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Nice - O'Morena Varied Brunch in Old Nice

We recently joined some friends for brunch in Vieux Nice at O'Morena on a cute little side street of the old town. I love the winding road with the lovely colourful buildings.

At night O'Morena is a tapas bar but on the weekend it is open for brunch both Saturday and Sunday. I keep meaning to go one evening for some snacks but keep forgetting. Luckily I have organised friends to make sure I do try brunch occasionally!

What is really handy about O'Morena is the variety of choice and the ability to do a kind of brunch menu vs going a la carte. I, being the picky person that I am, chose to go a la carte but most of the gang picked one of the pre-defined brunch options.

You can see the menu here: but the general idea is you pay 25 EUR and get a full breakfast, hot and cold drinks, a choice of brunch platters and a dessert. Not bad!

Here are some of my a la carte picks, but more further down the post:

If you get the full brunch you get jams an…

Nice - Au Vieux Four for thin crust pizza, pasta & meats

I can't believe I haven't posted about Au Vieux Four yet! Naughty naughty me considering we used to pretty much live there, still visit quite often and have colleagues who book their hotel when they visit close by on purpose. I am a big fan of Neapolitan pizza but I do like a bit of thin crust occasionally too and Au Vieux Four does a lovely wood-oven fired version.

I always appreciate a restaurant that provide proper sea salt and decent pepper, ideally where you can grind it yourself. So tick on this one and free olives for those who like them (like hubby).

And a good-enough house rose by the carafe. 12.50EUR for the 0.75L of wine.

I do have to say their bread is awesome, sourdough which is soft and fluffy whilst crisp and charred on top. Tasty.

One of our colleagues loves their take on a goats cheese salad so they ordered that to start with.

They don't only do pizza though that is all I ever order, they also do pasta dishes and meats. Hubby loves their lasagna that they …

Nice - Joya Lifestyle Store Brunch

Another weekend, another brunch tested with friends. This time we checked out Joya Lifestyle which is a lifestyle shop as well as a restaurant and now brunch spot. The food is quite high end rather than home style and everything we had was very good quality. Good location as well on Place du Pin (one of the "hipper" areas of Nice) and inside is very current.

A quick preview of some of the offerings which change season by season, we went in March...

You can sit outside but we had a table booked inside as the weather wasn't great. But in summer it could be pleasant to watch the world go by on Place du Pin.

Here is the Jya Brunch menu:

View towards the square. 

We had a large round table towards the back with the food being on the right side. I was constantly a little paranoid that I would break all the lovely kitchenware next to me!

I can imagine apero time being nice with friends at these long high tables…