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About me 

English/Irish expat based in Nice
. Born in London, moved to Hampshire then to the suburbs of Lyon in France aged 9. After 5.5 years there we moved to near Montreal in Canada for 2 years. Aged 16 we moved back to Europe, near Amsterdam in The Netherlands. I went to the International School in Hilversum for 2 years studying for the International Baccalaureate. I then studied in Maastricht, did an exchange for 6 months in Rome then I moved to the South of France for an internship because I couldn't face moving back up North after living in Italy! I was hired at the end of my internship (after 3 month writing my thesis at my parents near Toulouse) and then 6.5 years later I moved to Singapore with my boyfriend. We spent two and a half amazing years in Singapore, exploring South East Asia (and we got married too!) and then we returned to Nice recently.

I love to eat, to cook, to travel, to take photos, to shop, to do yoga and various other things I am sure I am forgetting. Some other things I adore: chocolate, potatoes, dogs, wine, beaches, friends, family and fun!

I am finding that Nice hasn't changed radically since we left, but there are some nice new additions, some more "hipster" joints, more international food, more nice cozy bars. This makes me very excited to rediscover my hometown, and eat all the food! And of course blog along the way :)

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  1. I noticed on a recent post that you had ice cream with bacon bits for dessert. How was it? It doesn't sound like the best combination to me. I guess if I were hungry enough I'd eat it! Were there any other options on the dessert menu?

    1. A friend ordered it and was quiet the whole time he ate it, he said it was the best dessert he had in a long time! I ordered the salted chocolate lava cake - nom nom nom :)

  2. Hi,
    Sougata here, another fellow expat. Moving to Singapore from South Africa. I am Indian by nationality. Really interesting facts about Singapore am getting from reading your blog. I have been living as an expat since the last 7 years in different countries and must say Singapore has its own beauties.. haha...




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