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Meatless Monday - Greek Courgette and Mint Fritters (Kolokithokeftedes but Dairy Free)

We just got back from Greece, more about that on the blog soon, but as you can imagine - I loved the food! One of my favourite discoveries (well, I didn't *discover* it generally, it was just new to me!) was courgette and mint fritters! Most of them had feta in, but some places did them without but then the texture was a bit drier. I decided to recreate these courgette fritters (Kolokithokeftedes in Greek for the ones with cheese) but make them dairy-free as the texture on the cheesy ones looked amazing!

Here is the result:

Soooooo good. Ended up making them twice in the same weekend :) This post combines the results of both attempts. They are pretty easy to make (just a little messy) and they were lovely both times.

They go nice and soft inside and a little crispy on the outside and they don't get very oily which was a pleasant surprise.

Yum yum yum. I love courgette season! And this is a great way to use up your glut if you are growing them in the garden. You don't even …

Nice - Di Yar for upscale Lebanese food

Another place we have discovered through ordering in is Di Yar. We had always walked past it in the Old Town and never stopped in as we assumed it would be a tourist trap but I now happily admit we were wrong. :) I saw good reviews on various applications and friends had recommended it so one lazy evening we ordered in. The pictures of that visit are down the bottom of the posts (as they weren't as pretty ;) ) and the first set of pictures are from when we then tried it in the restaurant. I do love trying new places with little effort, and if it delivers well you can be pretty sure it will be even better when you visit them.

Before we ordered we received some nuts, olives and pickled carrots.

It has a heated terrace in winter but we didn't fancy sitting outside so here is a quick shot of the restaurant. In summer I would choose to sit outside as it is just next to the Prefecture and loads of people wander past, great people watching spot!

G ordered the kibbeh.

We also ordered …

Nice - Kililie's Cafe for Brunch

On a bit of a "brunch places in Nice" kick at the moment as I catch up on the blog posts that are very much overdue. Here is another place we went to with our friends N and R who are always up to date with where we should be heading on weekend mornings. This time we picked Kililie's on Rue Delille.

The appeal with Kililie's lies in the homemade offerings and the wide variety of food to pick from, both savoury and sweet. It is all sorts of fancy but there is so much choice and it has a warm fuzzy feeling of food that will remind you of your grandmother (in a nice familiar way).

Unlimited food for 23 EUR is a good deal! (This s an old picture, the price is now 23 euros and still a good deal!)

A quick look around inside. It was busy!

But there was plenty of food to go around.

The food is lined up down one side of the restaurant, starting with the fridge. And the toaster for the sliced bread plus all sorts of sweet options :) 

All the toppings you need for your pancakes …