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London - Hoppers or "we miss Sri Lankan food so much!"

We miss Sri Lankan food, we soooooo miss Sri Lankan food! We are not too bad at cooking it ourselves but I haven't managed dosa or hopper yet. I really should give it a go properly with the 36h fermentation etc, but in the mean time we tend to stick to rice and curry.

So when we were booked to go to London, Hoppers was a top priority on our list. We tried to get in with 2 friends on Saturday night and were told not possible all night for 4, and for 2 it was a 2h30 wait! So we planned to go back on Monday (they are closed on Sunday) and book a table as early as possible. We got there at 6pm and walked right in somehow! We never eat that early but for Hoppers, we made an exception.

I was so happy to come back to those familiar gorgeous flavours. I adore Sri Lanka and Sri Lankan food and really miss my trips to that gorgeous country. Oh well! Europe is cool too ;)

Hoppers, whilst costing a lot more than Sri Lanka (to be expected), does maintain the authenticity of the Sri Lankan cuisine we know and love. Here is an overview of what we had :)

Menu - an up to date menu can be found on the Hoppers site - but here is the menu we had when we went:

We both decided we wanted to start with a cocktail. I picked a Sambol Garita - 9GBP which was very tasty with Green Pepper Tequila, Lime Pickle, Fresh Lime and Toasted Coconut Salt. Yummy and fresh.

Hubby picked the Arrack Attacked - love the name! 8.5GBP and contains Arrack, Lime, Bitters and House Ginger Beer.

This was the first delivery of yumminess. Hubby's egg hopper (4.5 GBP) with the Sri Lankan sambols - Pol Sambol, Seeni Sambol, Coriander Chutney (+1.5 GBP). He chose the Sri Lankan Black Pork curry / kari which he adored (7GBP). He was in heaven with his egg hopper, he says he could eat them daily! And we also had the potato fry - 3.5GBP which was lovely and got texture from the channa lentils in there.

A close up of the soft spiced potatoes with softened onions and lentils.

A closer shot of hubby's egg hopper covered in black pepper. Sri Lankan cuisine is heavy on the black pepper and super tasty for it.

And his black pork curry topped with some fresh coconut.

The sambols including the seeni (onion) sambol that I always loved in Sri Lanka.

This is the Brinjal Moju (aka aubergine pickle) for 2 EUR which gave some variation in flavour and texture.

I was never a huge gotukola fan but my husband is, he is a big lover of bitter flavours, a lot more than I am, so he had to have the gotukola sambol (3GBP) which is gotukola greens (pennywort) with onion, coconut, lime juice, chilli etc. He really enjoyed it.

Here is his loaded egg hopper :)

Over to what I ordered. I went for pol roti which I did share with my husband - 2GBP each. Pol roti are coconut flat breads / roti that were served topped with freshly grated coconut. Hubby says mine are better LOL - These were very nice, don't get me wrong, and they are great to go with the curries, but yes, I do make a mean pol roti myself!

A table shot.

And then my food arrived yay! I went for the podi dosa for 4.5 GBP (Hoppers describes podi as coarse spicy powder mix of ground dry spices and seeds and dosa as pancake made from a fermented lentil and rice batter) with Coriander Chutney, Tomato Chutney, Coconut Chutney for an additional 1.5 GBP. And I also ordered the chicken curry (7GBP) which reminded just how much better the curries are with fresh curry leaves, I miss fresh curry leaves guys! Anyone who knows how I can get them in Nice would be my new hero!

I love Sri Lankan curry, love love love love love love love it and this was a good one. I would say the portion is not large, so it won't fill you, it had 2 pieces of chicken in there, but it was tasty and I finished all the sauce off with the dosa and pol roti! I love the coconut sauce with the black pepper and chillies and fresh curry leaves. Nom.

The chutneys to go with the dosai, my fav is usually the pink one!

An inside shot of the dosa for my friend K - lovely and spicy and crispy

I love podi dosa as it starts out all innocuous and flavourful and it builds and builds and builds until your mouth is on fire! Love it.

I finished this all off :) Amazing on the pol roti and fun to dip the dosa in too.

Another (full) table shot :) Very good meal overall.

As I said... Not cheap! But worth it as a treat for those of us who are nostalgic for the beautiful Serendib.

49 Frith St, Soho, London W1D 4SG, UK


  1. Interesting - I didn't love the black pork to be honest but there were some great dishes that's for sure 😍


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