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February's food so far - What a month....

February has been a little crazy for hubby and I so far, he has done 14 flights by mid Feb, and I did a round the world trip. So we are a little tired! Plus we were burgled end of Jan, so have a lot of paperwork and admin to sort out. This has left us rather exhausted and, as always in these situations, I have ended up with a horrid cold!

I want however to start blogging again, so I am starting a little easily, with a quick overview of our month so far in food. I will follow up with detailed posts about each of the restaurants, but at least you get an idea of what we have been up to!

On a side note, we were in India in November (also need to get blogging about that!) and I have started posting some of the pictures on Instagram. Come find me @dmc1982nice for some of our Kerala pictures, especially from our houseboat stay in the backwaters. Here is a sneak preview but come follow me on Instagram for more:

So on to the food. Well, as you can imagine, there will be quite lounge-heavy as I…