  about 48h in Bali! What would you do with 48h in Bali? Or any other of the fab locations covered by The Entertainer Travel Application? Check out the following link for more info on how to join in and win a chance to get a booklet with loads of discounts on fancy hotels.

Over to Jo!

Day one; as soon as you land, dump your stuff in the hotel and get out there! It's better to arrange a private driver in bali if you're traveling far and wide, your hotel can arrange this for you. First stop, you're probably quite hungry? So head to Grocer and Grind in Seminyak for a quick bite. You'll feel at home with the wonderful breakfast/brunch food on offer. then hop back in your car and head to Ubud.

In Ubud, grab a bunch of bananas and head into the sacred monkey forest (it's exactly as it sounds). You can easily spend a few hours here admiring the b…

Bangkok, Thailand - Another 48h in Bangkok - The Entertainer Giveaway

And the lovely (and prolific) Beiruti Brit  has also shared another post for the Entertainer Giveaway. Here is her "Foodie" 48h in Bangkok.

"Whilst there is certainly no shortage of hotels to stay in when visiting Bangkok, you would be hard pressed to find one in a better location than the Sofitel Sukhumvit This towering hotel is situated just minutes away from Nana BTS station within easy walk of nightlife hubs such as Soi 11 and just a short ride on the BTS to numerous shopping malls from the newly opened Central Embassy at Ploenchit to Central World and Siam Paragon.
This itinerary has been put together with the serious “foodie” in mind so please be warned in advance that this post may make you hungry! It is also designed with a fair bit of walking in mind (all the better for helping to burn off the calories you are going to consume) so remember to pack some comfy shoes and to drink plenty of water or freshly squeezed juices …

Chiang Mai, Elephant Nature Park - The Entertainer Giveaway

Here is Felicia's experience for The Entertainer giveaway. She stayed at the Elephant Nature Park in Chiang Mai, but you could go as a day trip staying in one of the hotels in Chiang Mai on the Entertainer Travel Book, check more info here:

Over to Felicia!

I went to Chiang Mai just recently in March this year. It was a very short trip - just 1 week, but it was the best experience of my life. During this 1 week, I went to volunteer at the Elephant Nature Park (ENP). This is an overview of the Elephant Nature Park from their webpage:

Elephant Nature Park is an elephant rescue and rehabilitation center in Northern Thailand where you can volunteer and visit to help.We have been involved in dozens of rescues which have created our thriving elephant herd. The park provides a natural environment for elephants, dogs, cats, buffaloes and many other animals under our care. Volunteers and visitors contribute to…

Beirut, Lebanon - 48h in Beirut - The Entertainer Giveaway

Thanks to my darling friend Beiruti Brit for her contribution on 48h in Beirut. As a reminder, you can see the full info on how to participate here:
48 Hours in Beirut
Beirut might not be the first place that immediately springs to mind for a weekend city break which is a shame as there are few cities you are able to get as much out of in such a short period of time as a city styled as the Paris of the Middle East. There can be no finer choice of hotel for your stay than The Phoenicia  which has been warmly welcoming guests since 1961 when Beirut was at its swinging peak! Since then it has been the hotel of choice for visiting Royalty and celebrities and a stay in one of its glamorous 446 rooms and suites will leave you feeling like a Hollywood star!

Read on for more info....

48h in Abu Dhabi - Guest post for The Entertainer Application Travel Giveaway

I have another submission for the 48h in a city posts, this time we head over to Abu Dhabi in the UAE for the weekend with a side tour of Abu Dhabi.

If you want to know what to do, check out the original post here:

Please check out her blog, I loved her so much when we worked together in the pub back in Maastricht when I was a student :) Over to A.L :)

"I wrote this post for a friend from Maastricht. I wrote it in a voice I don’t even know, wait I know the voice, it’s the high smiley voice when I’m talking crap to strangers. Ok here’s the real voice

If a friend came to Abu Dhabi for 48 hours. One of my friends, then this is what I would do.

