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Home Cooking - BBQ tortillas, Marinated Chicken & Veggies with Avocado Salsa

We recently figured out how to make tortillas and now there is no stopping us ;) So when we went to visit my family, we convinced my mum it would be a good idea to have tortillas for dinner. Luckily it worked out! Mum and Dad loved them and we were safe for another trip ;) We might be allowed back ;)

It was summer so we cooked them on the BBQ as we have 2 at my parents, a gas one with a plancha part plus a grill part we use for vegetables, and a coal / wood one we use for meats.

G's mum is vegetarian so whatever we cooked had to be both meat-eater (my dad) and veggie friendly so this was a good option as we marinated lots of veggies as well as chicken breasts so we had both options available and we cooked the marinated veggies on the BBQ as well. We marinated them in a mix of spices, garlic and lime juice plus olive oil.

Nice - Le Soleil d'Asmara for Ethiopian Food - A Delightful Surprise

I had my first Ethiopian meal, what took me so long? It is great food, especially for someone like me who mainly eats vegetarian food (I understand this makes me a flexitarian if that is a real thing?), I was constantly confused  as I tried the various dishes as the textures and ingredients were all familiar (from Indian and Middle Eastern cuisine) but the combinations were just not what I was used to. It was confusingly amazingly fun :)

How did we discover it? I walked past Le Soleil d'Asmara when wandering around town, close to the Modern Art Museum and chatted with someone who I guess was working there? I don't know as I didn't see them when I came for dinner, so maybe a happy punter? They advised there were a lot of vegetarian options so I filed it under "place to try some time soon when feeling adventurous".

Now the other Friday we felt like eating out after a busy week at work (but good busy, hubby closed a big deal and I have a lot of different customer en…

Home Cooking - Sri Lankan rice and curry – 6 dishes plus rice!

You all know how much we love Sri Lanka right? Sri Lanka is beautiful, the people are lovely, and the food is AH-MAZE-ING :) So we taught ourselves how to cook Sri Lankan food at home, as well as honing our skills through a Sri Lankan cooking class at Deco on 44. We miss Sri Lankan food so one weekend my lovely hubby decided to make me a full rice and curry! That involved rice plus 6 dishes (we don't tend to do things by half...) and here is the result:

Meatless Monday - Arancini / Suppli Fusion - Risotto Balls

We had made a mixed wild mushroom risotto with leeks earlier in the week and had some leftovers. We decided to make it into balls (some stuffed with peas and others with cheese), bread them and shallow fry them in oil. :) Basically our take on a kind of arancino / suppli.

Here is the result:

Now for the method, we did improve as we went along and each batch was better than the previous one (confirmed by our guests). So please excuse the first ones as it is the first attempt we have ever made to make risotto balls and we didn't really have a recipe to follow :) We decided to use up the lovely truffle burrata that L'Atelier de Julien sent us with our pizza order a couple of days before to stuff the risotto balls. 
It is quite difficult to roll the balls up so make sure to put flour on your hands, it helps, but you will get messy. Accept it, move on, they taste awesome ;)
For some we put a small bit of cheese in the middle and wrapped the risotto around it. Next time we might als…

Homemade Cosmetics - DIY Deodorant

Latest experiment = homemade deodorant. I am not 100% convinced by all the scare mongering linked to aluminium in deodorant you buy in the shop, but then again I thought better safe than sorry. And deodorant can add up to be quite expensive (around EUR2.50 at least for a small deodorant in the shop). So I figured I might as well try making my own deodorant, customise it to my needs and save some money. Seems like a no brainer right? Well yes, as it is super easy to make also! I more or less followed this recipe -

What goes into it? Shea butter, coconut oil, baking soda (plus arrow root if you have it, if not then just more baking soda) and optionally essential oils for the smell. I had lemon zest oil so used that.

Homemade Cosmetics - Sensitive Skin Face Cream with Orange Blossom and Grapefruit seed oil

OK so this was awesome fun! Amazing fun and I cannot believe it actually worked and is rather easy to do. I made face cream! At home! In my kitchen! Yay for playing scientist :D

If you want to give it a go, you can get 10% discount on your first order on using the discount code JOLICADEAU
This is what I used to make my cream. Just 4 ingredients, two bowls, a measuring cup and a mini whisk and a pot to put it into (though I ended up putting it in a tube in the end). Simple right? Just a plant based emulsifier, olive oil (organic of course), grapefruit seed oil and orange blossom water (also organic bien sur).

Nice - Café Quartier for laid-back chilled out American food & beers

I was lucky enough to discover the "Café Quartier" by going to a Yelp Apéritif organised there. One check-in = 1 free cocktail so I was of course in! I have since been back a couple of extra times, once after the Eddie Izzard show down the road, and then the time I finally had dinner, an evening after work when I just did not fancy heading straight home. Glad we finally did get a meal there as we really enjoyed it!

So what is Café Quartier about? It is a totally chilled bar with a great selection of beers (that change frequently) and American street food with carefully selected ingredients. Yay! They also do cocktails and have decent wine. Just a great place to chill out close to Riquier station in Nice, on Rue Smolett.  Café Quartier hasn't been open super long, just since May so it isn't overrun yet, but there are some very loyal regulars and I am sure the word will be out soon and it will become rather very busy!

Meatless Monday - Roasted Stuffed Butternut Squash with Mushrooms, Rice and Mozzarella

Things are settling down after the move so I am finally able to catch up a bit on the blog, and on cooking, particularly for my Meatless Monday posts which I have been feeling so guilty about not managing to write! But here we are, finally, with something gorgeous my husband put together with very seasonal produce - roasted butternut squash stuffed with mushrooms (including wild mushrooms), rice, and topped with mozzarella.

London - Twickenham - Prince Albert Thai Kitchen for Authentic Thai Food

Friends of ours in London live in Teddington and one of the traditions when we visit (we often stay with them) is to go for drinks and then to another pub, but not for more drinks specifically (though they of course feature) but for authentic yummy Thai food. Yup, you read it correctly, Thai food in a pub in London. I present to you - Thai at the Albert.

The Prince Albert Thai Kitchen is yummy I must say, we have been a few times now but the previous times my pictures sucked (some of them are further down this post) but we recently went back and I took advantage of having my camera with me to take some more alluring pictures. 

As I said, it is still a pub so drinks do still feature. Their house dry white is perfectly nice (I think it was a Pinot Grigio) and they have a selection of beers for the boys.

I do love that it is a proper pub with the drinks that come with it, with the variety you need, and they just happened to hand their pub kitchen over to a Thai family!

We may have over …