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Cambodia, Siem Reap - Angkor Wat - Some shots

The blog has been super quiet, apologies for that. The main reason being I have been away for a long weekend in the amazing country of Cambodia. I had been to Cambodia before (my lovely weekend in Phnom Penh with the ladies)  but G hadn't. We both loved it. Loved it loved it loved it. We went two days, the first we cycled there and back and around. You pay 40$ (USD) for a pass for three days that you can use over the space of a week. The second day we got a tuktuk to pick us up at the hotel at 5am and take us to Angkor Wat for sunrise (pretty, nice to see, but to get in the first row and get proper pictures you have to get there earlier...) and then do the grand circuit around the full Angkor Archeological site for 18$.

We got unlucky on Day 1, or lucky with timing as it started pouring down with rain as soon as we got there. At least it didn't rain whilst we were cycling! We hoped to wait it out but eventually just gave in, bought an umbrella, and got rather wet. But at least it was quiet inside once we got drenched to the bone!

It is magical, you must go to Angkor Wat, trust me on this. Utterly gorgeous. Magical in some parts, especially when we wandered around just after sunset and had the place mostly to ourselves. There are parts of Angkor that are fully rebuilt but others are little more than a pile of carved stones. Covered in moss. Glistening in the rising sun. Magical....


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