I’d say to stay at Shangri-La because that place is awesome. Seriously awesome. I’m also not a fan of being ON-island (this is a personal choice due to an easily reached feeling of claustrophobia) juuuuust on the edge is perfect. You’re not on island, you’re not entirely off island, you’re…

Bangkok, Thailand - 48h in Bangkok - The Entertainer Giveaway

A guest post for The Entertainer Giveaway from an awesome colleague of mine who lives in BKK. Remember you can join in for the chance to win awesome discounts on great hotels all over the world. For more info check out:

Over to M!

2 days to fall in love: Bangkok

It’s my 4th year living in Bangkok I have relentlessly taken every opportunity to see this city which has enamored me to the point I just feel like crying with emotion when I listen to the national anthem yes it’s that bad. If you like the quirky, adventurous, non-obvious side of life just read on………..

Day one:

Waking up and historic sites:

You wake up and feel happy as you are in one of the most amazing cities in the world you have a nice relaxed breakfast as you will need energy for the day. I suggest you can stay on the river (nice if you are a first timer to Bangkok) as then you are near most of the historic sites. You must visit the Grand Palace,…

Colombo - Galle Face Hotel - Lunch, Dinner & Snacks at The Verandah

It has been a while since I posted a Galle Face post so here I go again! You have seen the breakfasts at the Galle Face Hotel, now I will show you some of the dinner options and snacks you can have at the Verandah restaurant there. 
This is the fruit platter. Lots of tropical fruit.

We had snacks there one afternoon also, devilled fish and devilled chicken. Yummy! Protein cooked with chilli sauce, chillies, onions, peppers and tomatoes. Me being me, I was even happier with the veggies than anything!

Nice - Le Local for good simple Italian food on the Port

Hey all. I am back in Singapore and dreadfully jet lagged so figured I might as well just get up and update my blog with a great meal I had in Nice at Le Local in the Port area.

Nice - My last two weeks in Nice in food :)

I thought I might as well jump on the bandwagon, all the cool kids are doing it, right Beiruti Brit? ;-)

I have just spent the last two weeks in Nice in the South of France, close to the Italian border. I lived there previously for eight years and we have a flat there still, in the Port area. I was there for work but still managed to partake in a lot of yummy food! I do miss certain things from Nice (like courgettes and tomatoes) but by the end of the two weeks I was also missing Singaporean food and my favourite things from here (for example I need to go to Muchachos for a burrito, I need Indian food (Komala Vilas? Hawker on Kitchener? Khansama?), I could murder some kai lan and can't wait to have my usual Pad Thai lunch plus why not head over to Third and Sixth for a fancy burger?). I have a list here of my favourite / best restaurants in Nice, if you are ever in Nice and looking for advice. 
OK, enough of my randomness, what did I eat in Nice?
As soon as I landed I was craving…

Nice - Acchiardo for very good local (Nicois) food

I decided my customers needed to try proper local food on this visit to Nice, not just pizza and pasta, so I took them along to Acchiardo in the old town (Vieux Nice), on Rue Droite, to have some of the best food in Nice. I used to go there a lot when I lived in Nice, and always enjoyed it, consistently good quality food. It has a lovely rustic feel to it and a great ambiance, run by a family with Mum and Dad behind the bar and the boys serving. The same boys which a friend of ours once decided belong on a cat walk ;-)

Since I have been in Singapore, Acchiardo has been totally renovated and it looks lovely, glad they kept the feel of the place with the wooden beams and the stone.

Love this bottle wall.

Nice - Chez Pipo for Socca, Pizza and Rose

The day I arrived in Nice, I had a huge craving for socca. So off I headed to the best socca place in Nice called Chez Pipo on Rue Bavastro. So, what is socca you may be wondering, well it is a very typical to Nice and it is basically a chickpea flour pancake cooked in a wood fire oven. The best socca, in my opinion, is Pipo's because it is crispy on top but soft underneath. Some other socca places are also good but they tend to be a bit more soggy.

Chez Pipo has been around for nearly 100 years and is still in the same family last time I checked. When the grandad ran it, it was only socca and rose wine but the menu has at least expanded slightly since then!