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Homemade Cosmetics - How to make your own lip balm at home! Joli'Essence Recipe

So you may have seen my first step into the wonderful world of homemade organic beauty products that I posted earlier this week. It is so much fun! So much so that I immediately made something else! As my husband can tell you, I am an utter lip balm addict and I hate to think how much of the stuff I ingest yearly and who knows what is going into my body! So I was fascinated when I saw that I could (and at very low cost) make my own lip balm at home, customising the colour, texture and flavour to suit my requirements.

You can go on the Joli'Essence and (far too easily for my credit card's liking) select everything you need for the recipe you are looking at, with a 10% discount if you are buying all the ingredients in one go. You will of course then end up with more than you need for just the one making of the product but you can reuse the ingredients for the same or for other recipes over and over. The site shows you the cost range for making each recipe and per pot of lip balm…

Homemade Cosmetics - My next Joli'Essence order - Creams & Lip Balm

I couldn't resist ordering more products off the Joli'Essence website as I am slightly obsessed already! The turning point was when I saw the coconut oil on their website at a very good price for organic untreated coconut oil - half a litre for 17.50EUR and the hubby even encouraged me to do so! So whilst I was ordering.... I might as well get it up to the free delivery amount of 35 EUR right? And then I may have gone a little further.... oh well!

I ended up buying the ingredients of 3 different recipes as well as the coconut oil for a total of 78 EUR. Whilst some items will be used just once, others will be used many times (I have years worth of lip balm I think in this lot ;) )

Homemade Cosmetics - Oh My Blog Nice - My New Project - Joli'Essence Organic Aloe Vera, Mint & Lemon pack

I recently went to a blog event (Oh My Blog Nice) where for an entrance fee you got to take part in various different workshops and take home a lovely goodie bag! The reason I chose to go was that they were advertising homemade cosmetics with all natural organic ingredients and that appealed to me. Maybe something to do with my love of cooking and some arts and crafts, this falls right in between! Plus my skin reacts badly to so many different products (even those for sensitive skin) so I like to know what goes into beauty products (ideally as little as possible). I started using various oils whilst living in Singapore, mainly coconut oil because it is amazing stuff.

But, unluckily for us their delivery hadn't made it to Nice (they are based in Provence not far from Aix en Provence) so instead Fanny from Joli'Essence tantalized us by explaining all about their products and ethos. Joli'Essence were kind enough to then send us the package at home once it had been located and…

Home Cooking - Chicken with wild mushrooms, Lovely Cabbage, Green Beans and Brown Rice

We bought some gorgeous mushrooms at the Liberation market the other day and we felt it would be a crime not to use them quickly and showcasing them. G did a bit of research in English and found nothing but recipes with cream in so he took to searching in French and came across the inspiration for this meal - organic pan fried farmer chicken with mixed wild mushrooms and caramelised leeks with a bit of white wine to deglaze the pan, served with a gorgeous Milan cabbage, green beans and organic brown rice.

Nice - Lou Balico for Nissart Cuisine

I am sure you know by now that we have bought a house right? Well to celebrate, the agent invited us for a meal with the previous owners and he picked a restaurant he has been going to for years aka Lou Balico. It is very very traditional from a culinary perspective - anchovies everywhere ;) But it was very good we both agree, especially hubby as Nicois food is more suited to him as an anchovy fiend who loves beef and fish.

Meatless Monday - Help! It is autumn and I have too many mushrooms!

Hello again all! I didn't have a specific veggie meal to share with you this week so I decided to take it from a different angle. Autumn is upon us here on the Cote d'Azur and with it comes bountiful mushrooms (as well as squash and carrots - yum!)

So I decided to dedicate a post to what you could do if you have a bit of a mushroom overload (I currently have 6 or 7 varieties in the fridge due to a trip to the market :D) - on a vegetarian theme though (I have other recipes with chicken but will leave those for another day - Monday has become sacred on Living in Sin!)

We are still sorting out the new house, so many boxes! But we have started to cook (though it is an induction hob which made us have to go out and buy loads of new pans and only a few of our old ones still work - though luckily those that do include the Le Creuset pans - hubby may have had a Hulk moment and torn out the induction plates if they didn't work!)

Rome - Ristorante / Pizzeria Dal Paino on Via di Parione

We had a nightmare of a time in Rome and Naples in August this year, everything was shut! Place after place we wanted to go to was shut! But I will write a whole post about that so you can hopefully avoid our mistakes :) But well, after trying a few different places, we found Pizzeria Dal Paino which was on Katie Parla's list of pizza places that are decent in central Rome. It reminded us a lot of La Montecarlo which we normally always go to when we go to Rome, but without some of the charming chaos that keeps us coming back there. 
But indeed, as Katie says, it is a decent option at a good price in the centre of town, right next to Piazza Navona, that is open at lunch and isn't a tourist trap (there are many of those in Rome!)

Very similar to La Montecarlo but slightly less of the charming chaos
Good pizza and bruschetta though I would have seasoned the bruschetta a bit more / used better tomatoes)

We ordered the house wine and this is what we received LOL. It was drinkable,…

Meatless Monday - Some Pasta and Risotto ideas

I am in the middle of moving house and am rather tired I will admit. So I haven't had time to put together a new creative Meatless Monday so I have just collected some previous meals I hadn't published and put them together for you, to hopefully help with some ideas for pasta and risotto that are veggie :)

This one was gorgeous in its simplicity. Just some red onion, a small bit of garlic, sliced mushrooms, cherry tomatoes and black pepper. YUM.

 I have done this simple courgette pasta before, but I just wanted to show you these great Neapolitan random squiggly spaghetti :)

Nice - Juke House for great cocktails & awesome happy hour

I used to live around the corner from Juke House Cafe and we used to spend so much time there when it first opened. But then we moved to the Port area of Nice and we found bars closer to our apartment and unfortunately we stopped really going to Juke House. Real shame as we really loved it there and the owners are lovely. Now that I think of it I realise how stupid we are, but it just wasn't the default place any more when we fancied stopping for a drink after work, even though it is only about 10-15 minutes from our place, as we had other bars within 1 or 2 minutes.

But fortunately recently, when we decided to walk home after having taken a train that stopped at the main station (Nice Ville) and it was a Friday evening and we fancied a drink before heading home and I remembered that Juke House would be on the way home and we should stop there rather than our recent default option of Le 4 on Place Garibaldi. Juke House Cafe has an amazing happy hour option of 5 Eur for cocktails a…

Nice - Aradhana for Indian & Sri Lankan food

We used to often go (or do takeout) from our local Sri Lankan run Indian restaurant called Aradhana before we moved to Singapore. And we had only been once since we got back and we were craving a curry. We decided we must go this week, but preferred to go on the weekend as unfortunately Aradhana is often quite quiet. I don't know why as it is lovely food at a reasonable price and the family who own it are lovely. I would really like for them to get more business so I will do my part by writing up this post which has been a long time pending. The first time we went since we returned, I didn't have my camera and I am not happy with the pictures so am now writing it up as the pictures are a lot better and do Aradhana a lot more justice.