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Meatless Monday - Chilli Naan, Spiced Steamed Roasted Potatoes, Coconut Chickpea Curry

Hubby was away (he's back now yay!) so I decided to experiment a little in the kitchen. I adore Indian food as I am sure you know by now, so I decided to make some spicy naan. Then I needed something to go with it and we had been discussing whether we could give up potatoes or rice... So I did spiced spuds :) And then I decided I needed something more saucy and made a coconut chickpea curry.

Here is the result - super tasty :)

Chill garlic and plain naan

The recipe is basically standard naan recipe and add roasted chillies though I chose to also add fresh chillies and garlic. Here is the recipe from Food and Wine -

Start by mixing some dry yeast (1 teaspoon) with sugar (2 teaspoons in the recipe but I only used a little over 1) and some warm (room temperature) water - a quarter cup. Leave it to sit for 10 minutes.

In the mean time mix flour (recipe says 4 cups all purpose but I used a mixture of standard flour and wholewheat flo…