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Nice - Restaurant Mian for real authentic Chinese food in Nice!

Who would have thought.... there is an actual authentic Chinese restaurant in Nice! They hail from the Hunan area of China (I think!) and cook a variety of food including some Xi'an classics like BiangBiang Mian. We have been twice so far and have really enjoyed what we have eaten, it reminds my husband of dishes he had in Shanghai when he went a lot for work. He loved his pork noodles, I think the freshly made chicken spring rolls are awesome and we love the chili sesame oil :)

Visit 1

We wandered past on a sunny December day and were intrigued. I stopped, took a few pictures of the menu for future reference and we continued on into the old town as we had decided to eat at a specific place. However, once we got there and saw it was empty, we ran away (as we saw a staff member about to come out and talk to us!) and headed back up Republique to Mian. Hubby had been dreaming about the noodles from the second he saw the menu so he was elated.

We got a table and were reassured by the number of Chinese-looking people eating there. We were the only table without a Chinese person so that was a good sign!

This is the menu they had the first time we went to Mian, but it had changed by the second visit so maybe it will change more frequently, I don't know. But it had expanded by our next visit.

I admit that I used google translate to understand some of the dishes as the French description meant nothing to me LOL. Though even the translations didn't always help :) I ended up just asking them what was vegetarian or with chicken and ordered that.

Always love to have some OGC Nice memorabilia on the walls :)

Hubby went for the steamed pork dumplings. Love the plates!

Quick inside shot:

I had super yummy spring rolls. We both went for the lunch menu of a starter and noodles plus a drink for 15 euros.

And of course another inside shot, wouldn't want to disappoint. Very nice!

And even better with some of their homemade chili sauce - super super spicy!


On to the noodles. Hubby chose the pork and mushroom soupy noodles with a decent dose of chili, some veggies, herbs and a boiled egg.

Very happy hubby.

We also ordered a side of greens as we always love some stir fried veggies. We chose "chou Shanghai" with garlic. Also tasty. Maybe a bit on the expensive side at 8 euros but nice.

I chose something I had never heard of before and it kind of blew my mind. A flavour profile that was really unfamiliar to me! It was called Youpo noodles on the menu, but after some googling it seems to be better known as Bian(g) Bian(g) Mian. Noodles that get hot oil flavoured with chili poured over them and tossed in black vinegar. It was the black vinegar that messed with my mind, very interesting! Served with some blanched greens it was really odd but super tasty, with nice chewy noodles.

All sorts of chili oil yum :) Some green onion and garlic. Tasty!

Visit 2

After a long week we decided after our usual apero at Giuseppe e Peppino to go back to Mian for noodles. Hubby was craving noodles :)

We discovered that the menu had expanded which was a pleasant surprise, there were more things I could eat which was a bonus. We picked the house rose which was ok, drinkable but not amazing.

We went with the chicken nems again, still as good. He was a little bemused when we asked for soy sauce (yes, I like my fried spring rolls with some soy) and the spicy chili oil. But we knew it from last time and wanted it even if it came with safety warnings!

You can see the chili oil on the left, much more fun than sweet chili sauce :)

I decided I didn't want noodles so I went for a new addition to the menu - Kung Pao Chicken over rice for 9.50 EUR. More than I could actually finish! Came with a spicy warning but I didn't find it so hot so added more chili oil hahaha. We did tell him we were of English origin, have lived in Singapore and can take the heat.

I do love Mian's plates! Mian means noodles by the way.

G tried a new type of noodle, he picked the beef noodles with Chinese 5 spice. He really liked it but not quite as much as the pork noodles from the first visit. He did mention the beef was cooked really well. He had a choice of size (he went for the large and regretted it as he couldn't finish!) and of noodle type, he went for thin noodles (I would have picked thick noodles as I love them but that's just me).

And a side of greens.

Quick table shot. All in all a good couple of meals, tasting authentic which is a change and not too expensive. Worth trying!

Most recent visit:

I had tofu with mushrooms and peppers

Hubby had cumin lamb

Our friend had Peking roast duck and some fried dumplings:

36 (A) Avenue de la République Restaurant MIAN, 06300 Nice


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