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Greece - Athens - Oineas for my intro to Greek Food in Greece

I have been posting things out of order, not the first nor the last time that will happen! But this meal at Oineas was actually my first in Greece, a recommendation from our first airBnB in Athens. We went in with low expectations thinking it was a little touristy-looking, but ended up glad we trusted our hosts! A great introduction for me into Greek cuisine and a precursor for the rest of the trip to come.

As we perused the menu they served us an olive tapenade and some bread. 

Note that Greece is like Italy, not like France, where you pay for the "coperto" - the bread for example is chargeable with the "setting".

We liked the look of this Volkan beer ( and we were proven right, very nice beer! Brewed in Santorini with Santorini grape honey and citrus with lava rock filter.  We also liked that it is Greece Debt Free product and money gets donated towards reducing the Greek debt.

Here is what we ordered, first we got the Greek Eggplant dip (Me…

Greece - Hydra / Idra - Ostria Restaurant

I love restaurants with mixed reviews :) Especially when the negative ones are about the owners having character! Nothing encourages me more to go to a restaurant than when the reviews say things like "awesome food, service sucks". That was the case for Ostria, and we found the service perfectly pleasant. But it did appears that if you got on the wrong side of the owners you may not enjoy it as much as we did, so just don't behave horribly :) Be a normal human being and you should have a lovely meal at Ostria!

Again, the portion size took us by surprise. We had wanted to order yet another dish to share but were advised against it, being told we had ordered enough. I love that :) Instead of trying to extract money from you, restaurants should help you order what you can and should eat.

Here is the Ostria menu on the wall outside:

Ostria is at the meeting of a couple of roads just behind the port of Hydra town, with a small indoors part, a part on the restaurant's terr…

Greece - Hydra / Idra - Téchnē Restaurant & Social for an up-market tasty meal

This is one of the cases where Foursquare failed me. We nearly didn't eat at Téchnē because its score on Foursquare was only 7.5/10. It was highly rated on Tripadvisor though and I was hot and bored of walking so when they managed to find us a table in their busy garden we decided to give it a go. I am glad we did as we had a couple of outstanding dishes! One I can't wait to make myself at home! So I guess the lesson is I can't trust only one guide and ignore the others, balanced view is crucial.

Here is my usual collage of dishes - nom nom nom :) There were so many starters / small plates that we wanted to try that we went for a mezze approach and just shared the small dishes on the menu, leaving the mains for another trup to Hydra (we will be back, we loved it!)

We asked for advice on the wine and ended up with the lovely dry white from Drama called Thema.

Grilled sardine fillets, tomato & caper dressing was G's first choice, so pretty - 9 EUR:

Grilled broccoli, …