Ventimiglia - The sea and the old town

Ventimiglia - Pizza at La Vecchia Napoli

Ventimiglia - What we bought at the market shop - May

Ventimiglia - Mercato Coperto - May Market Shop in Italy

Meatless Monday - Pesto & Tomato tart

Nice can be so beautiful at sunset

Nice - just over the border - Liguria recommendations from our Italian friend

Meatless Monday - Pea, Mushrooms, Baby Leek Pasta

Nice - The Nice Life International concept for healthy vegan food

Nice - Hotel Le Negresco - The Jewel of the bay

Nice - Made in Sud Pizzeria in Nice Port

Meatless Monday - Lemon roast potatoes with garlic as a side

Lisbon - Art and Street Art

Nice - Big Fernand - New Burger Kid on the Block

Lini's Choices for the French Riviera, Monaco and Liguria

Meatless Monday - Curries for a change! Mushroom & Pea, Aubergine & Tomato, Green Beans & Coconut rice

Nice - Le Banthai for, surprise surprise, Thai food :)

Nice - Deli Bo for afternoon tea & coffee + shop