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24h in Rome = FOOD FOOD FOOD and loads of walking!

You saw our London weekend, well we couldn't get back to Nice when we wanted to (stupid MIPIM property conference in Cannes meaning BA was charging an outrageous 500EUR one way in Economy per person) so we just tacked a day on to our trip and headed to Rome for the night. We had been missing my favourite city on the planet any way so didn't need much encouraging. As it stands, the London-Rome plus the Rome-Nice plus the hotel and the taxis and food and drink cost less than the 2 London Nice flights would have. So we see that as a win!

What did we do in Rome? Well.... what we always do. Walk a lot and eat pizza. What else is there to do?

We stayed very centrally, on Via del Governo Vecchio which is a great location, you can walk everywhere. Our first stop on our latest pizza pilgrimage was Pizza Florida. I had never been before but had seen some great reviews of what seemed like just any old pizza slice place but it was closed on our previous trips to Rome. We walked in, still thinking it looked pretty standard though it was pretty busy mid afternoon and happy looking people were wandering out with pizza slices folded in two in their mouths.

I will write up a more detailed post but ok, I get it now. It was very nice and had some creative options available. I couldn't walk past the potato, porcini and mushroom pizza. And the hubby devoured the provola and courgette slice. The crust is nice and fluffy, a good solid pizza slice place that I would indeed recommend. Bonus - it is right by the cats on Torre Argentina :)

One slice was not enough considering we had been partying the night before, got up early and flew down to Rome, skipping lunch. So come 4pm I was starving and informed my husband of what would happen if I wasn't fed and quickly! So we continued on to Forno Roscioli for more pizza slices :)

They are as good as last time we went, their red pizza is really tasty! So visit Forno Roscioli when you are close to Campo de' Fiori.  We also had spicy broccoli and a porcini and aubergine pizza. We didn't manage to finish them all but they were happy to wrap them up for us to take away.

We were pretty full at this point and so we headed home to digest a little. We then fancied apero but I was intent (I get pretty focused when it comes to wanting to hit all the spots on my list) on getting to the Forno Campo de' Fiori as it is awesome. So I did.

Katie Parla recommends their pizza bianca (white pizza) which is a thing of beauty, simple and gorgeous. Just a nice chewy and crispy base topped with olive oil and salt. What else could you want?

And I took a pizza rossa for the road, red pizza, just simple tomato on a thin crisp base. SO GOOD.

It is yummy cold too :) So another address to check out - just don't go mid afternoon as Forno Campo de' Fiori is closed. So earlier or later. 

Next we stopped for a drink. I had a Greco di Tufo as I love it, and G had a Falanghina, also good. Wine by the glass at Bottiglieria Il Nolano on Campo de' Fiori - all wines are 4EUR and a decent pour.

Next step was the only restaurant we had decided for sure when we would visit it, as we haven't managed to go to Remo for 5 years! We love Pizzeria Da Remo in Testaccio, really one of the top places for pizza in Rome. We walked there, multiple kilometres away, 35min which made our feet hurt but totally worth it. We got a table without waiting as we were willing to sit outside which we didn't mind as it was heated. We ordered our fried stuff as no pizza meal is complete without fried stuff! A suppli (mozzarella, tomato and rice) and 2 potato crochette - yum.

A tomato bruschetta is also a must have before pizza, especially when the bread is light and crisp and nicely charred.

And then for the main event - pizza!!! Remo does very thin crust pizza, cooked in an wood-burning oven and they come out nicely charred. I do find that Roman pizzas do need that char. I had the bufala (buffalo mozzarella) and hubby had the anchovy pizza. We left very happy and full, though a couple of hours later we were fine again as they are actually quite easy to digest. A must-do for any pizza lover in Rome.

Next day we wanted to go for a wander and have a coffee before lunch. And there is only one place for coffee in Rome. Well not really, but Caffe Sant'Eustachio is a well renowned spot in Rome. I love this bag :)

Then we went to my favourite spot in Rome - the Pantheon. As gorgeous as ever.

And then to a gorgeous church around the corner - Santa Maria Sopra Minerva. So beautiful.

With a happy heffalump outside! I do love elephants and this one is joyous. :)

Even if he is carrying a heavy obelisk on his back. G informed me there are more obelisks in Rome than anywhere else in the world.

Then we went to Piazza Navona.

And I giggled at a lot of the statues.

Look at the poor horsey's face!

We then went on to one of our favourite places in Rome, La Montecarlo  for lunch. We always have to go there when in Rome. Their tomato bruschetta is amazing.

As are their suppli and crochette.

And their pasta! Though I regretted not ordering a pizza and have to go back soon :)

Then we continued to wander. I love Rome, it really is my favourite city on the planet. Look at this gorgeous sky and the beautiful buildings.

And some graffiti of course. At this point our feet hurt really badly having walked from Campo de' Fiori to Piazza di Spagna, to the Vatican and on to Pizzarium our target destination.

ALL THE PIZZA!!! Love Pizzarium, Bonci is a genius, it is my happy place, it really is.

Here is our haul to be eaten at the airport:

Then we walked back towards our hotel for a last apero on Campo de' Fiori, again at Il Nolano.

Sneak peek at my pizza again, I did eat a piece of the potato pizza when it was still warm.

Yum. Check out the bubbles, Bonci's pizza is so light and fluffy with an intense potato and mozzarella topping.

This was random but super tasty, tomato base with fior di latte mozzarella, mushrooms and hazelnuts. Yes, hazelnuts. Odd but so good. Added a whole new level of flavour to the pizza, really elevated it.

And I adore a simple rossa - this one being much thicker than the thin crust Roman slices I had been eating before. And the hole with the glug of olive oil was so much fun.

Campo de' Fiori is so pretty and chilled when not too busy.

Then we headed back to the airport where we devoured the rest of the pizza bianca from Forno Campo de' Fiori.

And all the Pizzarium pizza.

We then flew home, sad to be leaving Rome but knowing we will return as we always do... All roads lead to Rome!


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