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Meatless Monday - Pea, Broad Bean + Mint Ravioli in Asparagus Sauce

I am so excited to share this with you! My husband really outdid himself in the "Masterchef" attempt this time. It was utterly gorgeous. Creative, pretty, healthy and tasty. Plus it included some produce from our garden! Perfection on a plate :)

So what was "it"? Hubby made pasta, stuffed it with a broad bean, pea and mint mixture to make ravioli. He then made an asparagus veloute as a sauce (we will be making this again!) and topped the whole dish with some of the peas and snow peas from our garden as well as the asparagus tips. Super yummy.

I had to have a few inside shots too, of course ;)

So what is the process? Start by making the pasta dough, let it rest. Then go on to shelling your green peas and broad beans and cook them in some boiling water.

Then you will need to do the breaking of the asparagus trick but don't throw away the woody bottom bits, put them on to boil with some water.

Chop some spring onion up. 

Fry it with some olive oil.

Mash the cooked…

Home Cooking - BBQ #2 - Red Curry Chicken, Baby Corn + Mushrooms - Thai & Cambodian Inspired

We are so taking advantage of having a BBQ and a garden! 2 nights, 2 BBQs. :) Very proud of what we brought out this time though! After a busy week at a conference I was shattered. Totally exhausted. Couldn't find my words, made very little sense. Up until we started prepping dinner. We had gotten up too late to go to the market so we had to make do with what was in our very bare (for our standards) fridge. And somehow this Masterchef style challenge totally woke me up and I went a little crazy!

So what did we have? Thai red curry chicken that was also our first attempt at spatchcocking a chicken... Cambodian inspired baby corn and grilled marinated mushrooms. And it was A M A Z I N G (if I may say so myself, I am half British after all.... and don't like to brag, but this was just soooo good!)


Let's start with the chicken. It is another case of me finding a recipe. Trying to stick to the recipe. Being unable to resist tinkering with recipe. Adding all the ext…