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Eating out in Nice

Menton - Mauro Colagreco's 2 Michelin star Restaurant Mirazur

Where to eat vegan and vegetarian / veggie food in Nice

Best Places to Eat and Drink in Nice, France
Lini's Choices for the French Riviera, Monaco, Liguria
Tips for Liguria, just over the border in Italy

2 weeks in Nice in food
Nice - 100% Tacos for Mexican food
Nice - Acchiardo for proper local Nicois food
Nice - Acqua e Farina for pizza and pasta
Nice - Al Taglio for pizza by the slice on Rue Droite
Nice - Aradhana for Sri Lankan and Indian food
Nice - Arlequin Gelati for amazing ice cream
Nice - Au Fut et a Mesure for self tapped beer by the volume 
Nice - Au Rendez Vous des Amis for nicois food in the hills
Nice - Au Vieux Four for thin crust pizza, pasta and meat
Nice - Le Banthai for good Thai food
Nice - Big Fernand - The new burger kid on the block
Nice - Café de Max for great coffee
Nice - Cafe Quartier for American Street food, great burgers
Nice - Ristorante Pizzeria Caruso for Pizza delivered by TakeEatEasy
Nice - Castel Plage for our traditional birthday lunch with rose
Nice - Chez Fabien for a meat-fest on the Place du Pin
Nice - Chez Pipo for socca and rose
Nice - Le Cafe des Chineurs for nice relaxed drinks and food
Nice - le Comptoir du Marche
Nice - Delhi Belhi for good Northern Indian in Vieux Nice
Nice - Deli Bo for gorgeous patisseries
Nice - Deli Bo Boutique for beautiful desserts to take away
ice - Di Yar for upscale Lebanese in the Old Town
Nice- Doobi's Falafel for Israeli food CLOSED :(
Nice - El Merkado for great cocktails and tapas
Nice - Giuseppe e Peppino for Happy Hour
Nice - Le Grec Imperial for delivered Greek food
Nice - Joe and the Juice - Nice Airport
Nice - JOYA Lifestyle store for brunch
Nice - Juke House for great happy hour cocktails
Nice - Kililie's Resto Brunch for homestyle buffet brunch
Nice - L'atelier de Julien in Riquier for good pizza
Nice - L'EssenCiel - Lovely rooftop bar at Splendid Hotel 
Nice - Le Local for lovely Italian food
Nice - Le Soleil d'Asmara for lovely (vegetarian friendly) Ethiopian food
Nice - Les Amoureux - eat all the pizzas n the menu? Challenge accepted!
Nice - Les Amoureux for amazing Neapolitan Pizza - best pizza in Nice
Nice - Les Amoureux has a new menu
Nice - Les Amoureux for pizza... again and again!
Nice - Lou Balico for very traditional Nicois food
Nice - Made in Sud Pizzeria in the Port
Nice - Niss'Art Burger in the zone pietonne
Nice - O'Morena for  varied brunch in the Old Town
Nice - PaneOlio for apero 
Nice - Restaurant Le Gesu
Nice - Rossopomodoro for Neapolitan food (Pizza, pasta etc)
Nice - Royal Kebab for yummy chicken kebab
Nice - Socca d'or for great socca and a Nicois burger
Nice - Som Sanook for authentic Thai food
Nice - Tandoori Flame for Indian Takeaway
Nice - The NICE LIFE Concept for healthy raw vegan food
Nice - Tribeca burgers for a yummy lunch including vegetarian burgers!
Nice - Wazo Brunch for burgers and brunch :)

Photography / Living in Nice

 The 3 things I love about Nice
Nice in Pictures
Landing and taking off from Nice airport 
A winter's day wandering in Nice
Palais Lascaris, Old Nice
View from the Radisson Blu in Nice 
Nice - Hotel Le Negresco
Nice - gorgeous light at sunset
Nice - I won the Fete du Port Instagram contest
Nice - a Sunny October Day Wandering 
Nice - View of Nice from the Grande Roue (Ferris Wheel) during Carnival

Things I will miss about Singapore and things I am looking forward to about Nice
6 months after leaving Singapore, how is life in Nice - repatriation

Cost of Living in Nice / Shopping

Nice - Cost of Living - a shop at DIA Supermarket
Nice - Cost of Living - our first seasonal fruit and vegetable box from Le Panier du Producteur
Nice - Cost of Living - Market on Cours Saleya in February
Nice - Cost of Living - Our 1Feb market shop
Nice - Cost of Living - Quick market shop on 15 Feb
Nice - Cost of Living - Market Shop at Nice Liberation
Nice - Cost of Living - Market shop end March at Nice Liberation
Ventimiglia - Cost of Living - What we bought in May in Italy
Nice - Cost of Living - Market shop in January

Ventimiglia - Mercato Coperto for a May market shop

Things to do in Nice

Nice - Comedy Club Cote d'Azur
Nice - OGC Nice vs SSC Napoli friendly football match at Allianz Riviera

My top 10 posts of 2015

Homemade Organic Cosmetics and Beauty Products

My Joli'Essence order for lip balm and face creams
New project - Homemade organic beauty products - Aloe Vera, Lemon and Mint
Homemade Lip Balm - a How to (apricot oil, shea butter and beeswax)
Homemade Face Cream fro Sensitive Skin
Homemade DIY deodorant - How to  (shea butter, coconut oil, baking powder, lemon oil)

Here is my Pinterest board of food in Nice:

And my Pinterest board of exploring Nice:


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