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Nice - La Fete du Port - I won the IG contest!

Just wanted to let you know that I recently won a content on Instagram! We went to the Fete du Port early September (a.k.a. "most of the tourists have gone home and we get our city back" party!) and the Port of Nice organised a competition with the Instagram account for Nice. I submitted 4 photos and at the end of last week I was informed that I won the competition! I get 2 tickets on the boat to St Tropez from Nice as well as a pochette from Fragonard and goodies from the port of Nice. I am so excited!! :D Thanks to Nice Instagram and the Port of Nice, I will share the prizes with you when they arrive here :) In the mean time here are my pictures. The top left one is the picture that won, but they emailed me saying all my pics came out up the top of the list so that is why they awarded me the first place. Yay!

Meatless Monday - Thai Yellow Curry with Root Veggies + Stir Fried Veg & Tofu with Thai Basil

Hi everyone. I am sorry if this post is a little rushed but I am in the middle of a move (we bought a house and got the keys this week yay!)  and the blog is likely to be a bit quiet over the following days and weeks as and we have loads of things to do! But I couldn't skip out on my usual Meatless Monday post (though I am a little worried for the next one as I have no meals in my drafts and I am eating out at least 3 days next week already).

Today we give you a Thai vegetarian meal. We were at home at my parents and my husband's Mum was also there (she is vegetarian) so we put together a vegetarian Thai dinner. We did two dishes she could enjoy (as well as, I will be honest, a non-veggie option as otherwise I am not sure we could have convinced Dad to eat it ;) )

G put together a yellow curry paste to make a root vegetable curry which he had already made for his mum in the past and she had loved it so we thought to try it out on my mum too.

Bangkok - Soul Food Mahanakorn - Thai Regional Sharing Plates

I feel ashamed it has taken me this long to write up this post! It was a wonderful meal with great company (my friend J who lives in BKK) and was a recommendation from the lovely Beiruti Brit - back in early June! I guess we partied a lot that week and then I got very busy when I got back and just didn't get around to it. I also find it difficult to find the balance on the blog between cooking and eating out, Nice vs travel. Any advice on that topic very welcome.

Soul Food Mahanakorn (I have to look it up every time I write it!) is a great Thai restaurant on Thong Lo (Soi 55 of Sukhumvit) in Bangkok. You can read more about the Soul Food Mahanakorn philosophy on their website ( but a high level it is all about organic, free range and seasonal - with street food from different regions of Thailand in a nice resaturant with good cocktails, craft beers and a decent wine list.

Here is a collage of what J and I managed to eat between us …

Meatless Monday - Mixed Wild Mushroom & Leek Pasta

Mushroom season is back!!! I have been looking forward to this since I  got back from Singapore. Mushrooms are the best thing about autumn which is otherwise a little depressing. Though I guess we are lucky in Nice as we can often still be on the beach in October, it just gets chilly in the evenings.

Mushrooms for me means mushroom risotto or mushroom pasta, so I decided that for lunch I would do mixed mushroom pasta as I had bought some fresh fusilli pasta (which are awesome by the way, I will be buying more).

I had let my husband go to Liberation market by himself.... and he came back with loads of different things including 5 types of mushrooms! He bought porcini (ceps), pieds de mouton, sanguins (orange inside), chanterelles and chestnut mushrooms. Bottom left are the chanterelles, next the porcini, then sanguins, then the pieds de mouton and up the side the chestnut mushrooms.

Home Cooking - Soft tacos with grilled marinated chicken

One of my lovely friends has been "encouraging" me strongly to try my hand at making tacos. As you may know by now, my husband is the bread-maker in the family (literally, not figuratively, I work too ;) ) so I suggested he give it a go. The result was amazing considering it was our first attempt! We paired our soft corn tacos with a marinated chicken cooked in the griddle pan, a fresh avocado salsa and grilled peppers.

Procida - Ristorante Girone - Our favourite - We went 3 times!

You may know by now that for all things Italy + food I trust Katie Parla of and so I checked out her blog to see if there was anything for Procida. She recommended Girone as her favourite restaurant on the island but I was surprised to see it not so highly rated on Tripadvisor. But then again I trust her over Tripadvisor so we went on over after aperitivo on our first night nonetheless.

Visit 1

We went at opening time (8pm) and it was already booked out except for a table we could have until 9.15pm when the booking arrived. We saw various people turned away after that (or they just did takeaway if they really really wanted to eat there). 

We were asked for our drinks order and we wanted white wine - they asked us with peaches? And we were so intrigued we said yes. And boy are we glad we did, white wine and not too ripe peaches is amazing!

Yes, I know how weird that sounds. But trust me, amazing! Especially if the wine is on the acidic side (think new world Sauvignon …