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Meatless Monday - Mushroom Aloo Tikki with Onion Tomato Chutney

Something different today for my Meatless Monday contribution - I went veggie burger and Indian. YUMMMMM (if I may say so myself). The hubby wasn't into the idea of a veggie burger as he says he doesn't agree with making veggies into something that he thinks is a meat dish (I agree to a certain extent, I won't eat the fake meat stuff). So I ran through the various ideas I had for a veggie burger and he finally accepted the idea of an Indian inspired patty, which he could eat without the bun and I could have with a bun so it was a proper veggie burger!

I decided to try and make a sort of aloo tikki but with mushrooms, and I decided it needed a special sauce so I made an onion tomato chutney.

The dishes were inspired by a collection of different Pinterest posts as well as blog posts, I kind of picked different techniques and ingredients from different recipes so I can't really send you to one specific recipe as I kind of made it up.

Onion Tomato Chutney

OK, lets start wit…

Nice - Socca d'Or for yummy socca and a really Nicois burger

It was a Friday night and we decided we haven't been exploring Nice enough since we got back. So we made a pact to try a new place at least every couple of weeks. We were having a drink at Le4 (the wonderfully cheap spot to drink on Place Garibaldi) and decided well why not start right now? We couldn't agree on where to go (being just back from Italy we didn't fancy pizza or pasta, and Indian seemed too heavy and hubby didn't fancy my usual default of Royal Kebab) until I suggested socca. We could have gone to our usual of Pipo Socca but as we had just decided we should explore more, I suggested Socca d'Or which is just around the corner from Pipo.

We are so glad we did give Socca d'Or a go as it was really really good! We had walked past in on Rue Bonaparte for years and years and thought it looked a little dingy and small with only some outside space, but they seem to have recently renovated and they now have a nice back room which sits 25 people and there is…