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London - Yalla Yalla for Gorgeous Lebanese Food

I love Foursquare and also, but a little less, Yelp. I am bored of TripAdvisor, bored of wading through the fake reviews, the petty 1 stars and the lies. Bored of it. But so far Foursquare has never led me astray, anything over an 8 out of 10 is worth checking out and anything above a 9 is going to be awesome! Foursquare led me to Yalla Yalla and yet again, Foursquare was right. And yet again I was loving staying in Soho as all these amazing restaurants are just around the corner!

Here is an overview of some of the food I had at Yalla Yalla, only some, what I ate there, as I ended up taking food away with me back to Nice hahahaha!

The Yalla Yalla menu can be found on their website but here is what was on offer at the Green's Court location I went to:

I was there during lunch and watched people coming for takeaway lunch and calling up to get a takeaway prepared for them. 

Here is the drink menu, Foursquare had oriented me towards the mint apple ginger lemonade and they were right!

A quick shot of the inside of the restaurant, it isn't huge but I came early so I got a nice seat on one of the benches around the side. I do like the little yellow stools!

A quick shot of the various wraps on offer for takeaway. 4 GBP to 4.50 GBP is a decent price for the size and quality! And the desserts :)

The famous (and deservedly so) lemonade with ginger, apple and mint. Very odd colour (I was warned) but don't get worried about that, it tastes amazing and isn't overly sweet. 2.95 GBP

My lemonade was delivered with the baba ganoush - 6 GBP. Foursquare had recommended both the hummus and the baba ganoush and I couldn't decide, so I asked the waitress which one she would recommend and she emphatically suggested the baba ganoush. I always do what I am told right? ;) I got the baba ganoush and did not regret it in the slightest. The pomegranate seeds, the herbs and the citrus from the lemon was yummy! It came with 3 slightly warmed fresh pita bread and I was very happy.

A closer shot of the lovely smoked aubergine, tahini and lemon dip. The mint was a great fragrant foil to the smokey aubergine and juicy sour pomegranate. The pita was soft and slightly chewy which was perfect.

If I was happy with the baba ganoush, I was ecstatic with my other choice! This chicken samboussek was stunning. 5.50 GBP

Freshly made to order like all the dishes at Yalla Yalla, this was a crispy flaky parcel of goodness. The filling was slow roasted pulled chicken, sumac, garlic and onions, topped with sesame seeds. It was beautiful!! So soft but crisp and flavoursome and I want to make it myself!! Sooooooooo good.

I enjoyed my lunch so much that I decided I needed to take food away with me to take on the plane home. BA has started charging for food so I felt like I might as well pay for yumminess. With this in mind I ordered some hummus and a falafel wrap. It came all nicely packaged with sauces and pita.

However.... I realised that they may well take it off me at security! Sauces are liquid and hummus could be considered a paste... and I wasn't willing to take the risk. I checked it with my suitcase (I had done a quick Oxford Street trip so needed to check in a bag on the way back whereas I didn't on the way to London....)

So instead of a snack on the plane, the hummus (5 GBP) and falafel wrap (4 GBP) became my dinner once I got home. The hummus was very nice but I think indeed the baba ganoush edged it.

The falafel wrap was huge!

Very good deal for 4 GBP. The falafel were still moist even after flying across the continent.

The wrap had tomato, pickled turnip, lettuce and a citrus tahini sauce. Nom nom nom.

Crispy soft falafel :)

You can see the pickles in there in this shot. It was really good I will be honest!

Especially topped with that lovely chilli sauce which was so well rounded. Very nice wrap indeed!

Nom nom nom nom. Yalla Yalla is yummy!

I was happily eating and told my Singapore buddy group on Whatsapp where I was and my lovely friend N said she used to eat at Yalla Yalla when she worked in London and was happy I enjoyed it! It is really tasty, I told recommend you check it out if you are in the area. Loved it.

Yalla Yalla
1 Green's Ct, Soho, London W1F 0HA, UK
+44 20 7287 7663


  1. Yum! so glad you found it, was a fave of mine when I worked in soho. I agree 4square is generally pretty good, even here! Really loving the new blog design and happy to see all the new posts xxx


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