London - HipChips - rather tasty crisps!

OK, I will admit it, I walked past HipChips and declared it to be "so wanky". I believed it too. But then I saw people waiting (whom I ended up in front of in the queue LOL) and got curious and just had to go in and check it out when it opened at 1200 (which was in 3 minutes by this point).

I am happy to be proven wrong in this case. I was fascinated by the concept of all the different specialty potatoes and the idea of the dips, though I couldn't bring myself to go sweet and just stuck to savoury. I will now rename HipChips as Hipster (so still acceptable though a little strange) rather than wanky hahaahha

We went twice, and this is the only shot I have where you can see the different potato colours clearly but we had already eaten half of the box by then. I love that there were pink potatoes, purple potatoes, different coloured skin potatoes :)

The packaging is very hipster but cute and practical for transporting them.

Here is the menu with the different varieties of potatoes and the various sweet and savoury dips. Different numbers of dips come with the different sizes and you can also add some more at a cost.

It was seeing the different coloured potatoes that convinced me to go in!

Both times we went for the 4.50 GBP - the small size which comes with 2 dips, it is more than enough for 2 people! You can go for medium with 3 dips for 6.75 GBP and a large for 11.50 GBP with 6 dips. An extra dip is 1 pound and we found the quantity served more than sufficient.

This is the savoury selection, some of which are permanently on the menu, others that are specials. We tried the Veggie Ceviche and the Baba Ganoush. We really liked the veggie ceviche which was fresh and vibrant with a lot of cumin, I love cumin!

And we also tried the wild garlic sauce which was a seasonal special. You can then top it off with some nuts or seeds, I chose pine nuts. 

And here are the sweet options - I just couldn't do it though I do sometimes like mixing salty crisps with chocolate, or McDonalds chips with their soft serve ice cream... I am strange I know!

They really fill up the box as much as they can, it just about closes when they have stuffed it with all the yummy crisps :)

 The unveiling:

And the dips we chose the first time - the veggie ceviche with tomato, lime, chilli, coriander and red onion plus the wild garlic with pine nuts. We also had the baba ganoush - smokey aubergine, yoghurt and garlic.

But just look at all the crisps! Hubby loved the red skinned ones, I was quite fond of the pink ones all the way through.

Here were the potato types that were mixed together (taken from the HipChips website -

It’s red. Really red. Named after the Duke of Burgundy, who enjoyed it at the Savoy Hotel.

Long, fluffy and purple. But don’t let that put you off.

You know what’s better than salad? Crisps. But back before fryers, the Victorians bred this novelty variety.

Has a delicate, sweet flavour at odds with its dark purple, nearly black colour. A complex carbohydrate indeed.

What’s pink, white and famously knobbly? This potato, first brought over from France.

Oval with a distinctive dark purple colour. Show it some love – it’s officially registered as a ‘Forgotten Food’.

The deep red skin of this potato gets fantastically crispy during cooking.

How could I not love this? It is a potato wonderland aka Irish heaven! Not the one with the fighting and the drinking and stuff or the Tír na nÓg but the one with loads and loads of spuds :)

Check it out if you are in Soho and fancy a snack - I did love staying in hipster-central that is Soho, so many fun things to try out :)

49 Old Compton St, Soho, London W1D 6HL, UK


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