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Doha - Bharath Vasanta Bhavan - aka I miss Dosai so much I had it delivered to my hotel ;)

I miss Southern Indian food.... It is probably the one thing I miss most about Singapore (besides my friends of course, but they can come visit ;) ). So when I went to Doha for work, I figured there were likely to be quite a few good Indian restaurants in Qatar. The customer I was visiting had many Indian guys in the meeting so I asked them! After they finished being vaguely amused about the Irish girl wanted dosai, they sent me towards Bharath Vasanta Bhavan with a map to get there.

However the taxi driver we picked wasn't actually a taxi driver and couldn't find it. I was so sad :( But then I figured I could call them and maybe they would deliver to my hotel. I called and we figured out a complicated chain of phones calls to different numbers that would then allow me to come down and pick up my order so I was totally in! I may however have ordered a little too much as I didn't manage to finish it all.... But I was so happy :)

You can find Bharath Vasanta Bhavan's men…