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London - Yalla Yalla for Gorgeous Lebanese Food

I love Foursquare and also, but a little less, Yelp. I am bored of TripAdvisor, bored of wading through the fake reviews, the petty 1 stars and the lies. Bored of it. But so far Foursquare has never led me astray, anything over an 8 out of 10 is worth checking out and anything above a 9 is going to be awesome! Foursquare led me to Yalla Yalla and yet again, Foursquare was right. And yet again I was loving staying in Soho as all these amazing restaurants are just around the corner!

Here is an overview of some of the food I had at Yalla Yalla, only some, what I ate there, as I ended up taking food away with me back to Nice hahahaha!

The Yalla Yalla menu can be found on their website but here is what was on offer at the Green's Court location I went to:

I was there during lunch and watched people coming for takeaway lunch and calling up to get a takeaway prepared for them. 

Here is the drink menu, Foursquare had oriented me towards the mint apple ginger lemonade and they were right!

London - Hoppers or "we miss Sri Lankan food so much!"

We miss Sri Lankan food, we soooooo miss Sri Lankan food! We are not too bad at cooking it ourselves but I haven't managed dosa or hopper yet. I really should give it a go properly with the 36h fermentation etc, but in the mean time we tend to stick to rice and curry.

So when we were booked to go to London, Hoppers was a top priority on our list. We tried to get in with 2 friends on Saturday night and were told not possible all night for 4, and for 2 it was a 2h30 wait! So we planned to go back on Monday (they are closed on Sunday) and book a table as early as possible. We got there at 6pm and walked right in somehow! We never eat that early but for Hoppers, we made an exception.

I was so happy to come back to those familiar gorgeous flavours. I adore Sri Lanka and Sri Lankan food and really miss my trips to that gorgeous country. Oh well! Europe is cool too ;)

Hoppers, whilst costing a lot more than Sri Lanka (to be expected), does maintain the authenticity of the Sri Lankan cuis…

London - HipChips - rather tasty crisps!

OK, I will admit it, I walked past HipChips and declared it to be "so wanky". I believed it too. But then I saw people waiting (whom I ended up in front of in the queue LOL) and got curious and just had to go in and check it out when it opened at 1200 (which was in 3 minutes by this point).

I am happy to be proven wrong in this case. I was fascinated by the concept of all the different specialty potatoes and the idea of the dips, though I couldn't bring myself to go sweet and just stuck to savoury. I will now rename HipChips as Hipster (so still acceptable though a little strange) rather than wanky hahaahha

We went twice, and this is the only shot I have where you can see the different potato colours clearly but we had already eaten half of the box by then. I love that there were pink potatoes, purple potatoes, different coloured skin potatoes :)

The packaging is very hipster but cute and practical for transporting them.

Here is the menu with the different varieties of p…