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Greece - Hydra / Idra - Téchnē Restaurant & Social for an up-market tasty meal

This is one of the cases where Foursquare failed me. We nearly didn't eat at Téchnē because its score on Foursquare was only 7.5/10. It was highly rated on Tripadvisor though and I was hot and bored of walking so when they managed to find us a table in their busy garden we decided to give it a go. I am glad we did as we had a couple of outstanding dishes! One I can't wait to make myself at home! So I guess the lesson is I can't trust only one guide and ignore the others, balanced view is crucial.

Here is my usual collage of dishes - nom nom nom :) There were so many starters / small plates that we wanted to try that we went for a mezze approach and just shared the small dishes on the menu, leaving the mains for another trup to Hydra (we will be back, we loved it!)

We asked for advice on the wine and ended up with the lovely dry white from Drama called Thema.

Grilled sardine fillets, tomato & caper dressing was G's first choice, so pretty - 9 EUR:

Grilled broccoli, …

Meatless Monday - Oven baked beans, sun-dried tomatoes and mushrooms

I think I may have been running a little low on protein and B vitamins because I had been craving beans all week. So come the weekend and I decided to rustle something up now my husband is home (he was away for 10 days on a business trip). I had to start the day before as the beans need some soaking first, so I popped them in some water the afternoon before and stored them in the fridge overnight. It was fun to see them plump up as time went on.

This is the result - I felt that the beans would need to be intensified with herbs, sun-dried tomatoes and mushrooms (both fresh and bottled ceps). Result = super tasty and may become a staple for winter time.

So as mentioned, I had soaked these overnight (I used about 500g of white beans - enough for 4 servings) and then I brought them up to the boil and cooked them for about 20 minutes. Skim off the scum that will form on top.

In the mean time I squashed and sliced about 4 cloves of garlic.

Picked some rosemary sprigs from the garden and lo…

Greece - Athens - Garyfallo Kanela (Γαρύφαλλο Κανέλα) for Gorgeous Homecooking

Our second airBnB in Athens recommended Garyfallo Kanela for proper Greek food so we decided to check it out for lunch after overheating at the Acropolis. And yummy it was! Totally home-cooking-style and tasty, we would go back for sure. We saw dishes there we hadn't seen in any other restaurants yet in Greece and really enjoyed our laid-back lunch.

Our spoils:

I get the feeling that Garyfallo Kanela cooks up some batches of food in the morning and serves until they have sold out. Closed in the evenings (we found this out the night before when we tried to go there for dinner!)
You get to pick from various vats of tasty looking meals:

Here is what we chose from Garyfallo Kanela's huge offering:

We couldn't decide on just one meal each and luckily Garyfallo Kanela does half portions too, so we could both pick a meal and then share half a portion of the stuffed vegetables. You could pick from various different veggies and this gorgeous red pepper caught my eye so I went with …