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Home Cooking - Thai Chicken Meatballs

YYUUUMMMMMMMM - I am a very lucky lady to have a husband who loves to cook. It really takes the pressure off that we both cook so we can take turns. And this turn hubby dearest decided to be creative and it was a total win! Homemade Thai Chicken Meatballs are AMAZING. Paired with two types of veggie dishes, I was over the moon Thanks my love (ie please please please make this again!)

He started by hand-mincing chicken breasts and mixing them with various Thai flavours such as lemongrass, red chilli, shallots, garlic, fish sauce, coriander leaf and stalk, kaffir lime leaves, kaffir lime juice and some black pepper. He used corn flour to bind it. All chopped by hand, no blenders were used in the making of this dish - only a big cleaver we bought in Singapore (one I am not allowed to touch ;) )

Nice - Ristorante Pizzeria Caruso - Pizza delivered by Take Eat Easy + Restaurant Visit

Pizza... nommmmmmm. LOL :) A new delivery service has opened in Nice called TakeEatEasy, started in Belgium from what I understand. My hubby was having a drink with a friend on Place Garibaldi when a lady gave him a 10 EUR discount code so when I got back from a trip to the Middle East we decided to give ordering a go. We both kind of fancied pizza and spotted Pizzeria Caruso on there, did a quick Google and found good reviews so we gave it a go. You know we love our pizza, especially Neapolitan pizza. And we really fancied the fried starters you get in Naples so our decision was made once we saw they had fried things that they delivered!

Ordering on TakeEatEasy is quite, well, easy! And the fun part is that you can track the progress via the site, including exactly where the delivery person is as they wear GPS trackers! Here is the result of our delivery order in collage form of course :)

For reference, here is the website for TakeEatEasy France (by the way, I have no link with these…

Nice - Tandoori Flame

A friend has been telling me all about one of her habitual Indian food places in Nice called Tandoori Flame on Rue Centrale. She likes it and finds it quite cheap for the quality so we wandered down one night after work. It was jammed full! I had been told that they only had a couple of tables but it seems that with the good weather they expand out onto Rue Centrale and they had at least 10 tables, all full, and even moved out their last table out whilst we waited for our takeaway food.

We asked for our food to be spicy as C told me they had asked for it but it didn't feel hot enough. The guy we assume is the owner of Tandoori Flame wanted to test our heat tolerance and brought out some papadums and a chilli (and I think coconut) sauce to see if we can handle spice. It was indeed quite spicy, the spice built up quite a bit, but it was manageable for us. So we confirmed our spicy order.

We did have to wait quite a while as Tandoori Flame was very busy but we got the food in the en…

Meatless Monday - Vegan Kashmiri Dum Aloo Muttar + Indian beans and Turmeric Rice

Kashmiri Dum Aloo Muttar with a Cashew Nut Sauce

I follow "Cookinacurry" (Maunika Gowardhan) on IG and she posted a picture of a Kashmiri Dum Aloo she had made with cashew nut sauce on IG the other day and it inspired me to give it a go the other day. I did a google search and found a recipe for Kashmiri Dum Aloo (I only realised later I should have just checked out her website!) and came across the following recipe: It used curd but I replaced that by blending cashew nuts with water into a paste.

Meatless Monday - Mushroom Stuffed Potato Patties

Yes, I know that sounds a little strange.... but it tastes lovely! This was inspired by a recipe we saw somewhere online but I can't quite remember where, sorry! Tasty, fun and vegan :) A nice change from our usual pasta dishes. We served it with a spicy tomato chutney / sauce. A really interesting dish, we enjoyed it, but we think we will make smaller patties next time. It could also work as a burger if you feel like carbo-loading :) We are growing rocket salad in the garden and I think it could complement this dish well.

First step, put on some floury potatoes (4 medium sized should be more than enough) to boil and then kick off the chutney. Basically a finely chopped red onion, loads of fresh red chilli, garlic and olive oil. Of course grind some black pepper into it and add some sea salt, I always find salt helps onion caramelise better.

Meatless Monday - Vegetarian Pad Thai

Yum! Pad Thai is one of my favourite dishes (gosh I love Thai food) and I recently realised that somehow I had never made it at home! So one sunny day, whilst my hubby chilled on the terrace and did some gardening, I threw a homemade vegetarian Pad Thai together and it was yummy!

I admit that the kitchen did look like a tornado went through it by the time I was done cooking... Oh well it as worth it! Quite a few ingredients but not as complicated as you would think.