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Meatless Monday - Dabeli - Indian Street Food - Mashed Potato & Chilli Sandwich

For a random change, here we went for a more Indian street food vibe. We were sitting on Place Garibaldi having a glass of rose after stocking up for Easter in our various local shops when I started flicking through Pinterest saves for some ideas. Hubby didn't connect to any of them until I suggested Dabeli and described it as spiced mashed potatoes with chilli in a sandwich. He couldn't resist the carbs on carbs ;) We happened to have most of the ingredients of the recipe we found on The Guardian (Guardian Dabeli Recipe) besides the Indian vermicelli (which we think would have been useful, it did need the crunch) so we went for it, with a few tweaks as usual, we can never just follow a recipe :) Luckily we had just bought a tamarind sauce in the Asian shop that afternoon! We didn't have soft buns but we did have some French baguette. We also made it vegan by not cooking in butter and not brushing the buns with butter as per the original recipe. We just cooked it in oil.


Meatless Monday - Broccolini, chilli, garlic and lemon pasta

Yay it is SPRING! Love me some spring veggies :) So I bought a kilo of broccolini at the market. Yup, a kilo. I had no idea how much a kilo actually was of these cute little tasty morsels! So I have had to get a little creative and make different dishes with broccolini. I managed 4 different meals before I used it all up! This is one of them and funnily enough the very next day Olive magazine posted a very similar recipe! SO I promise I didn't copy them (check my Twitter feed if you don't believe me ;) ) and here is my pasta with broccolini, chilli, garlic, lemon zest and lemon juice. Fresh and tasty and more importantly for a Monday night - super fast!

I trimmed the bottom of the stem off the long stem baby broccoli and took a couple of red chillies out of the freezer (next time I might only use one - was a little spicy!) and a couple of garlic cloves. This recipe fed me for two meals so it would feed 2 in one meal.

Meatless Monday - Mushroom Spinach Pan Cooked Dumplings

This Meatless Monday I bring you a very quick and easy recipe for dumplings that are even vegan :) Stuffed with mushrooms and spinach, these dumplings are tasty and healthy.

Nice - Spring Pasta after a lovely market shop

We had a lovely day yesterday as the weather was utterly gorgeous (spring seems to be on the way!) and we went up to the market. Spring is showing also in the produce available at Liberation market plus the prices are going down :)

This is what we made for lunch with part of our haul (see the method further down) - spring (primavera) pasta with leeks, broad beans, peas and asparagus. Yum!

We were just so happy as we walked across Cimiez to Liberation market - wouldn't you be with this kind of sun? And of course palm trees ;)

Home Cooking - Chinese / Thai Chicken with dried chillies and herbs

Hubby is finally home after ten days away! I missed him whilst he was in China, and was bored of cooking for myself every night. So I was rather rather happy when he said he was cooking over the weekend.He had a dish he liked when he was in Shanghai with a lot of fresh herbs and he wanted to recreate it and make it Thai. It will for sure make a reappearance soon on our dinner table. Read on for more :)

The idea is to fry the chicken on a very very high heat after having dropped a huge amount of dried red chilli into a spitting hot pan with some sesame oil. This ensures you end up with chicken that is still tender and jammed full of flavour! He also added spring onions (and will add more onion next time as he felt a bunch of spring onions were insufficient), red peppers and green peppers. He seasoned with fish sauce and soy sauce and then folded in coriander leaves and Thai Basil at the end. Next time he will wait even longer so they are even fresher. It could also work with some addit…

Nice - PaneOlio for Italian Aperitif and pizza

There is a new spot in Nice for after work drinks, I do love an apero spot! And this one transports us back to Italy as for a very decent price of 6 euros you get a huge glass of wine and access to the buffet! Check out just how big the glasses are! And you can also have a beer or a mixed drink from what I understand like a Spritz or a beer or a soft drink. Read in for more about the new aperitivo spot on Jean Jaures called Paneolio run by a gang of young Italian guys.